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					Deputy Chief Operating Officer
                                    JOB DETAILS

Job Title:            Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Grade:                Trust Contract

Location:             Barts and The London NHS Trust

Responsible to:       Chief Operating Officer

Accountable to:       Chief Operating Officer


The Deputy Chief Operating Officer will be accountable for the daily operation of all of
our sites to ensure operational delivery of the Trust’s quality, safety, finance and
performance objectives.



Has impact upon the Trust’s full range of clinical and non-clinical services - c. £400m
within an overall budget of £650m.

Manages:       Head of Performance support
               Some of patient access resource

Located:       Trust Headquarters, but with a Trust-wide remit.

The Trust employs over 7000 staff in a range of occupational groups.

The revenue budget for the Trust is c.£600 million with the workforce accounting for
c.£330 million.

The Deputy Chief Operating Officer will be a member of the Trust Management
Executive and will play a leading role in development and achievement of the Trust’s
performance management framework and objectives.

The Deputy Chief Operating Officer will be required to be part of the GOLD COLOUR
on-call rota.


a.   Access, Booking and Choice

     To co-ordinate the complex range of clinical and non-clinical services in order to
     ensure that the Trust delivers all necessary ABC targets using an appropriate set of

b.   Leadership & Culture

     To provide visible professional leadership for all staff in order to ensure appropriate
     operational management capacity and capability in available to deliver the Trust’s
     vision, service standards and corporate objectives.

c.   Clinical Informatics

     To develop the performance management framework, information and systems
     required to ensure operational delivery and KPIs.

     To lead on the production of performance reports for the Trust Executive Group and
     Trust Board.

d.   Performance Management Review System

     To support regular integrated Divisional Performance management meetings and
     ensure that there is effective two-way feedback about performance and operational
     management issues

e.   Demand and Capacity

     To ensure that there is robust information to support clinical demand and capacity
     modelling and organisation planning.

f.   Commissioner relationships

     Alongside the director of finance to ensure that there is a detailed mutual
     understanding of priorities and expectations.

g.   Corporate Responsibility and Governance

     Contribute to the development, communication and promotion of corporate core
     purpose, vision, mission and values.

h.   Patient Safety

     Ensure the provision of excellent clinical standards and a patient centred approach to
     care working with staff at all levels within the organisation

i.   Equality and Diversity

     To ensure that the organisation is meeting its statutory responsibilities in respect of
     service provision.

j.   Personal and Staff Development

     Provide support, through objective setting, appraisal and the agreement of personal
     development plans, to all direct reports and other senior staff as agreed. This will
     include a significant coaching role across the clinical leadership community.

k.   Deputising

     To deputise for the Chief Operating Officer across the full range of responsibilities in
     their absence. To take the strategic lead on specific projects or work on behalf of the
     Chief Operating Officer, taking responsibility for the achievement of outcomes within
     required timescales

l.   On Call

     To take part in the hospital GOLD COLOUR on-call rota and provide practical
     leadership, advice and guidance during specified periods.


     Internal:             Chief Executive and all Executive Team colleagues, Non-
                           Executive Directors, Divisional Directors, Divisional General
                           Managers/Senior Nurses, Senior Clinicians and Managers, all
                           staff and staff representatives.

     Other NHS:            Other NHS Acute and Primary Care Trusts.

     External:             NHS London and Department of Health. Equivalent leads in
                           other NHS and social care organisations.


     To ensure that we move (by 2011) from just delivering external ABC targets to
     delivering consistently among London’s best performance on those measures (in a
     way that improves the patients experience).


•    The post holder is expected to actively promote and implement the Trust’s equal
     opportunities policies and procedures.
•    The post holder must ensure that personal information for patients, members of staff
     and all other individuals is accurate, up-to-date, kept secure and confidential at all
     times in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the Caldicott principles and
     the common law duty of confidentiality.
•    The post holder must follow the record keeping guidelines established by the Trust to
     ensure compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
•    The post holder is expected to take responsibility for self-development on a
     continuous basis, undertaking on-the-job and other training as required.
•    The post holder is required to familiarise him/herself with and comply with the Trust’s
     policies and procedures.
•    The post holder must be aware of individual responsibilities under the Health and
     Safety at Work Act and identify and report, as necessary, any untoward accident,
     incident or potentially hazardous environment.
•    All staff must ensure that they comply with the Trust's Infection Control policies and
     procedures and undertake relevant training for any deficit in their practice and
     knowledge. Staff must take personal responsibility for their own actions in relation to
     infection prevention and control practices during their day to day work.
•    The post holder is expected to develop IT skills.
•    The post holder may be required to undertake duties at any location within the Trust,
     in order to meet service needs.
•    This job description is intended as a guide to the main responsibilities of the post and
     not as an exhaustive list of duties and tasks. The post holder may be required to
     undertake other duties appropriate to his/her grade, which are not listed above, at the
     direction of his/her manager. The job description may be amended from time to time
     after consultation with the post holder.
•    The Trust operates a No Smoking Policy.

                               Person Specification

     Qualifications:   Masters level qualification or equivalent in a relevant field
                       Degree level qualification

     Experience:       A minimum of five years experience in a senior management role
                       in addition to five years experience of successfully managing
                       large clinical teams and/or complex projects within the NHS or
                       similar complex organisation.

                       Demonstrable experience of delivery against NHS Access,
                       Booking and Choice (ABC) targets will be a fundamental pre-
                       requisite for this role. An understanding of emergency care flow
                       and out of hospital care agenda.

     Knowledge:        Current knowledge of the performance regime in the NHS. In
                       depth knowledge and understanding of service and technical
                       issues relating to the relevant ABC targets.

     Skills:           To have highly developed problem-solving, negotiation,
                       interpersonal, administrative, budgetary, analytical, statistical,
                       advocacy, presentational, communications and leadership skills.

                       To have the ability to deliver on the most challenging of issues.

     Ability:          An innovative approach and ability to inspire and enthuse others.

                       It should be stressed that operational pressures and strategic
                       requirements are constantly changing both in content and priority.
                       There is thus always a need to develop new skills and ideas in
                       order to provide the most effective service. In particular the ability
                       to influence and deliver upon key business targets is of particular
                       importance whilst ensuring safe, high quality care to our patients.


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