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Kaitao Middle School
30 Bell Road
March 1, 2010
                      Dear Whaea Liz,
 Thank you for coming to the Tui Ridge camp and helping
   us with all the activities that you helped out with but,
 especially with the flying fox which you helped me with.

I remember when I was the second one to go down the flying
  fox. It was so fast it was unbelievable it was like I was
sonic. But when you slow down you want to go again and so
 I did. That time I let go of the harness most of the time but
 not all so, I wanted to go again but we did not have enough
               time to so we went to morning tea.

 But before that I still remember when I was watching you
 pull down that rope that the harness would take me down
that was made out of metal. There was so much tension that
 after you let it go it went flying upwards. I also remember
when me and you had to move that thing that the person that
 got off the flying fox had to go on so they could get off the
                           flying fox.
   Once again thank you for being a very big help with the
 flying fox and making sure all that the safety procedures
    were followed and everyone had a very good time we
 couldn’t have done it without you and what I am trying to
say is thank you for coming to Tui Ridge Camp and helping
                 us thank you Whaea Liz.
                       Yours Sincerely
                        David Singh

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