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Delegate List

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									                              Delegate List
Corporate Responsibility in the Supply Chain for Utility Suppliers
5th June 2008, Hyatt Regency Birmingham

Lastname      Firstname   Job title                                   Company
Anderton      Steve       Divisional Operations Manager - Utilities   Utilise TDS
Ashley        Paul        Environment Manager                         Mott McDonald
Askins        Tony        Business Development Manager                Integrated Utility Services Ltd
Barr          David       Head of Procurement                         Babcock Networks                   1a   2a
                          Procurement Compliance Manager and
Bartle        Ian                                                     CE Electric
                          Chairman of the UVDB steering Group
Birkett       Andy        Director                                    Salamis                            1a   2b
Black         Adrian      Audit & Compliance Officer                  Clancy Docra                       1b   2a
Brocklebank   Kieran      Sustainable Supply Chain Manager            United Utilities
Chapman       Jonathan    Head of Business Development                Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions   1b   2a
Chivers       Stephen     Business Development Director               Kelly Communications Ltd           1b   2b
Clark         Darren      Director                                    BTS Group ltd                      1b   2a
Clarke        Laura       Marketing Executive                         Achilles Group Ltd
Clarkson      Paul        Procurement Manager                         National Grid plc
Coles         Liz         CR and Sustainability Manager               Carillion Utility Services         1b   2a
Collett       Richard     PR Manager                                  Morrison Utility Services          1a   2b
Crake         Steve       Head of Procurement                         Northumbrian Water
                          Account Manager - Corporate
Darton        Frances                                                 Achilles Group Ltd
Dawson        Howard      Operational Account Manager                 Office Dept
Denis         Leon        Key Strategy Manager                        Severn Trent Water                 1a   2a
Doherty       John        SHEQ Manager                                Anord Control Systems Ltd          1a   2a
Eckersley     Paul        Utilities Account Manager                   Achilles Information Ltd
Eley          Robert      Director                                    CEMA Ltd                           1a   2a
Evans         Yvonne      QHSE Field Officer Northern Europe          Aggreko UK
Farley        Tim         Business Manager                            Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions   1a   2b
Findlay       Geri        SHE Qual Coordinator                        MWH Global                         1b   2b
                          Director of Assessment and Company
Ford          Mike                                                    Achilles Group Ltd
Gardner       Fred        Quality Manager                             Magdalene                          1a   2a
Gearing       Ian         Corporate Responsibility Manager            National Grid
Gemmill       Alaister    Engineering Manager                         Enpure                             1a   2a
Gledhill      George      Director                                    North East Arb Ltd
Goodyear      Rob         Quality Manager                             Lucy Switch Gear
Griffin       Sally       Utilities Account Manager                   Achilles Information Ltd
Gualda        Joanne      Marketing Director                          Bagnalls
Harrold       Steve       Managing Director                           Outlook                            1a   2b
Hastie        Maria       Scottish & Southern Energy                  Scottish & Southern
Heathershaw   Peter       Estimating Director                         Morrison Construction
Hitchen       Catherine   Environmental Advisor                       Biwater Treatment Ltd              1b   2a
Holliday      Geoff       Director                                    G & A Tree Services Limited        1a   2a
Lastname     Firstname   Job title                                    Company
Holliday     Gill        Company Secretary                            G & A Tree Services Limited
Holmes       Gillian     Head of Procurement                          Babcock Networks                  1b   2b
Horton       Jo          Sustainability Strategy Manager              United Utilities
Hutt         Jason       CSR Manager                                  incorporatewear Ltd               1a   2b
Jackson      Peter       Commercial Development Manager               UPM Tilhill                       1b   2b
Jellicoe     David       National Safety and Environment Manager      Schneider Electric
Jones        Chris       Director of Procurement                      EDF Energy
King         Nick        Utilities Account Manager                    Achilles Information Ltd
Larney       Tom         Managing Director                            ESOL
                         Quality, Health and Safety & Environmental   ABS Wastewater Technology
Lines        Gary                                                                                       1b   2b
                         Manager                                      Limited
Lofts        Greg        GM Business Development                      Wincanton
Longsdale    Phil        Sales Manager                                Lucy Switch Gear
Luczka       Peter       Business Sector Manager                      Nationwide Access                 1a   2b
Mather       Steve       Operations Director                          Utilise TDS
McCallum     Halley      Managing Director                            BTS Group ltd                     1b   2a
McLintock    Karen       Company Secretary                            WRC Plc                           1a   2a
McNeillis    Paul        ICT & Corporate Responsibility Director      Achilles Group Ltd
McNicholas   Steven      Compliance Director                          McNicholas                        1b   2b
Merton       Lawrence    Managing Director                            Invicta Landscapes Ltd            1a   2b
Millington   Carl        Utilities Director                           Achilles Information Ltd
Mobbs        Stuart      Director                                     Hydrosave UK Ltd                  1a   2b
Molina       Carmen                                                   Achilles Group Ltd
Needle       Angela      Energy Strategy Manager                      Anglian Water Services
O'Donel      Amber       Admin Assistant                              Morrison Construction             1a   2a
O'Riordan    Clare       Press Officer                                Scottish Water
Parry        Derek       Senior Buyer                                 Northumbrian Water                1a   2a
Paul         Liz         Operations Coordinator                       Boss Design Limited
Payne        Kate        Utilities Account Manager                    Achilles Information Ltd
Pollard      Mike        Managing Director                            Leicester Fencing Controls Ltd    1a   2a
Price        Frank       Director of Environment                      Grontmij                          1b   2b
Prince       Cathy       Executive PA                                 Instep UK Limited                 1a   2a
Proctor      Hilary      Procurement Mgr                              RWE npower                        1a   2a
Randles      Jeff        Managing Director                            Multi-Tech Contracts Ltd          1a   2a
Richardson   Nicola      Buyer                                        Yorkshire Water
Ross         Karen       Submissions Manager                          Morrison Construction             1a   2a
Ryalls       Lindsey     Business Development Coordinator             Integrated Utility Services Ltd
Sanderson    Tracy       Director                                     Lowri Beck Services Ltd
Sargent      Tim         Business Development Director                May Gurney Ltd
Scott        Ray         Customer Service Manager                     CEMA Ltd                          1a   2a
Seaward      Virginia    Head of Operations                           Boss Design
Sewell       Mark        Marketing & Communications Manager           Clancy Docra                      1a   2b
Sharpe       Carola      Business Development                         NPower Meter Plus                 1a   2a
Simcock      Andrew      HSQE Manager                                 KMI Plus
Smith        Tim         Business Services Director                   McNicholas                        1b   2b
Snell        David       Business Development Manager                 Bruton Knowles                    1b   2b
Squires      Adrian                                                   Hi-Line Contractors SW Ltd
Lastname      Firstname    Job title                                 Company
Stewart       Simon        Managing Director                         North East Arb Ltd
Trimmer       David        Managing Director                         Remote Management & Security   1b   2b
Turner        Peter        Head of Risk Management                   Initial Facilities Services    1b   2b
Wade          Carolyn      Strategic Account Manager                 Office Dept
Wager         Martin       UK Sales Manager                          Cogenco Ltd                         2b
Ward          Alan         Supply Chain Development Specialist       National Grid plc
Wharfe        Robin        Sales Manager Special Projects            G & M Power Plant Ltd
Whitcomb      John         Global BDM                                Fylde Micro Ltd
Wilde         Luke         Director                                  Twenty Fifty Limited           1b   2b
Willings      Neil         Managing Director - Assessment Services   Achilles Group Ltd
Wilson        Mark         Engineering Director                      Biwater Treatment Ltd          1b   2b
Wilson-Lamb   Liz          Utilities Account Manager                 Achilles Information Ltd
Worth         Les          UK Sales Manager                          Tadiran Batteries GmbH         -    2a
Wrench        Nicola       Information Systems Manager               Nomenca                        1a   2a
Zelenovic     Peter        Qual&Env Mgr                              Morrison Utility Services      1b   2b

Updated 04/06/08

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