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                                                                                    President’s Report
                                                                                    Les Butterworth                   2
                                                                                    From The Secretary’s Desk -
                                                                                    AWCIV Office News
                                                                                    Carolyn Little                    2
                                                                                    My Word - Industrial Relations
                                                                                    Report - Tony Mussert          3
                                                                                    AWCIV State Conference
                                                                                    Geelong                           3
                                                                                    Australian Standards News
                                                                                    Len Pimm                          4
                                                                                    Victoria Registration of
                                                                                    Plasterers - Len Pimm             4
                                                                                    Commercial News - Tracking
                                                                                    the Training Levy - Stan Godek    5
                                                                                    Housing Industry News
                                                                                    - Chris Morgan                    5
                                                                                    Training - Stilts. Fire Rating.
                                                                                    Red Card OH&S. - Carolyn Little   6
                                                                                    It’s not a Board Game -
                                                                                    Safe Practice for Plasterers
                                                                                    Training. (Advert)                6
                                                                                    New Member News
                                                                                    Carolyn Little                    7
                                                                                    Regional Liaison - JSA’s &
                                                                                    Work Methods Statements
                                                                                    Mark Toy                          7
                                                                                    2008 Industry Award -
                                                                                    Are you Eligible?                 8
                                                                                    Your Executive
                                                                                    Committee 2007                    8
                                                                                    Member Services                   8
                                                                                    Life Members                      8
      SPECIAL! New JSA and Work Methods                                             Honorary Members                  8
            Training and Information                                                AWCIV Representing Members
                                                                                    Interests in Negotiations. 8
                                        (See page 7).
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                                      Supporters of the Walls & Ceilings Industry

Issue 7 - Page 1                                                                       Walls & Ceilings - December 2007
   AWCI VICTORIA 2007 President’s Report
                            Since we last went to print, Victoria       commitment in terms of money in registrations and
                            has conducted a very successful             accommodation. This said, response suggests all agree the
                            AWCIANZ Federal Conference. The             benefits far outweighed the cost. Knowledge gained and the
                            Victorian chapter, whose task it was        ability to be able to discuss industry concerns with people
                            to organize this event, did itself proud    who have the industry at heart is invaluable. To listen to
                            and I must thank all those people           speakers on topics as diverse as IR, future industry training,
                            from within the AWCIV and others            metal framing, paint and a host of other topics add to our
                            indirectly involved, who helped out         understanding. And to have the chance to be involved in
                            with various jobs, large and small,         forums where your concerns can be aired, with people who
                            because to run an event of this size        are in charge of setting the industry standards. Not least of all
                            takes a lot of planning and a lot more      is meeting new people from all corners of industry that make
                            hard work.                                  it so worthwhile. The social calendar was a feature of this
                                                                        conference with a Yarra / Bay cruise and an MCG dinner being
  I must also thank Steve Poole and his team at Current Events          two of the highlights.
  for their dedicated work, not only over the four days of the
  conference, but for some two years of work in preparation for         All of this is written from the perspective of an event that is
  the event. It would also be remiss of me not to especially thank      over. But think about it. If you did not make it to Melbourne for
  Carolyn for the effort she put in over two years, making sure         the Federal conference why not make sure you make it to
  this event was a resounding success.                                  Geelong for our state conference April 17th to 20th. For the
                                                                        first time next year we will be running the awards of
  But as with any of these types of events, there are two groups        excellence. Here is a chance to enter an example of your firms
  that make or break the event. Firstly it is the sponsors who are      work in one of the various categories. These awards have
  prepared to get behind an event sometimes when the bottom             proven very popular in other states with the winners being
  line may seem less than clear, but see support for the industry       announced at the conference dinner. Queensland had nearly
  of major importance. To all the firms who made the decision to        four hundred at their dinner and I was lucky enough to attend
  sponsor Melbourne, I and the AWCIV thank you and hope you             the NSW conference earlier this year where they filled the
  all enjoyed yourselves; from feedback received, I am sure you         venue and had to turn many away. So here is the challenge.
  did. But in the long run we hope you get value for your dollar        Let's make the Victorian awards bigger and grander than the
  and I urge all contractors to support firms that are willing to       other states and maybe some of the Victorian winners can go
  support the industry.                                                 on to be winners at the Federal conference in NSW in October
  The other and most important group are the delegates and              2008.
  partners who are prepared to give up their time, and we all           Les Butterworth
  know how precious time is these days and also the

                    FROM THE SECRETARY’S DESK
                    VICTORIA SHOWS HOW IT’S DONE,
                    AND NOW IT’S BACK TO BUSINESS.
                   The last year has placed a lot of time demands       A committee has been formed and is well into operation on resolving
                   on the AWCIV as organizers of the Federal            the Association’s training allocation funding, while training itself is
                   Conference. I would like to thank the Conference     expanding in terms of numbers of participants and the courses we
                   Committee for their commitment and the               now offer (see page 6).
                   support they have so willingly provided, that has
                   gone to make both the Conference and the             Association membership has grown and we urge all current
Worldskills competition such a resounding success. And yes, the         members to promote Association membership to industry
Victorian boys came in 1st in Worldskills.                              participants. The simple basics are that the more members we have,
                                                                        the stronger the Association becomes and the better we can
The feedback we have received has been fantastic from Perth,            represent your interests. And this is no idle theory. Right at this
across the Tasman from New Zealand, and as far away as first time       moment the Association is stronger in member numbers, highly
delegates, from Canada. It’s great to hear that the effort we put in    supported in terms of a dedicated and active Executive and more
has been so well appreciated and even more so to hear what a            determined than ever that the Association will be a very valuable
worthwhile and enjoyable time all say they experienced.                 asset to all who join us, and a force to be reckoned with in the
                                                                        interests of the industry.
So what next? Well on April 17th, we have the State conference
organized at the harbour-side venue Four Points Sheraton at             But right now, as if you couldn’t help but notice, Christmas is almost
Geelong, overlooking Corio Bay. A two-day event, it promises to be      upon us. It seems to get into gear early every year. Time for a break
far and away the best State conference to date and we are working       and time to relax and enjoy the best that the festive season and our
hard to ensure it is a great success.                                   summer have to offer. Not to mention time to check out what my
                                                                        other half has done about the cracks in the hard plaster that the
On the Office front, our New Executive are very active in the process   drought conditions have brought on. I’m not worried. It will get
of assuring that our members get the best possible service from         done. It’s our turn to have Christmas day this year!
Association membership. Mark Toy of Holmesglen TAFE is
spearheading a new regional liaison to establish what members look      I wish all of you the very best for the season and extend my thanks
to the Association for, and also what members feel would most           for the friendship, support and satisfaction I have received in looking
attract them to attend the Conference at Geelong next April. Input      after the Association and it’s members throughout 2007.
and feedback is vital in order to best answer your Association needs.

 Issue 7 - Page 2                                                                                          Walls & Ceilings - December 2007
                          My Word - Industrial Report - Tony Mussert.

                    Politics and the Workplace
                  It seems that of recent times, commentary upon          • 'unfair dismissal’ will again become a mill-stone around the neck
                  the upcoming Federal elections is a constant of           of all but the very smallest employers. Under a Labour
                  my contributions to the Newsletter, but the fact          government, the previous rigid and restrictive restraints which
                  is that the prospect of a change of government            frustrated employers seeking to rid themselves of unsatisfactory
                  in Canberra IS an issue of the utmost                     employees will again apply. The lifting of the 'unfair dismissal’ in
                  importance for our industry, and a change of              2005 gave a significant boost to employment in the small business
                  government WILL impact significantly upon                 sector, and I predict that a return of 'unfair dismissal’ will have the
                  industrial relations and employment issues,               opposite effect in 2008.
especially for the wall & ceiling contractor engaged in the
commercial construction sector. Consider just these three things:         • under Labour, the compulsory superannuation levy will rise from 9%
                                                                            to 15%. That is a FACT! The commitment is set down in ALP policy.
• under a Labour government the Australian Building & Construction          That 6% jump will be born by the employer, and be a direct add-on
  Commission (ABCC) will, from 2010, cease to operate as an                 to the cost of labour. The figure of 15% comes from actuarial studies
  independent statutory authority (the ABCC is the “policeman on            which show that super contributions of that level are necessary if
  the beat” in the construction industry which - since its                  super is to provide for a living income. Now I don’t have any
  establishment in 2005 - has been single-handedly responsible for          objection to us having a national super scheme which ensures all
  reining in the bully-boy antics of the CFMEU). Although the ALP           Australians can retire and live with dignity. But look who’s paying,
  says the ABCC task will continue to be performed by a section             and look who’s the beneficiary. Employers are being called on to pay
  within the Dept of Employment & Workplace Relations, I am a               the lot, but I say super should be contributed to by the employee.
  cynic. I do not believe that the savagely left-wing Julia Gillard, as     After all, the pay-out is for their benefit. So what would be wrong
  Workplace Relations Minister, will leave the ABCC a free rein to          with it being mandated that any levy over 9% will be covered by an
  continue as it has to date. On the contrary, I fully expect Gillard,      employee contribution? And how sneaky is Labour? Get the poor
  immediately upon assuming office, to quietly tell the ABCC to pull        dumb employer to fully fund what is really a national retirement
  its horns in. A 'suggestion’ of that kind coming from the Minister        scheme, and you’ve just excused the government from its pension
  is going to carry an awful lot of weight with any public servant          obligations. Nice work if you can get it!
  interested in his/her future career prospects. A de-horned ABCC
  is not what the Victorian construction industry needs.                  Who was it who said, “Vote early - and vote often”?

                       AWCIV 2008 STATE CONFERENCE GEELONG
   Acts of god and other building blunders
                                                                                             A Conference on all that warps,
                                                                                             cracks, breaks and falls at the
                                                                                             feet of the Walls & Ceilings
                                                                                             Be there! You'll never get a better
                                                                                             chance to up-skill on what effects
                                                                                             and how to avoid problems on
                                                                                             the job.
                                                                                             • Presentations by industry experts on what
                                                                                               makes a job bulletproof... and what can't.
                                                                                             • New products, technologies and standards
                                                                                               and other friends and foes.
                                                                                             • What's coming.... from the manufacturers.
                                                                                             • Fault finding and fixing from the
                                                                                               commercial and domestic perspectives.
                                                                                             • Glancing light and levels of finish.
                                                                                             • Job safety assessment and work methods.
                                                                                             • Training and other useful money saving aids.
                                                                                             • Share experiences and help solve
                                                                                             For inquiries and to reserve your
  Four Points Sheraton Geelong                                                               place at this VIP conference, contact
  17 April - 20 April 2008                                                                   the Secretary Carolyn Little at the
                                                                                             AWCIV - 9531 4703.

Walls & Ceilings - December 2007                                                                                                 Issue 7 - Page 3
                      Industry Shapes Up for the Future - Len Pimm
                           The long overdue publication of the AS/NZS 2589 was the subject of an address by the Review Committee Chair
                           person, Mr Dennis Hill at the very successful recent AWCIANZ National Conference held recently at the Hilton
                           Hotel in Melbourne. Dennis promised this important document will be available to us in January 2008.

                           NATIONAL CONFERENCE
                           WORLDSKILLS COMPETITION
I was privileged to have been selected as Chief Judge for the Worldskills Australia National Competition for Plastering Industry's
Apprentices, the competition is now an integral part of the AWCIANZ national conferences' commitment to the future.
Joining me on the judging panel were two dedicated industry people in Mr Paul Spark, Boral Plasterboard's National Enterprise Training
Manager and Mr Rob Beckett, who flew in from TAFE in South Australia.
Two selected Apprentices from each State of Australia and New Zealand competed for the gold, silver and bronze medals and an
opportunity to represent Australia in Tokyo Japan on the world stage.

         The winners were: -

  Ashley Coulthard & Daniel Withers

          South Australia
Vic Bentvelzen & Lachlan McGlashan

    Joshua Woolley & Ben Lawler

Whilst there were official winners,
all the participants can consider
themselves worthy representatives of
their respective regions.
I would like to thank the many people
who participated in the preparation,
staging, judging and completion of this
most successful event, which only
goes to show the huge potential our
industry training fraternity are
producing for the future.

AWCIV delegate Tom Brown and myself attended the review group meeting of the Worksafe Victoria review panel together with a large
contingent of industry players which including the MBA, HIA, numerous Industry Associations, major building and construction companies
and unions delegates from a range of trades.
A wide range of issues were raised and as a result a number of changes will be instigated in order to improve industry safety regulation,
codes of practice and in some cases standards. At times the exchange of views became quite heated. A second meeting will deliver the
expanded content of the ideas and proposals expressed and hopefully deliver outcomes conducive of simpler , safer guidelines for our
The few things of interest I picked up on were; -
• Future visitors to building and construction sites who do not carry a Red Card will need to be accompanied by, and be responsible, to a
  Red Card Holder familiar with the site and any special site hazards that may be present.
• All pits, trenches and excavations of a deeper depth (to be determined) will be subject to a site inspection and approval by a Worksafe
  Inspector prior and during excavation works.
• One National Card will replace all state cards so that all (Red , Blue, Green or Yellow cards ) are to be one colour and one qualification,
  and all of the previously issued differing colour state issued cards will progressively be replaced by this new standard coloured nationally
  recognised card.

 Issue 7 - Page 4                                                                                          Walls & Ceilings - December 2007
Tracking the Training Levy
                                                                                                                          Stan Godek
                                 Commercial Contractor members will           Glasson of Incolink, Brian Welch of the MBA and by the Unions.
                                 no doubt be aware that this
                                 association - as well as most other          Incolink has been unwilling to provide satisfactory explanations of
                                 trade associations - have been               how it has spent the many millions of dollars collected from us under
                                 unable to obtain training funds from         the guise of training funds.
                                 Incolink, despite having paid many
                                 thousands of training dollars into that      These funds have certainly not been distributed to satisfy the training
                                 fund for that purpose.                       needs of our workers.

The current EBA, which most of us have signed, obliges us to                  We want and need access to the training that we are paying for but
contribute a Training Levy of $4.50 per man per week to Incolink.             not getting.

It was legitimately expected that we, as contributors to the training         Our workers, invariably all Union members, need that trade specific
fund, either individually or via our associations', would be able to          training.
access those funds to provide our workers with the trade specific
and industry specific training they require to maintain or increase           We decided this situation is unacceptable and that it was time to do
their skill levels.                                                           something about it.

Well guess what, that was not to be.                                          We want to bring this unjust anomaly to the attention of as many
                                                                              influential people as possible with a view to having this situation
Before the Training Levy was introduced in the current EBA, training          changed.
funds were made available through Incolink, but it now seems that
the rules have changed.                                                       To that end, the AWCIV Executive, on behalf of Commercial
                                                                              Contractors and in conjunction with the Master Painters Association
Incolink is controlled by both the Master Builders Association (MBA)          (MPA) have written a letter to our commercial contractor members,
and the Unions, and they have deemed themselves to be the                     to many state and federal parliamentarians, including our new PM,
exclusive providers of training for the whole of the Construction             to various other associations, to the MBAV, to the CFMEU, and to
Industry.                                                                     other parties which we feel may be interested to know this and who
                                                                              may be able to help.
That in itself would not be totally bad - if they were able to satisfy our
specific training needs – but they cannot and do not.                         This has resulted in a meeting between ourselves and relevant
                                                                              Incolink members on 23 November, during which we strongly put
Our workers are in need of trade specific training that the current           our position and are now awaiting a formal response from Mr Brian
situation is unable to satisfy.                                               Welch in which we expect him to formally outline the MBAV position.

This association has the ability, the courses, the venues, the trainers,      We will decide our next step upon receiving that letter.
the desire and certainly the need to provide this training, but we do
not have the funds.                                                           If this effort is unsuccessful we will have no option but to take more
                                                                              drastic measures.
Our last application was refused, and, when trying to establish the
reasons for the refusal, we were given the run-around by John                 It is, however, pleasing that negotiations are finally in progress again.

                                Housing Industry News - Chris Morgan
                                   Approvals in Victoria rose 2.5% in         interest rates and the outcome of the current election have affected
                                   the last quarter according to              the market.
                                   information released by the HIA in
                                   October.                                   Currently the major builders are recording reasonable sales but this
                                                                              can only be at the expense of the smaller players.
                                   This increase is in line with the
                                   better affordability in Victoria, albeit   The forecast for 2008/09 is for an increase in numbers of 7% over
                                   marginal, than Sydney and SE               this financial year, the breakdown of the mix between detached
                                   Queensland. Also net migration             dwellings is roughly 30,000 and multi residential units is roughly
                                   continues to increase.                     10,000.

                                   In contrast the extension /                This is a significant increase forecasted with a further increase of 5%
                                   renovation market has been                 the following financial year, 2009/10.
                                   steadily increasing over some time.        This is, therefore, the time to consider increasing your apprenticeship
                                   People prefer to upsize their              / trainee numbers, to enable you to grow your business when the
                                   houses rather than build again.            upturn commences.
                                   They can stay in the same area
                                   they have lived in for many years          This is the time to attract the school leavers who may be looking to
near their friends and family. With the high cost of buying and selling;      do an apprenticeship.
they can save taxes, removalist costs and estate agent fees which
pay for a significant amount of the renovation cost.                          It would also be worth contacting the TAFE's, many of whom are
                                                                              running pre-apprentice courses and may have unattached
It will be shown in the next quarterly figures how the recent rise in         youngsters ready for you.

Walls & Ceilings - December 2007                                                                                                     Issue 7 - Page 5
                                                            Stilts Safety and Maintenance
                                                            With our recent promotion many would now be aware of the New Stilts Safety and Maintenance course
                                                            developed by Holmesglen TAFE and delivered in conjunction with the AWCIV. The four hour course
                                                            for plasterers working in residential and some commercial sectors, is designed to assist in developing
                                                            skills in the safe use of stilts, outline maintenance and assembly procedures and on demonstration of
                                                            competence, provide participants with a Safety and Maintenance Recognition Card.
       Stilts training as a group or individual is on demand. Businesses or individuals wishing to take the course, should contact Mark Toy
at Holmesglen on 9564 1684 to arrange a time that suits student training.

Book now for Red Card Training
The next Red Card Course is already filling, so make sure you book now.
Commences 8.00 a.m. sharp at the Association’s Office Training Facility, 4/41 Glen Huntly Road
Elwood. Just past the roundabout, right opposite St. Columbas Church and Catholic School,
within sight of Beach Road.
Next courses: 6th December - 31st January

DON’T GET                                                                                        It’s not a

BURNT!                                                                                          Board Game
                                                                                                  Safe work
   This card is to certify that
   has completed the Fire Rating Course for Plasterers
   conducted by Holmesglen TAFE in conjunction with AWCIV                                     Practices for
   Date of Issue                      Card No

Two new courses available through the AWCIV in
conjunction with Holmesglen TAFE.
                                                                            It’s not a Board Game is a widely acclaimed training resource developed by
FIRE RATING FOR CONTRACTORS,                                                Workplace Skills Access, Swinburne University of Technology and TAFE
MANAGERS AND SITE SUPERVISORS.                                              Victoria with the assistance of the FWCIANZ and plasterboard
Do you sign off on Fire-rated plasterboard systems?                         Manufacturers.
Do you record and keep evidence of what you                                 Specially developed for plasterers working in the residential sector, its
are signing off?                                                            design makes the information easily
Do you know your FRLs, RISFs, Char Factors and                              accessible for all plasterers,
Penetration Details? Enrol in:                                              including those who need
                                                                            assistance with
Quality Assure Fire-rated Lining Systems,                                   English language
Wall & Ceiling lining - 2 options                                           and literacy.
Option 1 - 3 Tuesday evenings 6pm to 9pm,                                   Both manual and
19/02/08, 26/02/08, 04/03/08.                                               DVD are
Total 9 hours plus homework.                                                divided into four
Option 2 - 1 Saturday 8am - 5pm, 23/02/08                                   logical, easy to
                                                                            follow sections:
                                                                            • Preparing for
Do you employ people who install Fire-rated                                    Plastering
plasterboard systems?
                                                                            • Moving Around the Site
Do you install Fire-rated plasterboard systems?
                                                                            • Doing the Job
Are you up to date with the correct Installation,
Penetrations, Caulking, Columns/Beams and                                   • Your rights and responsibilities.
basic technical knowledge of systems? Enrol in:                             Don’t gamble on safety, order your
Passive Fire-rated Lining Systems Upskill*                                  It’s not a Board Game Training
Saturday 1, March, 8am to 4pm.                                              Package now.
*Applicants must hold a Certificate 3 Passive Fire unit, or 7 years         Now available from
in the trade working with Fire-rated plasterboard systems (RPL).
                                                                            Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries Victoria
For enquiries and bookings on                                               Phone: 03 9531 4703 Fax: 03 9531 1120
AWCIV/Holmesglen Course availabilities,                                     Email:
contact the AWCIV on 9531 4703.

 Issue 7 - Page 6                                                                                                              Walls & Ceilings - December 2007
What’s in it for you? Welcome
Regional Liaison - JSA’s &                                                                                                to New
Work Methods Statements                                                                                                   Members
                                                             -      Mark Toy
                                                                                                                          The association is  pleased to
                                                             During delivery of the AWCIV/Holmesglen range of Training    welcome 4 new members to the
                                                             Programs around the State, I have received a number of       AWCIV and would ask that other
                                                             requests for information on JSA’s and Work Method            members make them welcome when
                                                             Statements and it has become obvious that they are of wide   their paths cross.
                                                             and major concern.                                           This latest membership increase
                               While we will look at addressing the need for                                              means that there has not been one
                               information over the coming months, for the moment, there                                  quarter in the last year and a half
                               is a JSA/Work method statement on line at                                                  where we have not seen a significant
                                                           number of new member applications.
                               which is actually set up for students, but it is a good guide
                               for employers as to what and how to cover a small part of
their everyday duties for all workers/employees.                                                                          Jason Miller - Maffra
                                                                                                                          0428 454 401
Work methods/JSAs or Risk Assessments are just one of the major things we need to look
at to offer to Country and Melbourne based plasterers that will add value to AWCIV                                        1994-96 Apprenticeship
membership and convince non-members of the advantages to be gained from joining up.                                       1996-07 Self employed
Over the next few months, I will be contacting country members, ex-members and new                                        Residential
plasterers around the state to ask how the Association can help them and to encourage
new membership for 2008.                                                                                                  Laurie & Warren Plasterers P/L -
The training exercises I have conducted to date in Warrnambool and Ballarat, have been                                    Colac
warmly received and have led to some conversation and sharing of information, that I think                                Mark Laurie 0428 306 754.
has been of benefit to all concerned. I have already had good feedback from those areas                                   Directors, Mark Laurie, Darren
I have visited.                                                                                                           Warren, Adam Prigg & James Brown
For our next State Conference at Geelong we would like to have a number of speakers                                       All four directors have twenty years
from various locations throughout Victoria to share their experience in this area with us. I                              experience on commercial and
am hopeful that through the on-location country training and phone conversations with                                     domestic sites.
country members on such issues as, JSAs and risk assessments the number of attendees
to the State Conference will be equally well represented by the speakers we obtain from
country areas.                                                                                                            Darren Reeves Plastering Ballarat
                                                                                                                          Ballarat Cornice and Mouldings
Mark                                                                                                                      Domestic and smaller commercial
                                                                                                                          Manufacturer and Installation of
                                                                                                                          ornamental plaster products

NEW!                                                                                                                      Involved in industry since early 80’s

                                                                                                                          Distinctive Finish P/L - Ararat
                                                                                                                          Craig Peoples
JSA/Risk Assessments for                                                                                                  Both commercial and domestic.
                                                                                                                          Started apprenticeship in 1982 in a

the Plastering Industry                                                                                                   family business.
                                                                                                                          Ararat projects include - Nursing
                                                                                                                          Home, Prison, Library and
                                                                                                                          Ambulance Station.
                                                                               Wednesday 6pm to 8.30 pm, 20/02/08
                                                                               Wednesday 6pm to 8.30 pm, 05/03/08         Miller Plastering Services - Rye
                                                                               For inquiries and bookings on              Robin and Janette Miller 0413 912
                                                                               AWCIV/Holmesglen Course                    082 - 0407 324 261
                                                                               availabilities, contact the AWCIV on
 This card is to
                 certify that                    ment for Plaste
                                                                 rers                                                     Established 1999. Commercial and
                                JSA Risk Assess                                9531 4703.
                  the course in                  n with AWCIV.
 has completed
                 Holmesglen TAF
                                 E in conjunctio                                                                          domestic. Architectural, Suspension
  conducted by
                                                                                                                          and Grid Work. Level 4 & 5.

Walls & Ceilings - December 2007                                                                                                                   Issue 7 - Page 7
Are you Award Worthy?
You could be eligible for...
                                                                                                                                                           The symbol of Excellence

The Wall and Ceiling Industry Awards provide an invaluable opportunity to be recognised and rewarded for
the effective and skilled use of internal lining products. The aim of the Awards is to inspire imaginative use and
recognise excellence in the installation of internal lining products by Contractors.
Be sure to enter your most outstanding projects for the Wall & Ceiling Industry Awards. Standards are high and
acceptance of your nomination is considered a significant acknowledgment of your project’s excellence. Award
winners receive widespread industry recognition, in addition to the prestige of the Awards themselves.

By submitting an entry you demonstrate:                                                        Prizes
• Your persistence in good quality workmanship;                                                Prizes may be awarded to individuals
• Pride in the industry                                                                        or companies. Each accepted entry
                                                                                               may be awarded with a Merit
• A vital interest to train craftspeople of the future
                                                                                               Certificate or a Merit Plaque for
• A willingness to secure recognition of your commitment through                               finalists/category winners. Other
  this Award process.                                                                          special Awards may be announced.
How it works                                                                                   Judging Categories
Each month the judging panel will consider the entries received. In
April 2008 at our State Conference at the Four Points Sheraton                                 • Residential under $20k; and
Geelong prizes are awarded to the leading entries in the various                                 residential over $20k
categories at a special presentation evening.                                                  • Commercial under $200k and
                                                                                                 Commercial over $200k
Nominations                                                                                    • Plaster Restorations & Renovations
To be considered eligible for an Award, details pertaining to a
building or construction project, or stages of a project, must be                              • Facades Residential
submitted according to the entry form available from AWCIV.                                    • Facades Commercial

For Further Information: Telephone the AWCIV on (03) 9531 4703 or email

                                            Executive Members List 2007/08
  YOUR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                      LIFE MEMBERS.                                               AWCIV REPRESENTING
  Tom Brown Training Committee                                  Ron Bynon - Bynon Industries P/L                            MEMBERS INTERESTS IN
  - C S R Gyprock & Fibre Cement                                John Hopkins - Picton Hopkins & Sons P/L                    NEGOTIATIONS
  Les Butterworth President & Commercial                        Ray Kelson - Kay Plaster
  Contractors Chair. Federal Representative                                                                                 1. Industrial Relations - Tony Mussert
  - Wakesun Constructions Co. P/ L                              Len Pimm - LJ Pimm Interior Linings                         2. Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries
                                                                Consultancy                                                     Australia and New Zealand -
  Harry Chudasko Treasurer and Federal
  Treasurer - Chad Plaster                                      Alan Watts - (Dec.)                                             Len Pimm and Harry Chudasko
  Stan Godek Joint Vice President                                                                                           3. Standards Australia, Construction &
                                                                HONORARY MEMBERS                                                Property Services Skills Council -
  - Project Ceilings Melbourne
                                                                Barry Jacobs                                                    Len Pimm
  Tim Kraskov - Speedpanel Vic P/L
                                                                Fonce Emanuelle                                             4. Safety Development Fund University of
  David Johnstone - Boral Plasterboard Vic                                                                                      Ballarat - Harry Chudasko
  Brian Mathers - BJ Mathers                                    MEMBERS SERVICES                                            5. AWCIV Secretary - Carolyn Little
  Chris Morgan Training Committee Chair                         1. AS/NZ Standards documents when used by                   6. Training Committee - Chris Morgan
  - Boral Interior Linings Vic                                     the member for their own specific requirements.
                                                                                                                            7. Commercial Contractors -
  Len Pimm Joint Vice President, Federal                        2. A range of Industrial Relations activities.                  Les Butterworth, Stan Godek,
  Representative - L J Pimm Interior Linings                    3. Industry Suppliers and Manufacturer’s                        Brian Mathers
  Consultancy                                                      technical contacts.
  David Rodek - B G C Australia P/L                                                                                         8. Residential Contractors - Chris Morgan
                                                                4. Industry Training activities both through TAFE           9. Returning Officer - Brian Mathers
  Mark Toy - Holmesglen TAFE Training                              and manufacturers programs.
  Committee                                                                                                                 10. Course Training Co-ordinator -
                                                                5. Information on a wide range of new industry                  Carolyn Little
  Serge Zappone - CSR                                              technology advances.
  Robert Vogt - Construction Business Services                                                                              11. Marketing and Communications-
                                                                6. Industry training updates.                                   Craig Little
  Sasha Paramonov - Basils Plastering P/L                       7. Conferencing meeting and training facilities.

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 Issue 7 - Page 8                                                                                                                         Walls & Ceilings - December 2007

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