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					Handling material                                     Useful information
                                                                                                                     University Library
 • All books, manuscripts, and other materials        Online library catalogue:
   must be handled with special care. Books  
   should never be placed face down, and readers       Special Collections material is identified in the online
   should never lean on books or other                 cataloguewith the prefix SC.
                                                      Special Collections webpage:                                           A Guide to using the
 • Printed books and bound items must be used          (
   on the cushions provided.
                                                      Handlist of the Manuscript Collection:                                 University
 • Any special handling conditions requested by
   library staff must be observed.                     Other special finding lists are also available.

                                                      Special Collections Librarian:
 • Only pencils may be used for note taking.

 • The order of loose material supplied in boxes
   must be preserved.
                                                       Telephone 0116 252 5156.                                              Special
Reproduction and copyright
                                                       Please contact us if you require any assistance in
                                                       identifying Special Collections material.                             Collections
 • Readers must not make photocopies from any
   item. If copies are required, please consult the

 • The physical condition of an item, or copyright
   law, may prohibit any copying.

 • If photographic images are required these can
   be ordered, subject to copyright and the
   condition of the material. Ask the staff for

                                                       University of Leicester Library
                                                       PO Box 248
                                                       University Road
                                                       LE1 9QD
                                                       General Enquiries: 0116 252 2043
                                                       Fax: 0116 252 2066

                                                          on the Ground Floor of the Main Library. There                Reading Room
The Special Collections                                   is further information about Special Collections
                                                          on the dedicated webpage                                       When you come to consult the material, you will
Definition                                                (    be required to use it in the Reading Room. These
                                                          In addition there is a Handlist of the Manuscript              are the special conditions of use within this
 The term Special Collections is used to refer to         Collection which is available in printed form and              Room:-
 material that is either valuable because of its rare     also on the web at
 or unique nature or is vulnerable because of its        • The Library may decline to allow consultation
 physical condition. It therefore includes our            Other special finding lists are also available.                  of any item because of its physical condition.
 collection of manuscripts, incunabula, early             Please contact us if you require any assistance in               We will notify you in advance if this is the case.
 printed books and some archive material. Users           identifying Special Collections material.
                                                                                                                         • Coats or outer garments must be left outside
 may consult these items, but they must be read in                                                                         the room. A secure cupboard is available.
 the Reading Room under supervised conditions            Requesting material
 and are not available for loan. There are also                                                                          • All bags, briefcases and hold-alls must be
 restrictions on what may be copied. This is to           Please note that we are unable to offer an on-                   deposited in the lockers in the outer office
 ensure that these items are preserved for the use        demand service for Special Collections items and                 area. You should keep any valuables with you at
 of future generations of scholars and researchers.       therefore must have advance notice of your                       all times.
                                                                                                                         • No eating, drinking, or smoking is allowed.
Access to the collections                                                                                                  Any foodstuffs or drinks must be deposited in
                                                          Library members                                                  the outer office area.
 All registered library users may use the Special
 Collections on production of a valid user card.          Once you have identified the item you require on
                                                          the online catalogue, you must use the “Holds”                 • Please observe silence in the Reading Room.
 Visiting researchers and readers are also welcome
 to consult the collections. Day tickets are issued to    facility to place a request. Staff in Special
                                                                                                                         • Items fetched from the Special Collections
 such users on production of valid identification.        Collections are then notified via the system of
                                                                                                                           store must not be removed from the Reading
 There is no charge for admission.                        your request. They will check that the item is
                                                          available and the system will then send you an
                                                          acknowledgement of your request. You will be                   • Once items have been fetched they are the
Opening hours                                             asked to confirm the time that you intend to                     responsibility of the reader. They must not be
                                                          consult the item, which will be held for you for up              left unattended at any time. If vacating the
 The Special Collections Reading Room is located          to 7 days. The hold will be removed from the
 on the Lower Ground Floor of the Main Library                                                                             Reading Room for short periods the item(s)
                                                          system if it is not collected in that time period.               must be left with a member of staff from the
 and is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to           For items that are not currently on the catalogue
 Friday. Readers making a special or lengthy                                                                               Special Collections Service.
                                                          (such as the Manuscripts or the Fairclough
 journey must order material well in advance so           collection), you will need to complete a form to               • All items must be returned to the staff by 4.45
 that it can be made available and staff are on           request them.                                                    pm at the latest.
 hand to assist.
                                                                                                                         • Items that are required again will
                                                          External visitors                                                be kept securely until the reader
Locating material
                                                          Requests can be made either by post to the                       next requires them. Readers
 Special Collections material is identified in the        Special Collections Librarian, email to                          should make it clear to staff
 online catalogue ( with or by phone to                       that material will be needed
 the prefix SC. Some items may be housed in our           0116 252 5156. Readers making a special or                       again.
 external store and these may take up to 24 hours         lengthy journey must order material well in
 to be retrieved for you. There are still some items      advance so that it can be made available and staff
 that remain in the card catalogue which is housed        are on hand to assist.

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