How exciting, our firstly quarterly news letter This is where we by alendar


How exciting, our firstly quarterly news letter This is where we

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									How exciting, our firstly quarterly news letter. This is where we need to get
some feedback on what would give you the most information on Child Restraints.
Firstly, let me give you one of the reasons why this family based business
believes it is important your precious children should be correctly restrained
when travelling in a motor vehicle.
It goes back to the 1970’s when little or nothing had been set in place to protect
children whilst travelling in a motor vehicle. Here we are the proud parents of a
beautiful little girl and we had done all those things in preparation readying
ourselves for the big arrival. Although money was tight, our aim was to give her
the best we could possibly afford. We may have borrowed and used some
second hand items but she did look beautiful when we placed her in her
bassinet, covered her with a net and placed her on the back seat of our
Kingswood station wagon to bring her home. I shudder at the thought how
dangerous this was, but I thought we were doing what was best.
It was 1/7/1976 when Australian Design Rules provision, ADR34, for child
restraint points in sedans. Station Wagons and vehicles with folding seats on
1/1/1977, People Movers (up to 9 seats) on 1/1/1986 and 4 x 4 vehicles on
1/7/1990. As time went on and we became aware of the new implementations,
we purchased a car seat. Adhering to the recommendation of where to place the
seat, we installed the seat, in the middle of the second row bench seat. Child
restraints have improved dramatically since the 70’s but we had no secure
anchorage point in the good old Kingswood. Our seat was on a metal frame
which fitted between the back and the base of the seat in an attempt to secure
the seat from moving around.
Traffic was far from what we experience today. You may consider you are an
exceptional safe driver but can you say that of another driver. Our daughter was
about 8 months old and we were travelling in the sturdy old Kingswood to visit
friends when a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction veered onto the wrong
side of the road. Quickly thinking, Barry steered the car towards the edge of the
road and ended up taking most of the impact himself. The impact dislodged the
child restraint from its supposedly secure position, hitting the front seat and
ending up in the rear of the station wagon near the tail gate.
We were uninjured to speak of, and quickly attempted to check on our baby. She
had remained strapped in the restraint but was terribly frightened by the ordeal.
The police arrived and the other driver had been drinking! Holding my crying
child, the police officer noticed a trickle of blood in the corner of her mouth and
rushed us to the hospital with sirens blaring. The emergency staff, at RBWH, was
great and after a full check including x-rays, no internal bleeding could be found
and she was released into our care.
RBWH ask us to be part of an ongoing survey into vehicle accidents involving
children and we participated for several years.
We all recovered from the trauma of the accident but little did we know, this
event was going to play a much bigger role in our lives. Today, we can offer
every parent/carer, the knowledge that we are dedicated to the correct
installation of your child restraint.

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