Customer Service Officer May 07 JD + PS + Applicant Comps JOB

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					                            JOB DESCRIPTION

POST:                             Customer Services Officer – Fixed Term
                                  6 months

SALARY:                           Level 3 salary min £17458 (£8729) – mid
                                  £18711 (£9355)
                                  (Part time Mon, Tues & Wed AM)

RESPONSIBLE TO:                   Assistant Area Manager

Overall Purpose:

To provide an effective and efficient customer focused service.

To take ownership of customer enquires, to manage and monitor the
response to enquiries to ensure a satisfactory outcome is achieved for the

To manage the reception function on behalf of the Area Manager, and
manage office administration on behalf of the Area Team.

Key Achievement Areas:

     1.    To receive customer’s enquiries in person, by telephone or via
           electronic communication, with the aim of resolving all enquires at
           the initial time of contact.
     2.    To achieve a prompt service by giving appropriate advice and
           support to the customers and instigate action on their behalf
           confirming the outcome meets the satisfaction of the customer.
     3.    To always act in the best interests to find the best solution to their
     4.    Where customer enquires cannot be resolved on first enquiry to
           act as an advocate on the customers behalf especially when
           liaising with other members of the Area Team and other staff of
           Halton Housing Trust. To monitor the agreed outcome of the
           enquiry to ensure service is delivered as promised.
     5.    To co-ordinate with the Estate Management Officers and other
           staffing the Area Team to provide a seamless pro-active customer
           focussed service.

Customer Service Officer May 07 JD + PS + Applicant Comps
     6.    To deal with initial enquiries regarding nuisance neighbour and
           anti-social behaviour in with Nuisance Neighbour Policy. Explain
           options available and dependent upon circumstances liaise with
           Housing Officer, Nuisance Neighbour Officer and Assistant Area
           Manager to progress action.
     7.    Assist with the reception of people threatened or actually made
           homeless. Complete the necessary documentation, and liaise
           with the Homeless Officer.
     8.    In liaison with the Assistant Manager to ensure that all
           administrative tasks are completed and also monitor workloads to
           ensure priorities are met and the objectives of HHT are met.
     9.    To maintain all records of contact with customers, HHT staff and
           other organisations.
     10.   Assist all staff in the Area Team by providing information which
           can enable them to deal and respond to all written and other
     11.   To maintain all appropriate records and information systems
           relating to new tenancies, lettings visits, homeless applicants and
           nuisance neighbour reports.
     12.   To develop and sustain measure of levels of customer satisfaction
           and to work with other staff to undertake regular monitoring to
           assess if satisfaction levels achieved.
     13.   To receive and verify information on housing benefit forms and
           supporting documentation.
     14.   No job profile can cover every issue which may arise within the
           post at various times and the post holder will be expected to carry
           out other duties from time to time.

Signed by post holder: …………………………………

Signed by Director/Manager: ………………………………………

Date: ………………………………………….

Customer Service Officer May 07 JD + PS + Applicant Comps
Person Specification

Job Title:           Customer Services Officer

Responsible to:      Assistant Area Manager

                                                                   Essential   Desirable
5 GCSE’s A-C or equivalent or able to demonstrate relevant
Studying for CIOH or equivalent
Work Experience / Job Skills & Knowledge
12 months experience of working within social housing
Experience of dealing with customer enquires face to face,
by telephone or in writing.
Experience of working for a Local Authority or other similar
Working knowledge of void management process.
Knowledge of estate management issues.
Keyboard skills and knowledge of windows software.
Knowledge of good practice in housing management
Knowledge of Academy of System.
Communication Skills
Able to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing
Personal Qualities
Ability to work unsupervised.
Ability to work with other Departments / Agencies
Awareness and understanding of effective customer care.
Ability to prioritise workloads.
Ability to work in a team.
Strong organisation skills.
Ability to cope with a variety of stressful situations including
Understanding of the need for diplomacy and
Clean current driving licence / car owner.

Customer Service Officer May 07 JD + PS + Applicant Comps
                          CORE COMPETENCIES

                     CUSTOMER SERVICES OFFICER

                       Commitment to the Organisation
                                              Why it is important?
The ability to demonstrate               Company loyalty and integrity are
understanding of and commitment to       important in ensuring that employees can
the organisation and its vision and      be confident that the organisation in
values. It is about working with         which they work is operating in a positive
consistency, integrity and               and ethical way and delivers excellent
accountability.                          services to customers.

                        Communicating and Influencing
                                               Why it is important?
The ability to communicate clearly and   Effective communication and influencing
effectively with a diverse range of      skills are the key to creating and
people and take account of their         maintaining sustainable relationships at
views. Uses well reasoned arguments      all levels, both internally and externally.
to convince and persuade where           This will lead to a high quality and
necessary to achieve a win-win           accessible service..

                                Customer Focus
                                                   Why it is important?
Customer focus is the commitment to      All employees must demonstrate a full
putting customers first and ability to   understanding of customer needs and
deliver a consistently high quality      expectations to enable the effective
service                                  delivery and development of appropriate
Customers are both internal (i.e.        quality services which exceed customer
colleagues) and external (i.e. the       expectations.
community, tenants/service users or
other organisations).

                               Embracing Change

Customer Service Officer May 07 JD + PS + Applicant Comps
                                                      Why it is important?
The ability to plan for, adapt to and       The ability of employees to adapt to
work with a variety of situations,          changing demands and work, now and in
individuals and groups. It is having a      the future, is crucial in delivering a high
positive attitude to change and the         performing service.
ability to identify opportunities to
improve performance.

                              Equality and Diversity
                                                  Why it is important?
The recognition and valuing of              We are all representatives of our
difference in the broadest sense. It is     organisation. All employees need
about creating a working culture and        equality and diversity competence to
practices that recognise, respect,          engage creatively and effectively with
value and harness diversity for the         each other, our customers and our
benefit of the organisation and all         partners, and to ensure compliance with
individuals.                                legislation.

                                                      Why it is important?
Leadership is the clear setting of goals    We need individuals across the
and objectives linked to the                organisation need to demonstrate
organisation’s vision. It is also about     positive leadership qualities to motivate
encouraging, supporting and inspiring       and     support   others     to  achieve
others to develop confidence,               organisational, team and personal
capability and to realise their full        objectives.

                                   Team Working
                                                       Why it is important?
Uses interpersonal skills to work co-          To ensure that people work co-
operatively with colleagues, internal and      operatively together sharing best
external partners, working pro-actively        practice, breaking down departmental
across cultures and organisational             barriers and communicating fully on
boundaries, sharing information, new           new       initiatives to     achieve
knowledge, innovation and ideas.               organisational goals.

                        Working Efficiently and Effectively
                                                   Why it is important?
Producing high quality services which        To deliver products and services which
offer best value within the agreed           are creative, innovative and culturally

Customer Service Officer May 07 JD + PS + Applicant Comps
timeframe irrespective of obstacles.     appropriate. It is making changes that
Being creative and practical in          increase the efficiency and effectiveness
developing new ways of working.          of our work and of the organisation.

Customer Service Officer May 07 JD + PS + Applicant Comps

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