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P1 Steffen Durinck, Wolfgang Huber and Paul Spellman Database by scw21404


									      First Annual RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Computational Cancer Biology
                                   Poster Session

                       East lobby (near auditorium entrance)

P1     Steffen Durinck, Wolfgang Huber and Paul Spellman
       Database Mining with BiomaRt

P2     Greg Finak, Francois Pepin, Nalia Chghutai, Nicholas Bertos, Sarkis
       Meterissian, Atilla Omerogllu, Michael Hallett and Morag Park
       Gene Expression in Breast Tumor Stroma Identifies Patients with Poor

P3     Allison Heath, Lydia Kavraki and Gabor Balazsi
       Regulation of Housekeeping and Stress-Related Genes in Transcription
       Regulatory Networks

P4     Sean Kim, Mark Grant, Sunwoo Park and C. Anthony Hunt
       Simulation Modeling of In Vitro Epithelial Morphogenesis and

P5     Nathalie Malo, Ondrej Libiger and Nicholas Schork
       Accommodating Linkage Disequilibrium in Genetic Association Analyses

P6     Parminder Mankoo and Rachel Karchin
       Elucidating Molecular Mechanisms of PIK3CA’s Most Potent Oncogenic
       Mutation: The H1047R Hot Spot

P7     Amrita Ray and Paul Spellman
       Detection of Genes in Fusion Transcripts in 43 Glioblastoma Tumors

P8     Kim Siegmund, Paul Majoram and Darryl Shibata
       DNA Methylation Patterns Tell a Tale of Cancer Stem Cells

P9     Stacia Wyman, Merav Bar, Brian Fritz, Carol Ware, Angelique Nelson
       and Muneesh Tewari
       A MicroRNA Pipeline: A Platform for the Discovery and Analysis of
       MiRNAs in 454 Sequencing Data

P10   Emmanuel R. Yera, Stanislav Volik and Colin Collins
      GenomExplorer: Genomic Data Visualization

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