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					Microsoft Word XP/2003 – Level 2 (Intermediate)       Dr. Richard Clark (IT + Web Support Trainer)
Staff Development Office – University of London               

                  Microsoft Word XP/2003
                  - Level 2 - Intermediate -

                                  Course Description.
              This course is designed to provide staff with intermediate skills in the
              use of Microsoft Word. You will be shown tools and techniques to
              create structured documents, use styles, apply graphics, incorporate text
              boxes, manipulate table data, mail-merge data and secure information.
              You will build upon the combination of useful techniques throughout the
              course as new aspects are introduced in each section

You will learn many aspects of using Microsoft Word, including:
                         Selecting different views.
                         Adding page and section breaks.
                         Creating multiple column layouts.
                         Inserting a watermark.
                         Text formatting and effects.
                         AutoCorrect, AutoFormat & AutoText.
                         Insert/delete/move/resize text boxes.
                         Text box orientation, formatting and linking.
                         Paragraph and page borders
                         Shading and highlighting.
                         Widow and Orphan controls.
                         Creating and applying styles using Outline view.
                         Merging, splitting & sorting table cells.
                         Applying calculations.
                         Converting text to a table.
                         Repeating table headings.
                         Inserting graphics and WordArt.
                         Using drawings, grouping, ungrouping & stacking.
                         Creating and deleting templates.
                         Mail Merge and the Mail Merge toolbar.
                         Adding/removing password protection.

             Participants should already have a good understanding of the basic
             elements of Microsoft Word as covered on the level 1 (basic) course
             (i.e., creating documents, editing text, formatting documents, using tabs,
             creating tables, importing graphics etc). This course will cover
             intermediate aspects of using Microsoft Word and also covers the first
             half of the ECDL Advanced syllabus for the Word Processing module.

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