Dear Sirs, This letter sets out Post Office Limiteds response to by etssetcf


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									                                Our ref- Ofcom Response : Mis-selling Oct 09

Dear Sirs,

This letter sets out Post Office Limited’s response to the
Ofcom consultation: Protecting consumers from mis-selling of
fixed-line telecommunications services. Post Office Limited
welcomes the opportunity to respond to Ofcom’s consultation,
and agrees that changes are required to strengthen existing
regulations in order to address ongoing consumer harm.

Post Office Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Mail
Group Limited, operating the nationwide network of Post Office
outlets. Post Office outlets provide a range of essential
services including Post Office HomePhone® and Broadband for
residential consumers, posting of letters and postal packets,
pension and benefit payments, banking facilities and bill
payments. Many of these services provide essential support for
socially excluded groups.

Post Office HomePhone® and Broadband services are supplied on
a fully managed basis; meaning that although Post Office
Limited owns the customer relationships with subscribers, the
underlying service delivery infrastructure is provided by a
third party.

Post Office Limited supports clarification and simplification
of regulations in order to ensure consistency across the
industry, but clear guidelines and appropriate training would
be necessary for implementation.

Post Office Limited’s own internal process is to monitor 100%
of mis-selling allegations and 'cancel other' orders. Post
Office Limited believes that its processes and procedures make
it a market leader in the prevention of slamming. Currently,
all of Post Office Limited's sales calls are recorded and
stored for 60 days. Should regulation change, Post Office
Limited would be forced to undertake significant further
development of its systems and processes, which would be
unnecessarily time-consuming and costly.

Therefore, until Ofcom mandates the changes and provides
further information on the scope of the requirements, Post
Office Limited cannot support an implementation period of only
one month. If significant system development or changes are
required, Post Office Limited believes that a reasonable time
frame to implement them across its operations could require 12
to 18 months.
Should you have any questions relating to any part of this
response, please do not hesitate to contact me at or on 07801 093603.

Yours Sincerely,

Shirley Hailstones
Telecoms Compliance Specialist
Post Office Limited
9th October 2009

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