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What is TOP Start?
TOP Start is focused on developing basic movement and ball skills in 3 to 5 years old
children. It is also designed to encourage the full integration of young children with
disabilities. Usually for use with groups of children in pre school environments, this
programme is delivered through a number of games that are organised into four
    • Basic motor skills
    • Spatial awareness
    • Coordination and control
    • Aiming, predicting and estimating

Using resource cards, TOP Start enables parents, carers, playgroup and nursery
workers, and early years development and childcare partnerships to engage children
in fun and exciting physical activity. TOP Start supports the physical development
aspect of the foundation curriculum.

All the activities are designed to:
    • offer educational development/fun and enjoyment
    • encourage the full integration of young disabled children
    • be used with individuals, small groups and large groups.

TOP Start supports learning across many areas by:
  • enhancing communication skills through the visual and verbal interaction
     involved in the activities
  • developing language skill through the use of key words
  • developing understanding and recognition of colour through equipment and its
     use in the activities.

What help will I get to develop and deliver TOP Start?
  • You will be able to access appropriate training tailored to your organisations
  • Taster sessions delivered within your setting.
  • Mentoring delivered by a highly qualified trainer to help develop confidence.
  • Ease to use resource cards.
  • Safe, colourful, tactile and innovative equipment.

For further information about the programme please contact:
Tracy Pearce
Senior Children’s Physical Activity Officer
Tel : 01332 716219

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