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									       New Building Regulations apply from 6th April 2010

Part G – Key Issues

   •    The new Approved Document ‘G’ Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency
        comes into force on 6TH April 2010.

   •    The new water efficiency measures will assist in the aim for zero carbon homes from

Part G – New Requirements                           Part G – Other Changes

   •    Dwellings are required to meet                 •   Notice of water efficiency
        the new water efficiency standard                  measures to be given to the
        of 125 litres of water per person                  local authority not later than 5
        per day maximum usage.                             days after the work has been
        This will apply to both newly
        constructed dwellings and dwellings            •   Water usage should be
        formed by a change of use. Water                   calculated using the agreed
        consumption will need to be                        Water Efficiency Calculator for
        assessed using an agreed                           New Dwellings.
        methodology requiring for example
        flow limiting devices to water fittings        •   Commissioning certificates are
        i.e. spray taps and dual flush w.c’s.              required for fixed building
                                                           services. The commissioning
   •    Hot water supply to baths in new                   process includes achieving
        homes must incorporate measures                    compliance with energy
        to ensure that the temperature of                  performance measures of Part L.
        the hot water delivered to the bath                Notice of Commissioning must
        shall not exceed 48°C.                             be given to the local authority not
                                                           later than 5 days after
        This provision will help to avoid                  completion.
        injuries to groups like children and
        the elderly where scalding from hot            •   Completion certificates for
        water is a real risk. The                          projects cannot be released until
        requirement may be met by the                      all work has been satisfactorily
        fitting of inline blending valves.                 completed and all necessary
                                                           commissioning certificates
                                              Part G – Other Changes
Part G – New Requirements
                                                 •   Exempt buildings will also
  •   Requirements are made which set                need to comply with any
      out where greywater and harvested              relevant new requirements.
      rainwater can be safely used in
      dwellings.                                 •   The new requirements will not
                                                     apply where plans are approved
      Non wholesome water supplies                   without conditions and work
      may be used in dwellings for                   starts before 6th April 2011.
      sanitary conveniences, washing
      machines & irrigation provided the         •   Where a contract for work has
      appropriate risk assessment is                 been entered into before
      carried out to ensure the actual               6th April 2010 the new
      water source is suitable for the               requirements will not apply
      intended use.                                  providing work commences
                                                     before 1st October 2010.
      Wholesome water must be
      provided to any place where
      drinking water is drawn off,
      washbasins, bidet, fixed baths &
      showers (in particular locations) and
      any sink provided in an area where
      food is prepared.

      Water supplied by a statutory
      undertaker or licensed water
      supplier may be assumed to be

  •   Extending safety measures to all
      types of hot water systems (not
      just vented systems)                    Further details on the changes and
      Vented hot water storage vessels        copies of the regulations can be
      to be provided with:-                   obtained from the Planning Portal
          - a suitable vent pipe              website at
          - be fitted with a thermostat &     or by contacting Building Control
             temperature limiting device      Services at
             (100°C max.)                     or
          - a discharge pipe to a visible
             place of safety

      Unvented hot water storage to be
      provided with:-
        - two independent safety
            devices preventing the
            temperature of the stored
            water exceeding 100°C
        - discharge pipes to a visible
            place of safety

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