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					                                            Luis Alberto Añez Saavedra
                 92 Harcourt Rd SW, Calgary, Alberta – Canada. Ph: +(403) 252-9443, Zip Code T2E3V1
Agricultural engineer zootechnical, with specialization in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, Post Graduate Degree
in Project Evaluation, and a Master`s in Business Administration. Analysis work carried out in Financial Feasibility Studies,
Risk Assessment and Investment Projects; solid track record with proven skill and performance in Hierarchical
Management. Oriented to obtaining results, based on my own initiative; disciplined, with strong values and integrity.
Highly analytical interpretation and management of financial statements, with skills for diagnosis and screening of
companies, which turned into a career for many years. Special capability of successfully performing under adverse
Looking for challenges in institutions with a strong leadership projection, with staff having integrity, knowledge and
experience; which attaches a high value on achieving the goals of both the company and the individual.
Analysis: Financial analysis, budget and risk analysis of financial indicators, cash flows, balance sheets and statements
of income; evaluation of completed project; Strategic Planning.
Credits: Determination of financial needs, appropriate terms and conditions and negotiations.
Assessment and Control: Analysis of market, liquidity and sensitivity in the flow, control and monitoring.
Negotiations: Analysis and evaluation of intelligence information, debt consolidation and negotiations.
Teamwork: Ability in interpersonal relations and leadership.
                                              TRAINING AND EFFORTS MADE
2006 - Current.
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Responsible for the organization and implementation of projects for the Marketing of
Agricultural Chemicals to Private Businesses engaged in Agricultural Production, Livestock and Foreign Trade. Project
Development, establishment of procedural manuals, marketing channels and distribution networks. I am currently working
in the area of implementation of projects.
2003 to 2006.
MANAGER OF RISK Fassil S.A. Promoted to head the department most sensitive to the operation of the organization,
with civil and administrative responsibilities within the board of Top Management. In charge of managing credit risk,
liquidity and market, according to rules and regulations of the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions;
assessment and intervention in financial operations, responsible for assessing exposure to assume risk.
MANAGER credit risks Fassil S.A. Head of Credit Risk Department of the Institution. Performed validation, verification,
and analysis of information proposed by the commercial department, prior to issuing an opinion to consideration of
applications for loans.
MANAGER - CORCRUZ SRL Fassil S.A. Subsidiary Recovery of bad debts. Managed portfolios of small and medium
producers with the greatest economic and financial difficulties.
1998 to 2003.
BUSINESS AND BUSINESS ADVICE. Performed financial consulting for clients of medium-sized and small companies,
with a focus on strategic planning and building the structure of their debt, as well as investment analysis.
1989 to 1998.
MANAGER I. SANTA CRUZ BANK SA Head of Credit Development (USS 110M) and customer prospecting. I also
performed as a liaison to the bank's international financing agencies.
MANAGER II. SANTA CRUZ BANK SA Manages a loan portfolio of USS 60M. Financial analysis, monitoring, control and
support for official credit. Senior accounts greatest negotiator and corporate finance.
SENIOR OFFICIAL OF CREDIT. SANTA CRUZ BANK SA Financial analysis and evaluation, analysis of credits, and
coordination of external moorings, located at the branch's largest bank (USS 45M).
JUNIOR OFFICER OF CREDIT. SANTA CRUZ BANK SA Responsible for financial analysis and project evaluations
(USS 30M); coordination of agencies and branches with funding for local and external resources.
SENIOR FIELD INSPECTOR. SANTA CRUZ BANK SA A charge of the technical assessment, economic and financial
projects, and then to ensure the proper investment of resources. Total: USS 10M.
INSPECTOR OF JUNIOR CAMP. SANTA CRUZ BANK SA Responsible for field inspection, monitoring and control of
the customer. (USS 7M).
MBA. Master en Administración de Empresas. Universidad NUR. Bolivia. 2004.
PBD. Post grado en Evaluación de Proyectos. Universidad Gabriel R. Moreno. Bolivia. 1991.
BS. Bachelor of Science. Agribusiness and Ag. Economics. Zamorano. Honduras. 1989.
AS. Associate of Science. Agronomy. Zamorano. Honduras. 1987.
                                                    COURSES AND SEMINARS
Good           Agricultural   First Bolivian Congress on   Workshop            on Leading to       Serve. Leadership: Purpose
Practices Marketing of        Asian     Soybean    Rust.   Environmental     Risk 2008                    company. 2007
Pesticides. 2008              2008                         Assessment. 2008
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                              models for an Efficient      Management. 2004       2004
                              Management of Financial
                              Risks 2005
Strategic Planning 1999       Control 1999             Administration of Human      Managerial               Marketing      Management
                                                       Resources. 1999              Administration. 1999     1999.
Production Management. Quality and Competition. Leadership                    and   Administration Credits   Credit Risk Management.
1998                       1997                        Teamwork. 1996               Problems of 1994         1994
Agronomists            and Accounting 1992             Financial Analysis. 1992     Financial                Agricultural Projects 1991
Development. 1993                                                                   Management. 1992
Project Evaluation. 1991   Evaluation of Ag. Projects. Enterprise Surroundings      Enterprise    Design,    Credit Management. 1990
                           1991                        1991                         selection         and
                                                                                    evaluation of Projects