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					                           HARLOW TOWN CENTRE NORTH
                                Frequently Asked Questions

1. What benefits will people get from the Harlow Town Centre North scheme?
The proposals for Harlow Town Centre North involve the regeneration of the Town Centre
with approximately 1.3 million sq ft of new space for shops and new jobs as well as leisure
facilities, new homes and public spaces. The area that the proposals cover can be seen in
the masterplan, which is available at In
transforming the Town Centre, the scheme will also play a significant part in supporting the
strategic growth of Harlow as a key town in the East of England, ideally placed to play a
stronger role in the regional economy.

Harlow Town Centre North would deliver:
    •    new shops and leisure facilities including a department store and town centre food
    •    a new bus interchange, a new library, relocation of the market to a new site within
         the town centre
    •    a hotel
    •    improved public space including the development of West Square and new arts
         facilities including a cinema and under a separate scheme, provision for a new
All this is in addition to new homes, new office space and significant improvements to existing
retail facilities. It is a comprehensive scheme to totally transform Harlow by creating a more
attractive and accessible town centre - one that brings the town centre together.

2. What part of the Town Centre is going to change?
The Town Centre North proposals cover specific areas of the Town Centre and these are
clearly shown in the draft masterplan. Broadly speaking, these areas are Broad Walk, Post
Office Walk, The Rows, West Square, Market Square, Terminus Street, Adams House and
the proposed Velizy Place, among others. The masterplan can be viewed at A video fly-through of the scheme can also be
viewed on the website. The Harvey Centre and Water Gardens are not part of the Harlow
Town Centre North proposals, although they will benefit from the overall improvement to the
Town Centre that the scheme will deliver.

3. Who is paying for it? Is it viable in the current economic climate?
Harlow Council and major developer Stockland have come together to help deliver this
exciting project. The scheme is also supported by the East of England Development Agency,
Essex County Council, the Homes & Communities Agency and Harlow Renaissance Ltd.

Stockland and Harlow Council have agreed a funding structure to bring forward the proposals.
The partners are confident that they can deliver a commercially attractive and successful
scheme despite the challenges of the current market and be in a position to capitalise as the
market picks up again.

4. When is this going to take place?
We are aiming to submit a planning application to Harlow District Council during late summer
2010. If planning permission is granted, we would hope to commence work in 2011 and
would undertake construction in a number of phases. Potentially, we are looking at an
opening of the first phase in 2012 (subject to planning permission).

5. Which department store and supermarket will we get?
Two major stores are proposed for the scheme with one a department store and one a food
retailer. At this stage, it is too early to say who the specific operators will be, though
discussions are underway with major operators.

6. Is this development linked to Harlow North?
No. Harlow North is a separate scheme and is not linked to our proposals for Town Centre

7. How many jobs will this create?
Harlow Town Centre North has the potential to create between 3,500 to 4,000 full-time jobs
as well as a number of part-time opportunities. The regeneration will also secure existing
employment in the town centre and will allow Harlow to take better advantage of its excellent
regional location when it comes to attracting businesses into the town.

8. Will the retail rents be the same? What kind of shops will there be?
The pricing of shop rents has not yet been agreed. These would typically follow the planning
application. We will be ensuring that there are a range of rents and different sized shops in
order to provide a healthy mix. The regeneration of Harlow Town Centre North is intended to
deliver an attractive and successful mix of shops which provides shoppers with a stronger and
more appealing retail experience.

9. What is happening to current residents, businesses and shopkeepers in the area?
Will they be relocated?
As we develop our proposals, we will be talking to the various owners and businesses
operating in the town centre and looking to work with them to achieve the overall aim of
making Harlow Town Centre a more attractive and successful place. We will be working
closely with landlords, shop owners, businesses and other leaseholders within the scheme
area to explain our vision. Residents living in social housing in the Harlow Town Centre North
area will be provided with alternative accommodation nearby, or within the housing proposed
as part of the regeneration.

10. What discussions are you having with landowners and occupiers in the Harlow
Town Centre North area?

Harlow Town Centre North is a necessary and important solution for making Harlow a more
successful and attractive place to live, shop, work and spend leisure time. To help us prepare
the strongest possible set of proposals, we are consulting with land and property owners and
occupiers to ensure that they are fully informed of the development proposals. We are
currently holding discussions with a number of landowners and occupiers and will continue to
engage with them over the coming months.

11. What are you doing about the roads and the traffic?
We have a specialist transport consultant advising the team and we will also be working with
Essex County Council and other organisations with a say in how traffic is managed locally.

We have conducted traffic counts and surveys of the local road network and are currently in
the process of building a computer model of the existing road network so that we can use it to
demonstrate the need for any improvements to the roads and see what the effects of those
improvements would be on traffic queues. We will then agree any improvements with Essex
County Council.

12. Will tour coaches be able to use the new bus station?
The proposed bus interchange has been designed for local bus services only. A strategy for
tour coach drop off/pick up at a convenient location in the town centre will be developed in
consultation with relevant stakeholders as the scheme progresses.

13. Are there going to be more car parking spaces? And will the parking be free?
Any parking spaces to be lost as part of the Harlow Town Centre North development will be
replaced by new, high quality car parking. In addition to this, the development will provide

further new town centre parking to ensure that Harlow is a thriving town centre. The exact
level of car parking provision is currently being agreed with the relevant stakeholders.

There will be a number of payment schemes for the town centre car parks and the details for
these are not decided yet. As we talk to possible occupiers for the retail stores, we will be
working up more detail on potential charging approaches.

14. When are you holding consultation on these proposals?
A public exhibition on the proposals was held between 9 July to 12 July in the town centre
(the former Dorothy Perkins unit on Broadwalk). More than 2,000 people attended over the
four days. We also had a marquee at the Harlow Town Show on 6 September where we fed
back the comments we have received following the Public Exhibition and provided an
opportunity for more people to give their comments. These will now be considered and any
amendments to the design will be completed by January. We will then develop a planning
application and there will then be further consultation on this during 2010.

15. What was the feedback you received?
Of those that completed the feedback form available at the Public Exhibition:
    o   92 per cent of respondents found the exhibition either ‘very’ or ‘somewhat
    o   91 per cent of respondents answered that they felt the regeneration was required.
    o   Of those, 83 per cent felt that Harlow Town Centre North was a good way to provide
        the regeneration, either as the proposals stand, or with some changes.

16. Where can I see the public exhibition displays?
Copies of the public exhibition display are available on the scheme website at The exhibition was on display in the Harlow Civic Centre
until 25 September 2009, followed by 28-30 September in the Essex County Council County
Hall Atrium. The exhibition is now at the Harlow Enterprise Hub on Edinburgh Way and
further exhibitions are planned as part of the roadshow around the region. Future roadshow
locations will be publicised on the website.

17. What is happening with the market?
The market is an important part of Harlow’s town centre. We are proposing to relocate it
towards the site of the existing bus station and taxi rank and to provide demountable,
improved stalls and facilities – discussions with the market traders on how we can make the
new flexible market a better and thriving place are being undertaken at the moment.

18. How much public space will there be?
Harlow Town Centre North will provide around more than one quarter more public space in
the town centre. The regeneration will bring more trees, planting and water into the town
centre and will make the public spaces ‘greener’ overall. West Square will be transformed
into the new cultural heart of the town centre, with areas for street theatre and exhibitions,
and sculpture and public art.

19. Where are people going to go at night, is there going to be a nightlife?
We are proposing a new cinema and Family Entertainment Centre around the planned hotel
in Velizy Place. There will also be new restaurants, bars and cafés. The aim is to encourage
a safe and enjoyable night-time environment in the town centre and to develop the town’s
evening attractions and economy.

20. Will there be any covered areas? Are you going to provide covered malls?
We are currently considering the viability of providing some covered areas.

21. Are there going to be disabled access and parking facilities?
We are looking at all aspects of accessibility to the town centre and we will be providing car
parking spaces for disabled badge holders. There are national standards for how disabled
parking provision should be made. We will be following these as we draw up our proposals
in more detail. A successful town centre will be one that everyone can get to and move
about in conveniently and safely.

22. What is happening to the library?
We are talking to Harlow Library about how we can help it be even more successful through
the Harlow Town Centre North scheme. We are discussing the possibility of building a new
Library facility, which would see the Library move from its current location to a site next to
Terminus House and the new transport interchange opposite Harlow College. This would
ensure that the Library has an excellent position in the Town Centre and would be highly



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