Hi Pete, Thanks so much for all your hard work on our fantastic

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					   Hi Pete,

   Thanks so much for all your hard work on our fantastic new web site; I can’t tell you the difference it has
   made to the traffic we are getting. We can now update information daily to keep our customers informed
   and they are coming back to the site more regularly. We are currently getting 1.6 visits per person; that’s a
   great improvement from 1.1

   I thought it would be good for you to get some feedback so future customers can see the benefits of your

       •      The thing I love the most is the admin page you built, I can now change both data and lay out of the
              site in just a few minutes. We change it around at least once a week to keep it looking fresh and it’s
              so easy. Our customers have given us feedback that the new site is more dynamic and easy to
              navigate around.
       •      Your custom work on building the changeable boxes on the home page allows me to promote
              services for that week/month and get specials on the home page for maximum exposure. I can now
              sell some of those spots for advertising, the site will pay it’s self off in 6 months
       •      I really appreciated your creative ability, as I initially felt lost as to the design and layout; I just had
              to show you the sites I liked and you did the rest from there. Your end product surpassed my
       •      I also appreciated your flexibility to work around my limited contact time, and working mainly from
              emails was great for me.
       •      I also appreciated your patients to change and add content, as I kept changing my mind. The sites
              content is vital to our business and you respected that and also advised me on how to maximise
              search engine hits. I totally contribute this to our increase of traffic and business.
       •      I also think the little things that you have added in are great, like the ever changing photo’s on all
              pages, again making it more dynamic, newsletter option, The photo gallery is a great hit with our

   So thanks again Pete, I really appreciate all the hours you spent on the web site; I couldn’t be more pleased
   with the site and I know it is helping our business grow. For such a computer illiterate person you have
   made the project very enjoyable; the only thing is I spend more time on the PC now.

     Dereck Crook
     1 November 2008
     Fifth Gear Motorsports
     M: 0432 980715


P.O Box 3415 WESTON ACT 2611  Ph: 0432 980 715  Web: www.fifthgear.com.au  Email: mail@fifthgear.com.au

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