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									Tomorrow’s Vision...Today!
One Company . . . Multiple Technologies


                                Active Concepts launches
                                the next evolution of
                                tomorrow’s technology to
                                the Cosmetic Industry.

                                These platforms illustrate our core
                                competencies and how they can
              BioActives        improve your product chemistry
                                and enhance your marketing po-
                                tential. You are invited to investi-
                                gate how these technologies can
                                work for you today.
                Chemistry       Detailed information on our indi-
                                vidual products may be found on
                                our Technical Data Sheets.


                                                              Tomorrow’s Vision...Today!

                       Where It All Began
Active Concepts LLC was founded in             key factor to our success is our ability to
2000 with the intention of providing the       provide interesting marketing concepts,
Cosmetic and Personal Care Industries          instead of creating a formulary we have
with innovative ingredients. We thrive in      created entire product lines that not only
today’s rapidly evolving marketing envi-       illustrate the functional uses of our prod-
ronment by harnessing the latest techno-       ucts but also demonstrate how our prod-
logical advances to create novel products      ucts may be used to peak the consumers’
useful for brand differentiation.              interests. Instead of following the trends
                                               we are creating them! As an added ben-
Our product development is based on our        efit to our customers, Active Concepts
different platforms of technology, which       also has a full service applications lab
include delivery systems, bio-actives, bio-    capable of providing formulation sugges-
fermentation, extraction, protein chemistry    tions and trouble-shooting assistance.
and functional ingredients. Aside from
offering an abundance of standard prod-        Active Concepts is a global company
ucts we also welcome the opportunity to        with established facilities in North Amer-
develop raw materials specifically tailored     ica, Europe and Asia. Having multiple
to our customers’ needs.                       manufacturing sites allows us to develop
                                               and supply products locally so we may
Much of Active Concepts’ success is            fully recognize the needs of different re-
due to our excellence in providing supe-       gional markets with in the Cosmetic and
rior customer service. The combination of      Personal Care communities. Our goal is
our short lead times, strict quality control   to develop unique products that deliver
procedures and efficient technical support      value added benefits while setting a high-
guarantee customer satisfaction. Another       er standard for customer satisfaction.
The next evolution of tomorrow’s technology

                    Traditional Art - Modern Science
Fermentation is one of the oldest technol-     rived from milk. Natto, a fermented soy-
ogies used by different peoples and cul-       bean product, is a staple in Japan and is
tures throughout the world for food pres-      rich in the anticancer isoflavone genistein.
ervation. Products such as cheese, bread       Natto is said to contain up to 5 times more
and wine have been produced for thousands      genistein than that of tofu or soy milk.
of years by various fermentation techniques.   Fermented cabbage, typically known to
Fermented foods are produced throughout        the Western World as “sauerkraut” was
the entire world and make significant dietary   originally developed in China several
contributions to many cultures.                thousand years ago and is still a popular
                                                                      dish in Germany
Most fermentation                                                     and North America.
is carried out via                                                    There are an abun-
lactic acid bacteria                                                  dance of other fer-
(LAB) also known                                                      mented food types
as Lactobacillus.                                                     in existence as well.
Fermentation acts
as a preservation                                                      Utilizing these fer-
for foods, enables                                                     mentation tech-
foods to be more                                                       niques, we have
readily digested, as                                                   developed a line of
well as increases                                                      BioFerment products
the production of                                                      for the Cosmetic In-
vitamins, minerals and various other phy-      dustry based on the principle that fermen-
tochemicals, depending upon the plant          tation allows for the isolation and concen-
being fermented. Often the fermentation        tration of various phytochemicals.
process increases the bioavailability of
many chemical compounds by freeing             We have carefully reviewed specific prop-
them from the food matrix to which they        erties of each plant material and have
are typically bound.                           focused on developing Bioferments based
                                               upon the native constituents or pre-cur-
The most well known fermented foods are        sor chemicals found within each particular
cheese and yogurt, both of which are de-       plant. Each product developed has its
                                               own unique characteristics and activities.
                                                             Tomorrow’s Vision...Today!

                             Extraction Technology
                             Extraction is a broad term that can encompass anything
                             from making a simple cup of tea, to the extensive use of
                             membrane filtration performed by pharmaceutical compa-
                             nies to isolate various active components.

                             At Active Concepts we utilize a variety of Extraction Tech-
                             nologies, from simple to sophisticated. While this allows
                             us to produce a variety of products, it also grants us the
                             ability to develop materials that meet specific customer de-
                             mands, ranging from simple hydroglycolic extracts to more
                             precise extractions with specific phytochemical contents.

 BioActives can be defined as having an effect
upon living tissues. Active Concepts provides
  BioActives that can be considered “claim-ori-
   ented materials” which are designed to elicit
    specific effects from skin or hair. BioActives
  tend to play a key role in the development of
claims by finished goods houses and thus play
       a role in marketing to the final consumer.

   Active Concepts’ BioActives represent dis-
    crete molecular entities, designed to elicit a
specific effect. We utilize a variety of technolo-
 gies to approach this field, ranging from yeast
fermentation, biotransformation, and/or chemi-
     cal modification to bring highly active com-
               pounds to the Cosmetic Industry.
The next evolution of tomorrow’s technology

                       Protein Chemistry
Proteins are the building blocks of nature.   Proteins within cosmetic formulations are
They serve as the structural scaffolding in   valued for their strong moisturizing and
our cells, blood, muscle, skin, brain and     film forming properties. They are often
even tooth enamel. The smallest cellular      used in formulations to condition the hair,
organisms contain proteins, such as bac-      while offering protection and moisturization.
teria and viruses.
                                              Many proteins that have been used
Proteins are huge polymeric molecules         throughout the years in the Cosmetic
that vary greatly in molecular weight and     Industry were derived from animal sourc-
dimensions. All proteins are constructed      es. Today this is no longer the case, as
from small monomeric units known as           there has been a tremendous movement
amino acids.                                  towards a greener, more environmentally
                                              friendly practice.
Just as proteins are the building blocks
of nature, they are also basic ingredients    Active Concepts offers a wide range of
important to many cosmetic formulations.      non-animal derived proteins for use in the
                                              Cosmetic Industry.
                                                               Tomorrow’s Vision...Today!

                     Functional Materials
                                                Cosmetic raw material ingredients can
                                                be divided into two categories - Active
                                                Ingredients and Functional Materials.
                                                Functional Materials consist of such items
                                                as rheological agents, emulsifiers, and
                                                aesthetic modifiers. Just as proteins are
                                                building blocks of nature, Functional Ma-
                                                terials are the building blocks of all cos-
                                                metic formulations.

                         Delivery Systems
Making active ingredients work longer and
more effectively is a continuing field of re-
search within the Pharmaceutical Industry
 as well as in the arena of Dermatological
Science. For cosmetic purposes, Delivery
 Systems can be defined as the means by
  which active components can be carried
   to the surface of the skin or to the hair.
  These systems can be vesicles or poly-
   meric in nature. Delivery Systems can
 be used to make performance cosmetics
                            more effective.
       A Global Organization

As a regional manufacturer, Active Concepts
 China is sensitive to the needs of our clients
and is capable of developing products to spe-
 cifically meet the demands of our customers.
                       Tel: +86 (20) 3395 0181

Active Concepts S.r.l has a firm grasp on the
 European Cosmetic and Personal Care mar-
  kets so we can provide innovative products
        based on the latest marketing trends.
                      Tel: +39 (02) 90360719

                 North America
Active Concepts LLC has research, develop-
  ment and marketing facilities located in New
  Jersey with a manufacturing, sampling, and
       administrative facility in North Carolina.
                        Tel: +1-732-867-5040

                                  Tomorrow’s Vision ... Today!
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