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					                                     UNTO THE BREACH

                                          January 2008

                                      THE YEAR AHEAD

       The Beginning of Diminshment, Ostracism and Persecution of the True Saints
                      (In both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres)

                                     ALSO TO OBSERVE:

1)   Beginning of the isolation of America, both overtly & covertly by a sizeable portion of the
     world community (Russia, China, Africa, Pakistan, the Middle East, South America; and
2)   Ecclesiastical “Unity” Movement makes much progress: more denominational capitulation
     to this growing phenomenon.
3)   U.S. economic downturn, uncertainty on both Wall Street and Main Street.

4)   More ministries and churches begin to reveal their true nature and identity.

5)   GOD’S true elect will come together in more meaningful ways.

6)   A thread of true evangelism will become yet more pronounced:

                                     Small but mighty to the
                                   pulling down of strongholds
                                    (Jer. 1:10; II Cor. 10:3-6);
                                   and the revealing of apostasy
                                    within the Modern Church.
7)   Sides will be taken, positions announced, proclaimed, and defended:

                                         Battles Now;
                                    and WAR on the horizon.

                                   “1984” will begin in 2008.
                                 (Recorded December 11, 2007)

                             FURTHER ANALYSIS; and UPDATE

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        On January 2nd, 2007 the U.S. Stock Market lost over 230 points, the first time since
1982 that this had occurred on the first day following the New Year. Two days later on January
4th it dropped again, this time, more than 250 points.

        Here observe that the 1982 decline reflected a period of ongoing recession. Given the
current housing slump, the rising price of oil, the rise in unemployment, and decline in consumer
spending, it appears that America is headed for a similar outcome in 2008.

       This writer had been warned of this by the HOLY SPIRIT on December 11th, 2007,
almost a month before Morgan Stanley’s economic report of January 7th, predicting a similar

                                      The worst is yet to come.


        Russia’s Vladimir Putin was selected as Time Magazine’s Man of the Year for 2007. As
readers of this newsletter will recall, this writer identified Putin as the man to watch as far back
as the July, 2007 issue. And that because GOD had directed me to a couple of articles in the Wall
Street Journal (a paper i seldom read), and a closer examination of the international news
broadcasts on German television.

       Yet, among the more popular American media few took serious note of Putin, and his
shenanigans, save a prominent article in Time magazine detailing the Russian president’s
consolidation of power accomplished by a coterie of Russian bureaucrats and economic
kingpins, all being allies of Putin. He has stifled the Press, been complicit in the murder or the
cover-up (or both) of journalists and former agents who were in the process of exposing the
president; and much more.

        And here, make no mistake. President or Prime Minister, it is Vladimir Putin who pulls
the strings in Russia; and he who is the man in charge of the Russian economy, military, and

             Nor is this situation, disheartening and sobering as it is, soon to change.

        Indeed, 2008 will witness both Russia, under Putin, and China, under its communist
leadership, further cementing and forging relationships with other nations all over the globe.
Both countries are looking to rise in prominence, and both shall certainly do so on an ongoing
basis; as thus shall their influence increase as well.

       America, on the other hand, will begin to experience hardship and calamity. And that in
almost every area and arena imaginable. Both our standing and our influence will continue to
wane on the international stage, while internal problems involving the economy, politics, and
even more unfavorable natural phenomenon (weather-wise and otherwise) shall manifest
themselves in 2008.

                                     SPIRITUAL: Passing of the Old Guard

        A number of the ministries which have been prominent and influential for decades shall

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begin to diminish in importance in 2008. Some because of scandal or notoriety, some through
death; and a few to as yet unforeseen circumstances. Other long time ministries and religious
organizations shall either involve themselves in mergers; or make common cause with that new
generation of apostates who have already begun to make their presence and their messages both
seen and felt in the new emerging religious paradigms.

        Behold, this New Face which will be manifesting itself in the near future shall not be a
pretty one, not one of great spiritual beauty at all.

    Yet it shall be an evilly attractive one: a most appealing, a most deceptive one, to be sure.
                                           To be very sure.

                              New puzzle pieces and new ideologies.

                        But the same old satan in different packaging. For:

                                      “the devil hath power to
                                     assume a pleasing shape.”
                                      (Hamlet, scene 2, act 2)

                             “UNITY” Continues as Theme for „08

        Save for John Hagee (who has some ecclesiastical baggage of his own) and a few others,
there are no voices in televangelism, or within “popular” Christendom, who would dare lead a
protest against the current move of accommodation between Catholics and many mainline
Protestant denominations.

        Sadly, in their pronouncements and in their attitudes generally, they appear to be giving
assent to a belief that the “other side” are members in good standing within the Community of
Christian Saints. Nor is this change of heart to be wondered at when one considers the many
inroads which Pope John Paul II made with Protestants (recall his “help” in securing the
admittance of “Campus Crusade” into Poland); and as well, with the Jews and the Greek

        And though Benedict XVI seems to be of a different stripe, having been the defacto
“Defender of the Faith” under the leadership of John Paul, in recent incidences involving other
religious groups, it appears that Benedict has no problem comfortably donning the Robe of
Accommodation a la his predecessor.

       Meanwhile, as i have before noted, both Trinity Broadcasting and the Inspiration
Network continue to pursue rapprochement between these once arch enemies in order to unite
them in evangelistic common cause.
       In the areas of political involvement and the promotion of the “Social Gospel,” the
Catholics and Protestants are already growing closer and closer together. And this with smiles
and handclasps as they pose for the cameras, unite around the ballot box and the protest trail; and
lock arms in “humanitarian” efforts.
       Given this prevailing state of spiritual affairs, it is not therefore to be found surprising
that many Protestant denominations themselves are likewise extending a “Hail” and Fare thee
Well” to one another. Thus, though some doctrinal disagreements may remain (actually, fewer

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and fewer with the passage of time), these are seldom discussed, and the once-bitter acrimony
has all but disappeared.
       Nor need one look further for evidence of this new mindset than the Klamath Falls
debacle outlined in my book “666 Revealed.”
        Here attend: 2008 shall bring more of the same: more silence regarding doctrinal issues;
more joint endeavors both social, political, and evangelistic; and more “Easy Believism”
militating against the Spirit and Truth revelation of GOD’S WORD and WILL.
   *       *      *       *       *       *       *       *       *      *       *       *       *
       On a related issue, it is now time, indeed past time, to identify two of the more egregious
occurrences which take place routinely on “Christian” television.
        Both involve something akin to a talk show format.
        In the first, the viewer witnesses a famous televangelist (or the occasional “Christian”
celebrity) interviewing one of their peers. The object of the discussion may involve prophecy,
commentary, or witness from the guest, with multiple interruptions from the host with an
“amen”, “praise the Lord/Hallelujah”; or even perhaps an “Oh, my” or other ejaculations of
surprise and pleasure.
        During this interview/discussion, one may rest assured that there will ever be unanimity
of thought and expression, and a very vibrant sense of camaraderie on display; that, and much
praise and compliment passing from host to guest, and back again.
        One unholy hand grasping another. Idolatry 101 in session.
        Nor should anyone have cause to wonder how the conversation, and the program, will
terminate: first, with a plea, or an admonition by the guest (looking most earnestly into the
camera lens) to the viewer to render financial support to the “godly” and “anointed” ministry of
the host. And this will almost certainly be followed by a promise that the Blessings of GOD will
(then) aggressively pursue the “seed giver.”

       And this will lead, in most cases, to an unctuous prayer, or a prediction of good things to
come for “The Body of CHRIST.”

       Slip in the toll free number of the host’s “prayer team” (who shall listen intently and pray
without ceasing for your requests), some applause from the audience, and a final benediction.

        Voila! Two shills will have done their shilling; and that with the hope that the sheep (er,
the faithful) will line up for their fleecing (er, blessing).

        The second scenario is also of the interview type, though it may be turned into a round
table discussion involving several guests. And, of course, the obligatory, enthusiastic studio
audience. Not to mention a singer or two to assist in raising the energy level (and thus the “hype
level”, as well). First, the guests are trotted out, one at a time, being introduced in glowing terms
and with unstinting praise (so now you may know what “worshipping the creature more than the
CREATOR” really means).

                                      Then begins the hoopla.

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        P.T. Barnum would be envious were he to watch these Mutual Admiration Societies in
action. A prophecy here, a song there: a witness, a bragging about this or that accomplishment,
the introducing of a new book.

                           And a shouting good time is had by all.

        And here notice that these programs always have the kind of host who is an expert in
knowing how to “play to the folks in the cheap seats.” Yea, he ever knows how - and when - to
raise the emotional level to fever pitch; and how - and when - to bring it down to “reverential”
silence, even awe.

        And all this, mind you, in addition to the annual - or is it the bi-annual, or quarterly -
fund-raising events which may disgustingly continue for seven to 10 days. And with these they
pull out all the stops: rousing sermons from popular and famous evangelists; once well known
celebrities pandering to the audience as they themselves liberally spread the dung, er, flattery;
and big name singers to bring the house down (or is it, to raise the emotional level to the roof

       All they’re lacking is a carnival barker. Come to think of it, they have that, too, in the
form of the network founder or president, and his offspring.

                           All of which begs a most important question:

       How long does it take for the flock to re-grow their fleece (in preparation for the next

        And how long will they willingly - even eagerly - offer themselves up for that fleecing;
and also for that sure and certain slaughter?
         And herein attend, my readers. For with this warning have i sought to bring thee unto the
Truth, and unto the knowledge of what awaits, if thou repent not. And by this have I sought to
fulfill my mission, for we shall all be weighed in the scales (Ez. 3:17-21; Dan. 5:27).
                                   Wilt thou be found wanting?
   *       *      *       *       *       *       *       *      *       *       *       *          *

        It would not be fitting and proper to Take our leave from this examination of the apostasy
infecting the Modern Church in regards to the UNITY Movement without reference to yet
another of the many deceptions which incline GOD’S would-be children falsely in that direction.
        And it is even this: for the past several years it has become acceptable, and beyond
acceptable to fashionable, to look favourably upon all things Jewish: and that, both as to all
things religious, as well as all things carnal.
        Sad to say, yet true to say, that this judaizing is now beginning to approach unto its
apogee with the current teachings of a well known rabbi who is seeking to unite Christians and
Jews by focusing on their areas of agreement, while marginalizing the teachings of CHRIST and
of the New Testament canon of SCRIPTURE generally. Even worse, he does this by corrupting
and quoting out of context the words of JESUS, Paul and others while he seeks to spiritually
legitimize his own rabbinical teachings at the expense of the SPIRIT and TRUTH of GOD’S

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        This is heresy with a capitol “H”, and no amount of twinkling eyes, winning smiles, soft
voices, or attitudes of “false” compassion, or (false) loving arms of accommodation are sufficient
to disguise the deception.
        Often referred to as “explaining the Jewish Roots of Christianity,” the particular program
to which this writer is making reference, follows on the heels of similar television shows which
promote spiritual unity between Catholics and Protestants; Protestants and other Protestants; and
now Jews and Christians generally. And this the programs’ host seeks to accomplish by dealing
primarily with the human, cultural, political, and social areas of common cause, while glossing
over areas of disagreement of a Scriptural nature.
        Yet when he does make reference to the Bible, the unctuous and smooth facility of his
presentation is unable to disguise his Jewish bias – to the Spiritually discerning, that is. Much of
the modern church might be seduced by such as this, but not the Apostle Paul. Nor by our
SAVIOUR who always knew when HE was in the presence of a Pharisee – or a minister of
(un)righteousness. (II Cor. 11:13-15).
        Here make no mistake as you examine this polemic. For it is not this writer’s intention to
diminish the great debt which we Gentiles owe unto the Jews. For we ARE indeed partakers of
their spiritual things. And we ARE grafted in among their branches (Rom. 11:17-18; 15:27).
Moreover, all true Christians must now stand tall in confronting and refuting the anti-Jewish bias
which yet permeates too much of both Protestantism and Catholicism.
        For the truth is plain enough, nor should it need repeating. Yet here it necessarily is:
JESUS was a Jew, HIS disciples were Jews; Jews, with the rare exception, were the human
writers of the SCRIPTURES. Nor must we forget the fact that GOD HIMSELF hath not cast
away HIS original people (Rom. 11:1-2,25-32). Thus the Christian Church has not replaced the
Jews, but rather has now the obligation to attempt to bring them unto the flock and the fold
(Rom. 1:16; 2:9-10; 11:3-31; I Cor. 1:24).
        That said, it must also be here acknowledged that the “Judaizing” which now takes place
on the pretext of explaining Christianity’s Jewish Roots, is heretical and apostate in the extreme.
         Yet it goes on nonetheless, continuing apace as it gathers new converts to its unholy
      Here behold: the current fascination with Jewish festivals, Jewish cuisine, Jewish
weddings and funerals, Jewish prayer shawls, rabinnical teachings; and the like:
         None of this has its roots in the New Testament Teachings of JESUS, the CHRIST. Nor,
for that matter, in what followed that marvelous Day of Pentecost recorded in the second chapter
of the ook of Acts. This was the beginning of Christianity, and of the Church. And, if we have
learned anything from the disagreement between Peter and Paul regarding the business of
circumcision, and from Paul’s epistles to the Galatians, the Cretans (ie, Titus) and others, it must
be that CHRIST established a New Covenant, rather than continuing the old one.
       And since those days, the equation has been salvation, a salvation based on repentance,
surrender unto the WORD and WILL of GOD; and receiving CHRIST as LORD, MASTER, and
        Yet now what we witness are the beginnings of unholy Union based on two equally
“valid” paradigms: the one i just outlined; and the other which is according to rabbinical
teachings but MINUS salvation and the acknowledging of JESUS as MESSIAH.

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     This is a UNITY based on apostasy and desecration of the SPIRIT and TRUTH of
        Moreover, in an even greater and even more apostate sense, this promotes a UNITY of
SCHISM, that is, a confederation, an ecumenicalism whereby any group may believe, teach and
practice what they will, and yet all will be considered members in good standing of the Family of
       Does not all of this, in a strange twist of circumstance, make legitimate the splitting of
GOD’S elect along denominational lines? And also lead to the separation of Jewish believers
from their Gentile counterparts, into Messianic congregations.

        Thus, Unity and Schism at the same time. And both being wrong for the same reason:
they disallow the true teachings of the Bible.


        Will these types of ethnic, religious, and cultural divides be sanctioned in heaven/in the
New Jerusalem? Will UNITY of the Brotherhood based on false teachings, and disregard of
GOD’S WORD be permitted in that better eternity? Will there be enclaves of Jewish believers,
and different groupings of Gentile believers?
        One need not be a seminary graduate to appreciate the utter stupidity of these queries.
Indeed, how ignorant of SCRIPTURE are those who hold to such ill-founded and ill-conceived
notions, traditions, and practices such as have been outlined and described in the body of this
        Let us here, and let us now, resolve to put these “puppies” to bed once and for all. Nay,
let us put them to sleep for all eternity. And that by the simple expedient of applying - and
supplying- the following passages of HOLY WRIT:

                                         Romans 9:6-26
                                        Galatians 3:26-29
                                        Ephesians 2:11-22

       Here attend: there is One Body, and One SPIRIT, even as ye are called in One hope of
your calling; One LORD, One Faith, One Baptism, One GOD and FATHER of all, WHO is
above all, and through all, and in you all (Eph. 4:4-6).
       Behold: this is the only true Unity and Oneness which matters. A Oneness not of an
unholy Union which forsakes the SPIRIT and TRUTH of GOD’S WORD in order to obtain
unanimity. But a Unity which acknowledges, surrenders and submits unto the WORD and WILL
of GOD; and unto obedience of the SCRIPTURES and the Leadership of the HOLY GHOST.
       This writer anticipates and prays for the soon arrival of that day: and seeks to be some
small part of spreading the Truth of Scripture, The True Knowledge of God (Is. 11:9).
       GOD bless those who are Blessing GOD: yea, they who are Blessing GOD with
obedience and surrender unto HIS ONLY HOLY WORD and WILL; and submission unto the

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