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					                                                          ‘This concept is one of the finest promotions
                                                                      of serious Biblical and Theological
                                                                    scholarship that i know in existence

                                                               today. You are to be congratulated for its
                                                          conception and for carrying out a format that

            For more details, including                     already has had a great impact on the lives
             application, please visit                      of Christian thinkers and earnest believers,                       not to mention the wonderful engagement of
                                                                                     the scholarly world.’
                                                                                         DR. WaLTeR C. KaiseR
                                                                               President emeritus of gordon-Conwell
                                                                                          Theological seminary, Usa

SPEakErS                                                  FEES                                                           Christian heritage Cambridge summer sChools 2010

ChriS Wright                                              CambridgE SummEr SChool oF thEology
Chris Wright studied Classics and                                                residential       non-residential
Theology at Cambridge. his doctorate                      regular                £495              £315
was later published as God’s People in                    student                £220              £150
God’s Land. a man with many strings
to his bow, Chris spent some years                        introduCtion to aPologEtiCS
as a school teacher, taught the Old Testament in                         residential non-residential
india, was Principal of all nations Christian College     regular        £465        £300
for eight years, and has now been ordained in the         student        £200        £135
Church of england. in 2001 he was appointed as the
international Director of the Langham Partnership
                                                          Both courses will be held at Westminster College, close
international. he and his wife Liz have four children
                                                          to the heart of Cambridge and set in secluded gardens.
and six grandchildren. They live in London and share
                                                          To encourage discussion and interaction, fees for all
in the ministry of all souls Church, Langham Place.
                                                          participants include a packed lunch and evening meal
                                                          in the hall. Residential accommodation is in college,
andrEW FElloWS                                            and includes breakfast.
andrew Fellows is the director of the
english L’abri, an organisation that
seeks to reconcile loving hospitality with
the intellectual pursuits of Christian
faith. he and his wife helen have lived                   ChRisTian heRiTage, Round Church Vestry,
with the L’abri community in hampshire since 1995.        Bridge street, Cambridge, CB2 1UB, UK
Prior to this, he worked as a pastor in the north         +44 1223 311602
of england, where he and helen welcomed local   
students into their home. he is also the father of four
children - nathan, sarah, Calvin and hope.                Registered Charity no. 1076750 ~ 501 (c)(3) exemptions apply
                               5th–10th July 2010                                             12th–17th July 2010

                               thE                                                            FaCing
                               doCtrinE oF                                                    ChallEngES to
                               thE grEat                                                      ChriStianity in
                               CommiSSion                                                     thE 21St CEntury
                               Cambridge summer school of Theology                            introduction to apologetics

and makE                       csst seeks to rekindle an excitement about ‘Big                this course builds the necessary foundations to

                               Picture’ theology – the ‘height, depth and breadth’ of         equip us for the task of engaging people with the
                               the christian view of reality laid out through the pages       gospel. andrew Fellows will be leading the course.
                               of scripture.
                                                                                              We begin by looking at ourselves as apologists.
                               Most Christians would agree that mission is biblically
                               based. however, what is less often recognised is that the      Topics include:
                               Bible itself is a witness to, and product of, the mission of     • a commitment to the full Lordship of Christ
        ‘it was very good      god. how might recognising this affect the way we think          • The importance of the Christian mind
                               and act?                                                         • What it means to believe that Christianity is true
    for me to have a set
                               Chris Wright, author of ‘The Mission of god’, will be          Building on this, we will examine what it means to
        period of intense      digging down into the Bible’s wide-ranging teaching            engage others.
    study on one aspect        on the subject and addressing some of the practical
                                                                                              Topics include:
         of Christian life.’   questions and struggles common to all Christians who
                                                                                                • What does it mean to engage the whole person?
                               want to practice the mission more effectively.
                                                                                                • The relationship between faith and reason
            ‘Encouraging,       •    What is the scope and scale of god’s mission?              • alternative worldviews and how to engage them
              instructing,      •    What does the mission of god’s people include?             • Cultural apologetics
                                •    is mission only for ‘missionaries’?                        • Key contemporary questions
               equipping.’      •    how does a missional framework of thinking affect          • Jesus as the model apologist
                                     the way we read the whole Bible?
              CssT 2009                                                                       After each lecture there will be significant time given for
                                •    What does the Old Testament have to contribute to
                                                                                              questions and open discussion.
                                     our understanding and practice of mission?

       ‘it gave me more        CssT is designed for those who would like to deepen
         tools to be open      their understanding of the central beliefs of Christianity.
                               The course is not for specialists or theologians yet it will
         about my faith.’      assume a basic grasp of and grounding in the faith.

          introduction to

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