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					                        Sound Surfer // Sound Surfer Kiosk
Sound Surfer // Sound Surfer Kiosk

                                     Sound Surfer & Sound Surfer Kiosk
                                     The Sound Surfer jukebox range is the most popular digital jukebox solution in
                                     the UK. Based on Sound Leisure’s proven technology and available in either
                                     wall mounted jukebox or space saving kiosk style cabinets these products are
                                     brimming with features designed to attract plays.

                                     Our Digital Audio jukebox range benefits from great features such as a user-
                                     friendly touch screen interface, 10 programmable background music timers
                                     with beats per minute control, categorised music genres, all the latest chart hits
                                     and a track load time of milliseconds.

                                     For the operator all aspects of the units are programmable through the simple touch
                                     screen instructions (eg. Price of play, BGM timers, happy hour, time and date etc.)
                                     and all Sound Leisure’s Digital jukeboxes exploit the additional revenue stream
                                     provided by on screen advertising. This utilises the jukebox touch screen as an
                                     advertising screen which can display any type of content as an attract mode advert.

                                     ° Choose from either space saving Kiosk or wall mounted jukebox style cabinet
                                     ° Also available in Starlite jukebox style cabinet
                                     ° CD-ROM based track download. Alternative remote delivery options available.
                                     ° Includes Sound Leisure’s Intelligent Music Management system (IMMS)
                                     ° All the latest tracks available, often before general public release
                                     ° On-screen advertising capability
                                     ° Simple to use touch screen interface for customers and engineers
                                     ° Comprehensive data management system, data retrieval via telephone line or
                                       floppy disk
                                     ° Comprehensive range of remote selectors available
                                     ° DJ console available to utilise jukebox tracks when machine is disabled for
                                       special events - call for details.
                                     ° Key switch control disables jukebox during special events

                                                Weight: 120 Kg                          Weight: 80 Kg

                                                           SOUND LEISURE LTD
                                                           39 Ings Road, Leeds, Yorkshire LS9 9EW England
                                                           T: 44 (0) 113 2175000 F: 44 (0) 113 2175003 E:


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