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									Dwelling Space Standards
Supplementary Planning

                 July 2009
    1.0       Introduction                                      Planning Document (SPD) that sets out space
                                                                standards for all new residential dwellings whether
    1.1     Mid Sussex District Council recognises that         they are formed from new build, sub-division or
    providing a variety of housing opportunities and            conversion.
    allowing people to grow and adapt within their
    homes helps encourage strong, safe and                      1.3     An SPD is one of the material considerations
    sustainable communities. High quality design adds           that can be taken into account when determining a
    value to homes and their surroundings, as well as           planning application for development. It is
    improving the lives of residents and creating better        intended to provide helpful guidance for
    public spaces. Well-designed homes can cost less            developers, applicants and other parties involved
    to heat, light and maintain; be more flexible in use         in the development process, which is consistent
    and have improved accessibility, safety and                 with the policies contained within the
    security.                                                   Development Plan in Mid Sussex. This SPD now
                                                                forms part of the Mid Sussex Local Development
    1.2     In recent years however, there has been             Framework.
    an increasing concern that some of the dwellings
    being proposed in the District have not been of an          Note: This SPD takes effect from 1st July 2009.
    adequate standard, particularly with regards to             All planning applications for new residential
    their size. In order to address these concerns, the         development that are validated on or after that
    Council has adopted this Supplementary                      date will be assessed against its provisions.

1   2
          3                         8    9                                        15   16             19         21    22
               4        6     7               10    11     12       13   14                 17   18        20

                                                                •        Policy G2   Sustainable Development
                                                                •        Policy H2   Density and Dwelling Mix
                                                                •        Policy H3   Infill Within Built-Up Areas
                                                                •        Policy H10 Conversions to Flats and
                                                                                     Houses in Multiple Occupation
                                                                •        Policy CS18 Recycling Facilities

                                                                2.3     These policies can be viewed in full in the
                                                                Mid Sussex Local Plan, which is available in
                                                                libraries and Help Points and on the Council’s
    2.0       Background
                                                                2.4     Two documents have helped to inform the
                                                                preparation of this SPD. The first is the Dwelling
    2.1     The purpose of this Dwelling Space
                                                                Space Standards SPD Background Document. This
    Standards SPD is to ensure that the floor area of
                                                                was prepared to accompany the consultation on
    new homes and of associated storage space in new
                                                                the draft SPD. It outlined the policy context for
    residential developments and conversions in Mid
                                                                the introduction of standards; the justification for
    Sussex are sufficient to secure a satisfactory
                                                                the approach taken at that stage of the process;
    standard of accommodation for their residents.
                                                                and an explanation for the particular standards
    The provision of minimum space thresholds for
                                                                included in the consultation draft document.
    various types of dwellings should also help to
                                                                Following the consultation exercise and
    ensure sustainable development, by providing a
                                                                consideration of the responses received, the
    useable and flexible environment which allows
                                                                District Council has revised and simplified the
    residents to undertake a range of activities – bring
                                                                space standards that are now included in this
    up families, enable home work opportunities and
                                                                adopted SPD.
    social activities – and provide for residents’
    changing needs.
                                                                2.5    The second document is the Sustainability
                                                                Appraisal Report. This has been prepared to assess
    2.2     This SPD supplements existing planning
                                                                the social, economic and environmental impacts of
    policies in the Mid Sussex Local Plan (May 2004),
                                                                the SPD. Together with the SPD Itself, these two
    illustrating their application and giving further
                                                                related documents are available to view on the
    guidance on good design and practice. The Local
                                                                Council’s website
    Plan policies that this SPD supplements are as
3.0    Dwelling Space Standards                       Note: Minimum standards apply for the
                                                      provision of waste and recycling storage.
Minimum Internal Floor Areas for Whole                Reference should be made to the District
                                                      Council’s Waste Storage and Collection Planning
Dwelling (Net)
                                                      Guidance. For more information contact the
                                                      District Council’s Cleansing Services Team or
3.1     This SPD sets out minimum internal floor
                                                      telephone 01444 477440.
areas for a range of dwelling types. These
standards apply both to open market housing and
to affordable housing. They are set out in the
following table:

Number of bedrooms        Minimum Internal Floor
/Type of Dwelling         Space Standard (sq m)
Studio Flat                        32.5
One bedroom flat                     51
Two bedroom flat                     66
Two bedroom                         71
wheelchair flat
Two bedroom house                    77
Three bedroom                        93
Four bedroom dwelling                111
                                                      Subdivision and Conversions
The figures in the table above refer to the area
enclosed by the walls of the dwelling, including      3.3    The Council will require all dwellings
space taken by stairs, partitions, chimney breasts,   created through subdivision and conversion to
flues etc. but excluding garages, external storage     meet the standards set out above. However, in
areas, balconies, porches and lobbies open to the     exceptional circumstances, where it can be argued
air.                                                  that the existing building is suitable for subdivision
                                                      / conversion but that its internal form or special
Minimum Floor Areas for Storage                       features prevent some of the requirements being
                                                      met, some flexibility will be given.
3.2     It is essential that all new dwellings have
adequate levels of storage space provision. The       Private Amenity Space
standards in the table below seek to secure a
minimum storage space equivalent to                   3.4     The planning authority will normally
approximately 5% of the gross internal floor area of   require the provision of useable private
the dwelling. (The figures in the table have been      amenity space (excluding parking and turning
rounded to the nearest 2.5 sq m). This storage        areas) in new residential development. In
space should be provided within or adjacent to the    considering the amount of amenity space, the
dwelling. Based on the minimum gross floor areas       planning authority will take into account front
in the table above, the minimum storage space         gardens, back gardens, roof terraces, balconies
requirements are as follows:                          and, in flatted developments, communal gardens.

Number of bedrooms /      Minimum Storage Space
Type of Dwelling          Standard within or
                          adjacent to dwelling
                          (sq m)
Studio Flat                         1.5
One bedroom flat                     2.5
Two bedroom flat                     3.5
Two bedroom                         3.5
wheelchair flat
Two bedroom house                   3.75
Three bedroom                        4.5
Four bedroom dwelling                5.5
    Additional Guidance

    3.5    All figures set out above represent
    minimum requirements. Ideally, these figures
    should be exceeded.

    3.6     The amount and location of waste and
    recycling storage provision is a particularly
    important consideration and the District Council
    will need to be assured that this requirement has
    been satisfactorily addressed. Reference should
    be made to the District Council’s Waste Storage
    and Collection Planning Guidance document for
    guidance. (Please contact the District Council’s
    Cleansing Services Team for further information on
    this aspect, or telephone 01444 477440). Bicycle
    Parking Standards are set out in the District
    Council’s Development and Infrastructure             3.7    In all cases suitable access should be
    Supplementary Planning Document. In particular,      provided for the resident group expected to
    attention should be given to the detailed guidance   occupy the property.
    set out in Annex 4B on Page 72 of the document.
                                                         3.8    Dwellings should be designed to enable
                                                         flexible use (e.g. open plan / multi-functional
                                                         areas should allow for future subdivision into
                                                         useable rooms). Adequate drying space should also
                                                         be provided.

                                                         3.9      All applicants are encouraged to meet the
                                                         standards included in the Code for Sustainable
                                                         Homes, Lifetime Homes and Secured by Design
                                                         initiatives. Please also refer to the District
                                                         Council’s Sustainable Construction Supplementary
                                                         Planning Document for more information.

1   2
          3                         8    9                         14   15   16               19             21   22
               4         6     7              10    11   12   13                   17    18          20

    4.0       Further Information                         4.1    All planning applications for residential
                                                          development that are validated on or after 1st July
    4.0     This SPD takes effect from 1st July 2009.     2009 will be assessed in accordance with the space
    If you have any questions relating to its content     standards set out in this Document. If you have
    please contact the District Council’s Planning        any questions relating to space standards and the
    Policy section by telephone on 01444 477053, by       submission or consideration of planning
    email to or by        applications, please contact the District
    post to the address below.                            Council’s Development Control section by
                                                          telephone on 01444 477568 (for sites in north Mid
                                                          Sussex) or 01444 477566 (for sites in south Mid
                                                          Sussex), by e-mail to
                                                          or by post to

                                                          (Planning Policy or Development Control)
                                                          Mid Sussex District Council
                                                          Haywards Heath
                                                          West Sussex
                                                          RH16 1SS


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