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									    If you decide to make a notification it       Suggested printed information
    would assist Family and Youth
    Services if the following information is          Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect
    known                                             Mandated Notification Guidelines
        Child’s name, age, address                      – Family and Youth Services
        Description of injury, abuse, neglect
        Current situation and the whereabouts
                                                    Available from Katie Gregson – FAYS
                                                     8226 6045 at a cost of $2.50 per copy
                                                                                             CHILD PROTECTION
        of the child, parent, caregiver and
        alleged maltreater
        Date of suspected abuse being                Don’t Look Away – The Child Abuse
        noticed.                                     Report Line Brochure – Available by
        Even if you do not have all of the                   contacting the FAYS
        information, you are still obliged to          Information Hub      82266735
                                                                                             Information for School Volunteers
What happens when the Child Abuse                  Child Abuse – Parent Easy Guide #62
                                                              – available from
Report Line is contacted                           Parenting SA, 295 South Tce, Adelaide
Suspected cases of abuse or neglect are                       or   8303 1660
referred to the nearest Family and Youth
Services district office. Social workers from
the District Centre may visit the child and                                                         Reporting Child Abuse
family to investigate the concerns.

If a child is in immediate danger an
investigation will occur within 24 hours, and
                                                         If you have
may also involve the assistance of police and
                                                     Any Questions
When the risk to a child appears to be less
serious, families may be invited to a meeting
at the District Centre to discuss the concerns         Call the Child
about the child’s well being. They will also be
offered assistance so they can provide better
care for their children.                          Abuse Report Line

                                                         13 14 78                                     Prepared by Catholic Education SA
Volunteers in our schools play an important            excessive teasing. A child can be left         to protect themselves from abuse (often
role in the education of our children. We              feeling worthless, unlovable and               called Protective Behaviours).
welcome volunteers in our schools and                  lacking self confidence.
acknowledge their support of our children.                                                            Child abuse can happen to any child in any
                                                  (3) Neglect is the failure to provide a child       family.  It hurts and can have lasting,
Child Protection Policy                               with the basic needs such as food,              damaging effects. Some children even die
                                                      shelter, clothing, hygiene, education,          because of child abuse.
The South Australian Commission for Catholic          adequate supervision, and medical and
Schools has in place a Child Protection Policy        dental care.                                    Reporting child abuse is the first step in
which was reviewed in 2000.                                                                           stopping the abuse and protecting children
                                                  (4) Sexual abuse involves a child in any            from further harm.
A copy of the policy should accompany this            type of sexual activity.
brochure, however if you would like to view the                                                       Reporting suspected abuse also gives
policy on line, please visit our website at                                                           Family and Youth Services the chance to
http://web.ceo.adl.catholic.edu.au/SACCS          Touching children                                   help families in situations where a child or
                                                                                                      children may be at risk.
                                                  Caring touch is essential for a child’s health,
What Is Child Abuse?                              growth and development. The caring touch
                                                  between a child and trusted adult should not        What to do if you have suspicions or
Child abuse is about an adult harming a           be confused with touching which is of a
child. In South Australia the law states that     sexual nature.                                      concerns
a child is a person under the age of 18
years.                                                                                                    You are encouraged (though not
                                                  What does the law say?                                  obliged) to discuss your concerns with
Child abuse can occur through someone                                                                     the Principal, Deputy Principal, another
doing something hurtful or by someone not         The law states that certain people must report          Leadership      Team     member       or
doing something to provide for or protect a       their concerns if they have reasonable ground           appropriate teacher.
child.                                            to suspect a child has been or is being
                                                  abused. This covers doctors, nurses, dentists,          Call the Child Abuse Report Line
There are four types of child abuse               psychologists, police, probation officers, social
                                                  workers, teachers, family day carers, and
(1) Physical abuse is when a child’s body         people who work in places where services are
                                                  provided to children (including volunteers).
                                                                                                                      13 14 78
    is injured.     This can be through
    punching, hitting, beating, shaking,
    biting, burning or any actions which          A person who makes a report in good faith is
    result in a child’s body being harmed.        protected from any civil or criminal liability.
                                                                                                          and request a consultation with a child
    It can be seen in bruising, swelling,                                                                 protection worker. Your call will be
    welts and broken bones.                       Why report Child Abuse?                                 kept confidential.      There is an
                                                                                                          interpreting  service    available    if
(2) Emotional abuse is behaviour towards          Children have limited power to protect                  required.
    a child which destroys self-esteem,           themselves from abuse and will only be
    confidence and a child’s sense of             protected from abuse and neglect if
    worth. It includes constant criticism,        responsible adults take action on their
    belittling,  blaming,      ‘put-downs’,       behalf.     In addition schools provide
    withdrawal of affection, ignoring and         educational programs to encourage children

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