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					                      SOUND ARCHIVE COLLECTION GUIDES
                      DRAMA AND LITERATURE

                     Experimental Theatre and Live Art
                     Between 1985 and 1995 the Sound Archive made video recordings of performances
                     from the London International Festival of Theatre, Barclays New Stages and the ICA
                     Theatre. More recently, digital video documentation of performances of fringe theatre
                     and live art has taken place at London venues such as Battersea Arts Centre and the
                     Chelsea Theatre. In addition, a number of recordings have been donated by performers
                     and video makers.

                     Together with related television material recorded off air, these recordings form one of
                     the country's most comprehensive publicly accessible resources for the study of
                     contemporary creative practice in British and international theatre.

                     Companies and performers represented include Forced Entertainment, Marina
                     Abramovic, Ron Athey, Bobby Baker, Desperate Optimists, Gloria, Goat Island, Annie
                     Griffin, David Hoyle, Holly Hughes, Lumière & Son, Moti Roti, Reckless Sleepers, Station
                     House Opera and the Wooster Group.

                     What follows is a rough guide only to British Library documentation of a performance
                     sector with ever fluid and contended boundaries.

                     If a venue is listed the item is in most cases a unique live recording made by the British

                     Items listed are videos except where shaded. These are audio only recordings.

           Aaron Williamson                 The Holythroat Symposium                   ICA                        1993
           Action Hero                      History                                    Chelsea Theatre            2006
           Action Hero                      A Western                                  Chelsea Theatre            2009
           Adrian Sina                      Farafin a ni Toubabou DVD                                             2009
           Adventures in Motion             Town and Country                           Royal Court                1991
           Adventures in Motion             Swan Lake (BBC2)                                                      1996
           Adventures in Motion             South Bank Show (ITV)                                                 1997
           Adventures in Motion             The Car Man DVD                                                       2001
           Allan Kaprow                     How to Make a Happening (LP)                                          1966
           Alison Knowles                   Performance Saga. Interview 08 DVD                                    2008
           Amy Lame / Ruth Caddle           Gay Man Trapped in a Lesbian’s Body        ICA                        1994
           Ana Mendieta                     Selected Filmworks 1972-1981                                          2007
           Andrea Zapp / Various            StoryRooms DVD                                                        2006
           Ann Liv Young                    Various performances on 11 DVDs                                       2008
           Ann Liv Young                    Solo                                       BAC                        2009

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                                                                                   Sound Archive collection guides
                                                                                   Drama and literature

           Ann Liv Young                The Bagwell in Me                       BAC                       2009
           Anne Seagrave                Faith, Justice, Lust, Hope, Avarice …   Ferens Gallery, Hull      1995
           Anne Seagrave                Film & performance documentation
           Annie Griffin                Blackbeard the Pirate                   ICA                       1987
           Annie Griffin                The Deadly Grove                        BAC                       1988
           Annie Griffin                Almost Persuaded                        Chapter Arts, Cardiff     1989
           Annie Griffin                Skylark                                 ICA                       1991
           Annie Griffin                Headpieces (filmwork)                                             1992
           Annie Griffin                How to Act Better                       ICA                       1993
           Annie Griffin                Women Who Love Tom Jones (film)                                   1994
           Annie Griffin                It Is For My Mouth Forever              Royal Court               1995
           Annie Griffin / Gloria       Ariadne                                 QEH                       1990
           Annie Griffin / Touchdown    Shaker                                  ICA                       1992
           Badac Theatre Company        Whore                                   BAC                       2006
           Badac Theatre Company        Ashes to Ashes                          BAC                       2006
           Baked Bean Theatre           Big Mac                                 BAC                       2005
           Bak-Truppen                  Super-Per                               ICA                       1995
           Bette Bourne (contributor)   Under the Skin                          National Portrait         2009
           Blast Theory                 Stampede                                ICA                       1995
           Blast Theory                 Kidnap                                                            1998
           Blast Theory                 10 Backwards                         ICA                          1999
           Blast Theory                 Desert Rain                                                       2000
           Blast Theory                 Selected Works 1994-2000                                          2000
           Blast Theory                 Can You See Me Now DVD                                            2001
           Blast Theory                 Something American                                                1996?
           Blast Theory (Matt Adams)    Theatre/Non-Theatre (discussion)     Royal Court                  1996
           Blind Summit                 Low Life                             BAC                          2006
           Bobby Baker                  Drawing on a Mother's Experience                                  1990
           Bobby Baker                  Talk about work                      Serpentine Gallery           1991
           Bobby Baker                  Kitchen Show                                                      1991
           Bobby Baker                  How to Shop                                                       1993
           Bobby Baker                  Take a Peek                          Royal Festival Hall          1995
           Bobby Baker                  Talk on life and work                Courtauld Institute          2004
           Bobby Baker                  How to Live                                                       2005
           Bobby Baker                  Cook Dems                                                         1990?
           Bobby Baker                  Spitting Mad (BBC2)                                               1997?
           Bobby Baker                  Table Occasion #19                                                2000?
           Bobby Baker                  Box Story                                                         2000?
           Bobby Baker (contributor)    Theatre/Non-Theatre (discussion)     Royal Court                  1996
           Bodies in Flight             Flesh and Text - CD-ROM                                           2001
           Bow Gamelan Ensemble         The Navigators                       South Bank                   1989
           Bunty Matthias               Why the Caged Bird Sings             Serpentine Gallery           1993
           Carolee Schneemann           Fuses (1965 film). Video                                          1993
           Carolee Schneemann           Performance Saga. Interview 04 DVD                                2008
           Caroline Smith               Spank DVD                                                         2007
           Celavek Studio               Cinzano                              Almeida                      1989
           Cezary Tomaszewski           The Merry Widow                      Chelsea Theatre              2009
           Chameleons Group             Theatre in a Movie Screen CD-ROM                                  1999
           Chengdu Theatre Company      Ripples Across Stagnant Water        Riverside                    1993
           Chris Burden                 Documentation of selected works 1971-1974

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                                                                                  Sound Archive collection guides
                                                                                  Drama and literature

           Christoph Schlingensief     15 commercial DVDs incl.                                          2004-
                                       Schlingensief's Container                                         2009
           Chumpon Apisuk              Silence                                 PSI #12                   2006
           Cindy Cummings              Foidin Merathail                        ICA                       1994
           Cindy Cummings              I Luuv ‘merika, Goddaammit              ICA                       1994
           Cindy Oswin                 On the Fringe                           British Library           2006
           Cindy Oswin                 A Salon with Gertrude and Alice         British Library           2008
           Claire MacDonald (as        Beulah Land                             ICA                       1994
           Clanjamfrie                 Somewhere                               ICA                       1993
           Club Girrls                 Club Girrls                             ICA                       1994
           Cranky Disco                2019: Armageddon Out of Here            ICA                       1994
           Cupola Bobber               The man who pictured space from his     BAC                       2008
           Curious                     Essences of London DVD                                            2004
           Curious                     Lost & Found DVD                                                  2005
           Curious                     (be)longing DVD                                                   2007
           Curious                     the moment I saw you I knew I could     Chelsea Theatre           2009
                                       love you
           da da dUMB                  Listen with Da Da                       Serpentine Gallery        1993
           David Gale                  Vanity Play                             BAC                       2006
           David Gale                  Peachy Coochy Nites (with Sheila        BAC                       2009
                                       Ghelani and others)
           David Gale / Forced         A Peachy Coochy Afternoon at the        Riverside Studios         2008
           Entertainment / Adrian      Heart of Performance (with Tim
           Heathfield                  Etchells, Robert Pacitti, Ursula
                                       Martinez, Wendy Houston and
           David Hoyle                 The Divine David Presents (two                                    1998
                                       editions of Channel 4 TV show)
           David Hoyle                 Magazine. The Reprint DVD                                         2008
           David Hoyle (contributor)   Under the Skin                          National Portrait         2009
           David Hoyle                 On the Couch with David Hoyle           Chelsea Theatre           2009
           David Hoyle                 David Hoyle's Theatre of Therapy        Chelsea Theatre           2009
           David Izod                  The Teratoma Show                       ICA                       1994
           Denise Uyehara              Hello (Sex) Kitten                      ICA                       1994
           Derevo                      Untitled 'physical theatre'             Serpentine Gallery        1989
           Desperate Optimists         Hope                                    ICA                 1993
           Desperate Optimists         Hope                                    Nuffield, Lancaster 1994
           Desperate Optimists         Dedicated                               Glasgow             1995
           Desperate Optimists         Indulgence                              Arnolfini, Bristol  1996
           Desperate Optimists         Anatomy of Two Exiles                   P.S.122, New York   1996
           Desperate Optimists         Stalking Realness                       Rotterdam/Lancaster 1998
           Desperate Optimists         Club Scene (Torkradio broadcast)                            1998
           Desperate Optimists         play-boy                                Rottterdam          1999
           Desperate Optimists         Civic Life (DVD of seven short films)                       2006
           Desperate Optimists         Stalking Realness CD-ROM
           Dogs in Honey               Aliens 4                                ICA                       1992
           Dominic Johnson             Under the Skin (performs                National Portrait         2009
           (contributor)               Transmission)                           Gallery
           Donna Rutherford            Whole Truth and Nothing But             Royal Court               1995
           Doo Cot Theatre             Odd If You Dare                         Royal Court               1995

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                                                                               Sound Archive collection guides
                                                                               Drama and literature

           Doris Uhlich             SPITZE/TOE                              Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Dorothea Smartt          Medusa                                  ICA                       1994
           Druid Theatre Company    At the Black Pig's Dyke                 Tricycle                  1993
           DV8 Physical Theatre     Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men                                     1989
           DV8 Physical Theatre     Strange Fish (BBC2)                                               1994
           DV8 Physical Theatre     Enter Achilles                                                    1996
           DV8 Physical Theatre     The Cost of Living DVD                                            2004
           DV8 Physical Theatre     My Sex ... Our Dance
           Ecce Homo                Ten Worlds                              ICA                       1993
           Edward Lam Company       So Many Men, So Few Rooms               ICA                       1994
           Elia Arce                I Have So Many Stitches …               ICA                       1994
           En Garde Arts            Bad Penny                               Regents Park              1993
           Equaldoubt               Suffocation                             BAC                       2005
           Ernst Fischer            Tafelstueke                             ICA                       1994
           Esther Ferrer            Performance Saga. Interview 01 DVD                                2007
           Ethyl Eichelberger       Leer                                    ICA                       1987
           Ethyl Eichelberger       The Uproar Tapes LP                                               1986
           Eve Magyar               House of Deer                           BAC                       2006
           Fakir Musafar            South Bank Show: Body Art (ITV)                                   1998
           Forced Entertainment     300+ rehearsal and performance
           Forced Entertainment /   Two-day 20th anniversary symposium      Univ. of Lancaster        2004
           Forkbeard Fantasy        The India-Rubber Zoom Lens              ICA                       1993
           Forkbeard Fantasy        The Brittonioni Brothers                Royal Court               1996
           Franko B                 South Bank Show: Body Art (ITV)                                   1998
           Franko B                 Ego (talk with Dr, Seth Bhunnoo)        Old Operating Thtr.       2001
           Franko B                 I Miss You                              Tate Live Culture         2003
           Franko B                 Talk on life and work                   Courtauld Institute       2004
           Franko B                 I'm Thinking of You (version 2)         Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Franko B                 Post-show talk with Ron Athey           Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Gabriel Villela and      A Guerra Santa                          Riverside                 1993
           Gary Carter              Muster                                  ICA                       1994
           Gary Carter              Sport and Recreation                    ICA                       1994
           Gary Carter              The Pandora Effect (1st version)        Chelsea Theatre           2006
           Gary Carter              The Pandora Effect (2nd version)        Chelsea Theatre           2007
           Gary Carter              The Frozen Sea                          Chelsea Theatre           2007
           Gary Stevens             Sampler                                 ICA                       1995
           Gary Stevens             Robin Hood: the Stuff CD                                          2000
           Gary Stevens             Artists' Lives Oral History interview                             2006
           Gay Sweatshop            In Your Face                            ICA                       1994
           Geraldine Pilgrim        Handbag                                 BAC                       2009
           Gillian Dyson            Solace                                  ICA                       1993
           Gloria Theatre Co.       Lady Audley's Secret                    ICA                       1988
           Gloria Theatre Co.       A Vision of Love Revealed in Sleep      Drill Hall                1989
           Gloria Theatre Co.       Sarrasine                               Drill Hall                1990
           Gloria Theatre Co.       Let Them Call It Jazz                   Drill Hall                1991
           Gloria Theatre Co.       A Judgement in Stone                    Lyric, Hammersmith        1992
           Gloria Theatre Co.       Night After Night                       Brighton Festival         1993
           Goat Island              A New Performance (work in              Chelsea Theatre           2006
           Goat Island              The Lastmaker                           BAC                       2008

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                                                                                    Sound Archive collection guides
                                                                                    Drama and literature

           Gob Squad                     Gob Squad's Kitchen. DVD                                          2007
           Gob Squad                     King Kong Club. DVD                                               2007
           Gob Squad                     Room Service. DVD                                                 2007
           Gob Squad                     Prater Saga 3. DVD                                                2007
           Gob Squad                     Super Night Shot. DVD                                             2007
           Graeme Miller                 A Girl Skipping                         Royal Court               1991
           Graeme Miller                 The Desire Paths                        Royal Court               1993
           Graeme Miller                 Reconnaissance CD                                                 1998
           Graeme Miller (contributor)   1969/96 (discussion)                    Royal Court               1996
           Guillermo Gómez-Peña          The Couple in the Cage DVD                                        1993
           Guillermo Gómez-Peña          Ex-centris                              Tate Live Culture         2003
           Guillermo Gómez-Peña          Ethno-Techno (DVD compilation)                                    2004
           Guillermo Gómez-Peña          Mapa-Corpo                              PSI #12                   2006
           Guillermo Gómez-Peña          Border Art Clásicos (1990-2005). An                               2007
                                         Anthology of Collaborative Video
                                         Works. 4-DVD set
           Gut Reaction                  Mirjam                                  ICA                       1993
           H Patten                      Dis Ya Set Up                           ICA                       1994
           Haris Pasovic                 Sarajevo                                Riverside                 1993
           Hearts Reason                 Wilder Shores of Love                   ICA                       1993
           Heather Ackroyd               Oral History of British Photography                               2000
           Heiner Goebbels               The Thing Seen / The Thing Heard -      Central School of         2009
                                         Voices in 'Stifter's Dinge'. Talk at    Speech and Drama
                                         'Theatre Voice' conference
           Helena Hunter                 Tracing Shadows                         Chelsea Theatre           2006
           Helena Hunter                 dis-locate                              Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Hermann Nitsch                Various DVDs, videotapes and CDs
           Hey Ho Ma                     Reantasy in Blue / ***snowapunyuki      BAC                       2007
           Holly Hughes                  Clit Notes                              ICA                       1993
           I.O.U. Theatre                Autoperipatetikos                       Sloane Square             1995
           Ian Breakwell                 Vocals 4-CD set                                                   2003
           Ian Breakwell                 Artists' Lives Oral History interview                             2005
           Ian Breakwell                 Films 1973-2001 BFI DVD                                           2007
           Impact Theatre                Certain Scenes                          Edinburgh                 1981
           Impact Theatre                Songs of the Claypeople                 Essex University          1984
           Impact Theatre                The Carrier Frequency (extract only)
           Insomniac Productions         A Cursed Place                          ICA                       1993
           Jackie Curtis                 Glamour, Glory and Gold (1974) DVD                                2007
           Jake Oldershaw                Midland Aquaphiliacs                    BAC                       2006
           James Luna                    Four Ways                               Compton Verney            2005
           Jan Fabre                     Performing Arts / Visual Arts 2-DVD                               2002
           Jan Machacek                  you delay                               Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Janet Cardiff                 The missing voice (case study b)                                  1999
           Janine Antoni                 Lore and Other Convergences + talk      iniVA                     2006
           Jeremy Deller                 The Battle of Orgreave DVD                                        2006
           Jerzy Grotowski               Interview by Margaret Croyden                                     1970
           Jo Wynn / Simon               You, Me and Kylie                       ICA                       1993
           Joan Jonas                    Study of the Artist with Dog DVD                                  2006
           Joan Jonas                    Performance Saga. Interview 06 DVD                                2008

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                                                                                     Sound Archive collection guides
                                                                                     Drama and literature

           Johanna Went                  Club Years. DVD + CD set                                           2007
           John Collins (Elevator        Theatrical Sound Design - A Binary       Central School of         2009
           Repair Service)               Paradigm. Talk at 'Theatre Voice'        Speech and Drama
           John Fox (contributor)        Theatre/Non-Theatre (discussion)         Royal Court               1996
           John Maybury                  Read Only Memory (video collage                                    1998
                                         featuring Leigh Bowery and Michael
                                         Clark) video
           John N. Smith                 Meyhene                                  ICA                       1994
           Jon Haynes                    The Poof Downstairs                      BAC                       2009
           Joseph Chaikin / Open         Nightwalk video                                                    1974
           Joshua Sofaer                 What is Live Art? Video                                            2002
           Joshua Sofaer                 Namesake CD                                                        2004
           Joshua Sofaer / Uriel Orlow   Cockeyed video                                                     2000
           Julian Fox                    You've Got to Love Dancing to Stick      BAC                       2006
                                         to it
           Juwon Ogungbe                 Britiko                                  ICA                       1994
           Jyll Bradley                  Irene is Tied Up (w/ Concert             ICA                       1993
           Karen Finley                  Karen Finley Live DVD                                              2004
           Karen Finley (contributor)    The Uproar Tapes LP                                                1986
           Karen Finley (contributor)    Re/Search 'Pranks' video                                           1988
           Karen Finley (contributor)    Mondo New York video                                               1996
           Kate Bornstein                The Opposite Sex is Neither              ICA                       1993
           Kathy Rose                    Oriental Interplay                       ICA                       1993
           Kazuko Hohki                  Evidence for the Existence of the        BAC                       2006
           Kazuko Hohki                  My Husband is a Spaceman                 BAC                       2006
           Kazuko Hohki                  Toothless                                BAC                       2006
           Kazuko Hohki                  Oh Doh (1st version)                     Chelsea Theatre           2006
           Kazuko Hohki                  Oh Doh (2nd version)                     Chelsea Theatre           2007
           Keith Khan (contributor)      Investing in Innovation (discussion)     Royal Court               1995
           Ken Campbell                  IIlluminatus                             National Theatre          1977
           Ken Campbell                  The Warp                                 ICA                       1979
           Ken Campbell                  Pigspurt                                 National Theatre          1993
           Ken Campbell                  Furtive Nudist                           National Theatre          1993
           Ken Campbell                  Jamais Vu                                National Theatre          1993
           Ken Campbell                  Theatre Stories                          Royal Court               1996
           Ken Campbell                  Makbed                                   National Theatre          1998
           Ken Campbell                  Wol Wantok CD                                                      1999
           Ken Campbell                  History of Comedy. Part I:               National Theatre          2000
           Ken Campbell                  An Evening with Ken Campbell             British Library           2008
           Ken Campbell, Ionesco et al   End of the Absurd? (discussion)          Young Vic                 1988
           Kenneth Goldsmith             Sucking on Words DVD                                               2007
           Kevin O'Neill                 Trying To Keep My Clothes On             ICA                       1994
           La Gaia Scienza               Il Ladro di Anime (The Thief of Souls)                             1984
           La Ribot                      Panoramix                                Tate Live Culture         2003
           Lee and Dawes                 In the Ether                             Royal Court               1996
           Leibniz                       The Book of Blood                        PSI #12                   2006
           Leibniz                       The Book of Blood                        Chelsea Theatre           2008
           Leigh Bowery                  Legend of Leigh Bowery DVD                                         2004
           Leigh Bowery                  Mrs Peanut Visits New York (video)                                 2007

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                                                                            Sound Archive collection guides
                                                                            Drama and literature

           Leslie Hill              Aunt Bill                            ICA                       1994
           Libelula                 Geometry of the Naïve                ICA                       1993
           Liquid Theatre           Feeding Time                         BAC                       2005
           Lisa Watts               I Never Made it as a Sex Kitten      Serpentine Gallery        1993
           Lisa Wesley              Ice Fantasy                          ICA                       1994
           Lisa Wesley/Andrew       The Project                          PSI #12                   2006
           Living Theater           The Connection (film)                                          1961
           Living Theater           The Brig (film)                                                1964
           Living Theater           The Living Theater (documentary)                               1969
           Living Theater           Paradise Now (film version)                                    1970
           Living Theater           Signals Through the Flames                                     1983
           Lois Weaver              What Tammy Needs to Know             Chelsea Theatre           2008
           Lone Twin                Alice Bell                           BAC                       2006
           Lone Twin                Nine Years                           BAC                       2007
           Look Left Look Right     Yesterday Was a Weird Day            BAC                       2006
           Loophole Cinema          Loophole Cinema                      ICA                       1993
           Lumière & Son            Dogs                                                           1976
           Lumière & Son            Special Forces                                                 1976
           Lumière & Son            Icing                                                          1978
           Lumière & Son            Giants                               Birmingham Arts Lab       1979
           Lumière & Son            Glazed                               Chapter Arts, Cardiff     1979
           Lumière & Son            Jean Pool                            Oval House                1979
           Lumière & Son            String of Perils                     Albany Empire             1980
           Lumière & Son            Circus Lumière                       Wimbledon Art Sch.        1980
           Lumière & Son            Slips                                Wimbledon Art Sch.        1981
           Lumière & Son            Son of Circus Lumière                                          1982
           Lumière & Son            Appeal (Channel 4 TV)                                          1982
           Lumière & Son            Beauty and the Beast                                           1983
           Lumière & Son            Brightside                                                     1985
           Lumière & Son            Tip Top Condition                    Edinburgh                 1986
           Lumière & Son            Deadwood                             Kew Gardens               1986
           Lumière & Son            Entertaining Strangers                                         1986
           Lumière & Son            Panic                                Chapter Arts, Cardiff     1987
           Lumière & Son            Tip Top Condition                    Australia                 1988
           Lumière & Son            War Dance                            Nottingham Castle         1989
           Lumière & Son            Paradise                                                       1989
           Lumière & Son            Abduction                            ICA                       1992
           Lynel Gardner            Black Son, No Father                 ICA                       1994
           Mac Wellman              Terminal Hip                         Serpentine Gallery        1993
           Maly Drama Theatre       Gaudeamus                            Riverside                 1991
           Man Act                  Call Blue Jane                       ICA                       1992
           Marcia Farquhar/ Uriel   Walking, Talking, Living Yarn        around King's Cross       1999
           Marcus McLaughlin        GB Fluid                             ICA                       1994
           Marga Gomez              Memory Tricks                        ICA                       1994
           Marina Abramovic         In conversation with Stuart Morgan   ICA                       1992
           Marina Abramovic         Interview on MOMA exhib. (Audio      Oxford                    1995
           Marina Abramovic         Joseph Beuys Lecture (Audio Arts)    Oxford                    1995
           Marina Abramovic         Ego (talk with Professor Susan       Old Operating Thtr.       2001

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                                                                                    Sound Archive collection guides
                                                                                    Drama and literature

           Marina Abramovic              Marking the Territory. Irish Museum                               2001
                                         of Modern Art video
           Marina Abramovic              SSS (video with Charles Atlas, 1989)                              2007
           Marina Abramovic              Our City Dreams (documentary by                                   2008
           (contributor)                 Chiara Clemente about women artists
                                         in New York). DVD
           Marina Abramovic and Ulay     Performance Anthology - 7-video set
           Marisa Carnesky               Talk on life and work                   Courtauld Institute       2004
           Marisa Carnesky               Phenomena and her Charms                BAC                       2007
           Marisa Carnesky               Magic War                               Soho Theatre              2007
           Marisa Carnesky / Various     Surrealist Ball                         V&A                       2007
           Mark Long (contributor)       1969/96 (discussion)                    Royal Court               1996
           Martha Rosler                 Performance Saga. Interview 07 DVD                                2008
           Martha Wilson                 History of Performance Art... DVD                                 2007
           Martin Glynn                  Nuff Sed                                ICA                       1994
           Marty Pottenger               The Construction Stories                ICA                       1993
           Mary Duffy                    Stories of a Body                       ICA                       1994
           Mat Fraser                    Thalidomide!! A Musical                 BAC                       2006
           Mat Fraser / Various          Wrong Bodies (film for TV about ICA                               2000
           Matthew Howard                In Practice DVD                                                   2008
           Mayhew and Edmunds            The Dream Garden                        ICA                       1993
           Meline Danielewicz            Light House (1st version)               Chelsea Theatre           2006
           Meline Danielewicz            Light House (2nd version)               Chelsea Theatre           2007
           Mem Morrison                  Leftovers (1st version)                 Chelsea Theatre           2006
           Mem Morrison                  Leftovers (2nd version)                 Chelsea Theatre           2007
           Michael Atavar                Tiny Stars                              ICA                       1994
           Michael Clark (with his       Hail the New Puritan (film by Charles                             1986
           company and Leigh Bowery      Atlas) video
           and Mark E. Smith)
           Michael Clark (with his       Because We Must (film by Charles                                  1989
           company incl. Leigh           Atlas) video
           Michael Kearns                Intimacies                              ICA                       1993
           Mike Pearson                  Carrlands 3-CD set                                                2007
           Ming Wong                     Homofonia                               British Library           2005
           Monica Ross                   rightsrepeated                          PSI #12                   2006
           Monika Günther                Performance Saga. Interview 03 DVD                                2007
           Moti Roti                     Moti Roti, Puttli Chunni                Theatre Royal             1993
           Moti Roti                     Maa                                     Royal Court               1995
           Moti Roti                     Wigs of Wonderment CD-ROM                                         2002
           Nancy Reilly                  Assume the Position                     ICA                       1991
           Neil Bartlett (contributor)   Under the Skin                          National Portrait         2009
           New York City Players         Showy Lady Slipper                                                1999
           New York City Players         Drummer Wanted                          P.S. 122, New York        2001
           New York City Players         Caveman                                                           2001
           Nic Green                     Saccades                                BAC                       2006
           Nina Pope                     Anecdotal Evidence CD                                             2001
           Nina Pope and Karen           Bata-Ville DVD                                                    2005
           Nina Pope and Karen           Living with the Tudors DVD                                        2008
           NIE                           My Long Journey Home                    BAC                       2007

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                                                                                   Sound Archive collection guides
                                                                                   Drama and literature

           NIE                        Past Half Remembered                      BAC                       2007
           NIE                        The End of Everything Ever                BAC                       2007
           NVA                        Pain                                      Royal Court               1996
           Odin Teatret               23 performance and training videos
           Oleg Kulik                 Armadillo for Your Show                   Tate Live Culture         2003
           Oleg Soulimenko & Andrei   Made in Russia                            Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Ontroerend Goed            Once and For All ... We're Gonna Tell     BAC                       2008
                                      You Who We Are So Shut Up and
           Oreet Ashery               Welcome Home                              PSI #12                   2006
           Oreet Ashery               DVD anthology                                                       2007
           Orlan                      South Bank Show: Body Art (ITV)                                     1998
           Orlan                      Ego (talk with Professor Leslie Aiello)   Old Operating Thtr.       2001
           Pamela Sneed               Mayla Berry                               ICA                       1994
           Pandora Pop                So Darling, Are You Still Mourning?       BAC                       2007
           Patrizia Paolini / Adam    Words, Words, Words                       BAC                       2006
           Paul Granjon               Black Box Ni                              Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Paul Granjon               Hand-Made Machines. Book+ DVD                                       2007
           Pelican Players            Dear Cherry, Remember the Ginger          Battersea                 1985
           Peggy Phelan               Talk in F. Ent. 'Indoor Fireworks'        Riverside                 2004
           Peggy Shaw                 Menopausal Gentlemen                      BAC                       2007
           Penny Arcade               Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!               ICA                       1993
           People Show                The Solo Experience (People Show no.      Royal Court               1996
           Peter Brook                Conversations About Theatre                                         1973
           Peter Brook                The Empty Space (film)                                              1975
           Peter Brook                The Mahabharata (film, C4 broadcast)                                1989
           Peter Brook                Brook by Brook / Hamlet DVD set                                     2001
           Phelim McDermott           Re-wiring / Re-writing Theatre            Riverside                 2006
           (contributor)              (discussion)
           Philip Jeck                Vinyl Requiem                             ICA                       1993
           Propeller                  The World Rushed In                       BAC                       2005
           Propeller                  We Are the Rivers We Swim Through         BAC                       2005
           Proto-type Theatre         About silence                             BAC                       2008
           Rabih Mroué                Looking for a missing employee            PSI #12                   2006
           Rachel Gomme               Audience. A Collection of Silences CD                               2006
           Raimund Hoghe              Meinwarts                                 ICA                       1995
           Raimund Hoghe              Throwing the body into the fight          Courtauld Institute       2004
           Raimund Hoghe              Lettere Amorose (short film) DVD                                    2004
           Rajni Shah                 Dinner with America DVD                                             2008
           Rajni Shah                 Small Gifts: Tea                          Chelsea Theatre           2008
           Rebecca Louise Collins     Untitled                                  PSI #12                   2006
           Reckless Sleepers          Showreel/Parasite/Shakespeare                                       1997
           Reckless Sleepers          Schrödinger's box                                                   1998
           Reckless Sleepers          GB Bill                                                             1998
           Reckless Sleepers          In the Shadow                                                       1999
           Reckless Sleepers          Terminal                                                            2003

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                                                                                  Sound Archive collection guides
                                                                                  Drama and literature

           Reckless Sleepers           The Last Supper                                                   2004
           Reckless Sleepers           Spanish Train                           BAC                       2007
           Richard DeDomenici          Did Priya Pathak Ever Get Her Wallet    BAC                       2006
           Richard DeDomenici          Fame Asylum                             PSI #12                   2006
           Richard DeDomenici          Normalisation of Deviance DVD                                     2007
           Richard DeDomenici          Culturail                               Chelsea Theatre           2008
           Richard DeDomenici          PLAGIARISMO!                            Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Richard Foreman             Foreman Planet (interview) DVD                                    2003
           Richard Foreman             Working with Richard Foreman DVD                                  2006
           Richard Maxwell             Re-wiring / Re-writing Theatre          Riverside                 2006
           (contributor)               (discussion)
           Richard Schechner / Perf.   Dionysus in '69 (B. De Palma fim)                                 1970
           Group                       DVD
           Ridiculusmus                Yes, Yes, Yes                           BAC                       2005
           Robert Lepage               The 7 faces of Robert Lepage (doc.)                               1997
           Robert Pacitti Company      Geek                                    ICA                       1994
           Robert Wilson               The Making of a Monologue                                         1995
           Robert Wilson               H.G. (film by Mike Figgis)                                        1998
           Ron Athey                   4 Scenes in a Harsh Life                ICA                       1994
           Ron Athey                   Hallelujah! (documentary) DVD                                     1998
           Ron Athey                   South Bank Show: Body Art (ITV)                                   1998
           Ron Athey                   Ron's Story (track on Bast CD)                                    2000
           Ron Athey                   Talk on life and work                   Courtauld Institute       2005
           Ron Athey / Various         Monster in the Night of the Labyrinth                             2007
           Ron Athey / Dominic         Incorruptible Flesh (first version)     Chelsea Theatre           2006
           Ron Athey / Dominic         Incorruptible Flesh (second version)    Chelsea Theatre           2007
           Ron Vawter                  Citizen Cohn & Jack Smith               ICA                       1993
           Ronald Fraser-Munro         Hey Up, Oswald                          ICA                       1993
           Ronald Fraser-Munro         Dockter Qua? Media-Show                 British Library           1999
           Rose English                Moses                                                             1987
           Rose English                Walk on Water                           Hackney Empire            1988
           Rose English                The Double Wedding                      Royal Court               1991
           Rose English                My Mathematics                          Brighton Festival         1993
           Rose English                Venus and Vulcan                        Serpentine Gallery        1993
           Rose English                Tantamount Esperance                    Royal Court               1994
           Rose English                Ornamental Happiness                    Unity Theatre,            2006
           Rose English                Artists' Lives Oral History interview                             2006
           Rose English / Ian Hill     Standing Room Only CD                                             1999
           Royal de Luxe               Roman - Photo Tournage                  Westminster               1989
           Royal de Luxe               The Sultan's Elephant                   London                    2006
           Sarah Jane Pell             Walking with Water DVD                                            2007
           Sarbijt Samra               Hysterical Asians                       ICA                       1994
           Semblance                   Obituary                                ICA                       1993
           Sheila Ghelani              White Squall (1st version)              Chelsea Theatre           2006
           Sheila Ghelani              White Squall (2nd version)              Chelsea Theatre           2007
           Sheila Ghelani              Grafting and Budding                    BAC                       2008
           Silke Mansholt              Welcome to the Real World (1st          Chelsea Theatre           2006

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           Silke Mansholt                 Welcome to the Real World (2nd          Chelsea Theatre           2007
           Silke Mansholt                 A German Grandchild's Funeral DVD                                 2007
           Simon Vincenzi                 Heartless                               ICA                       1993
           Societas Raffaello Sanzio      Tragedia Endogonidia 3-DVD + 1 CD                                 2007
           Special Guests                 This Much I Know (Part One)             BAC                       2005
           Springboard Theatre Co.        Journeys Among the Dead                 Riverside                 1987
           Sputnik Theatre                Russian National Mail                   BAC                       2006
           Stacy Makishi                  You Are Here... But Where Am I?         PSI #12                   2006
           Stacy Makishi                  Spoken word performance at 'Poet in     Guardian Newsroom         2008
                                          the City: New Audiences'
           Stacy Makishi                  STAY!                                   Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Stan's Cafe                    Ocean of Storms                         Royal Court               1996
           Stan's Cafe                    Simple Maths                                                      1997
           Stan's Cafe                    Good and True                           MAC, Birmingham           2000
           Stan's Cafe                    Lurid and Insane                        Nuffield, Lancaster       2001
           Stan's Cafe                    Be Proud of Me                          Lyric, Hammersmith        2004
           Stan's Cafe                    Home of the Wriggler                    BAC                       2009
           Station House Opera            The Bastille Dances                     South Bank                1989
           Station House Opera            Black Works                             ICA                       1991
           Station House Opera            The Oracle                              ICA                       1992
           Station House Opera            Mare's Nest DVD                         Nantes, France            2003
           Station House Opera            Roadmetal, Sweetbread DVD               Nevers, France            2005
           Stelarc                        Ego (talk with Professor Lewis          Old Operating Thtr.       2001
           Stelarc                        The Body is Obsolete DVD/CD-ROM                                   2005
           Steve Shill                    A Little Theatre                        ICA                       1993
           Steve Shill                    A Fine Film of Ashes                    ICA                       1993
           Steve Shill                    Face Down                               ICA                       1993
           Stuart Brisley                 Artists' Lives Oral History interview                             1996
           Stuart Brisley                 Stuart Brisley (documentary) DVD                                  2004
           Stuart Brisley (contributor)   1969/96 (discussion)                    Royal Court               1996
           Stuart Taylor / Shaheen        Forensic Fictions                       ICA                       1993
           Su Andi                        This is All I've Got to Say             ICA                       1993
           Su Andi                        The Story of M                          ICA                       1994
           Survival Research              Various DVDs and videotapes
           Susan MacWilliam               Installations documented on 12 DVDs                               2008
           Suzuki Company of Toga         The Trojan Women                        Riverside                 1986
           Taylor Mac                     The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac               BAC                       2007
           Teatr Nowy                     The End of Europe                       Lyric, Hammersmith        1985
           Tehching Hsieh                 One Year Performance 1980-1981                                    2006
           The Damned Lovely              Neglected English Monuments             ICA                       1991
           The Engine Room Theatre        Tales from Under the Bullet Train       ICA                       1993
           The Handsome Foundation        Legend                                  ICA                       1994
           The Handsome Foundation        The Fear Show                           Royal Court               1996
           The Hittite Empire             The Punic Wars                          ICA                       1994
           The Raven Group                Assimilation                            ICA                       1994
           Théâtre de Complicité          Please, Please, Please                  Almeida                   1988
           Théâtre de Complicité          My Army                                 Almeida                   1988

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           Théâtre de Complicité        Food of Love & Miss Donnithorne's         Almeida                   1988
           Théâtre de Complicité        More Bigger Snacks Now                    Almeida                   1988
           Théâtre de Complicité        Ave Maria                                 Almeida                   1988
           Théâtre de Complicité        Anything for a Quiet Life                 Almeida                   1989
           Théâtre de Complicité        The Phantom Violin                        Almeida                   1989
           Théâtre de Complicité        Mnemonic                                  National Theatre          2001
           Theatre de Cunt              Hitler Wrote 20 Pop Songs…                BAC                       2006
           Theatre Momzit               Empty Hands                               BAC                       2006
           Third Angel                  With the Light On                                                   1996
           Third Angel                  Shallow Water                                                       1999
           Third Angel                  Where From Here                                                     2001
           Third Angel                  3 Digital Shorts + Shallow Water                                    2001
           Third Angel                  Where From Here (music)                                             2001
           Third Angel                  Hang up documentation (full length                                  2001
           Third Angel                  Believe the Worst                                                   2002
           Third Angel                  Believe the Worst (music)                                           2002
           Third Angel                  9 Billion Miles From Home                 Chelsea Theatre           2006
           Thomas Desi                  Operation Orlac                           Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Thomas Frank (brut,          Performing the Real: A Lecture            Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Vienna)                      Demonstration
           Tim Brennan                  Auto                                      ICA                       1993
           Tim Etchells (contributor)   Investing in Innovation (discussion)      Royal Court               1995
           Tim Etchells (contributor)   Re-wiring / Re-writing Theatre            Riverside                 2006
           Tim Etchells / Adrian        Indoor Fireworks dialogues                Riverside                 2004
           Tim Etchells / Adrian        Somewhere Near Variety DVD                                          2006
           Tim Miller                   Naked Breath                              ICA                       1994
           Ulrike Rosenbach             Performance Saga. Interview 05 DVD                                  2008
           Uninvited Guests             It is Like it Ought to Be                 BAC                       2006
           Uzma Durrani                 Annunciation                              ICA                       1993
           Vaginal Davis                Talk on life and work                     Courtauld Institute       2005
           Vaishali Londhe              Shadowplay                                ICA                       1993
           Vaishali Londhe              Eligibly Yours                            ICA                       1994
           VALIE EXPORT                 Performance Saga. Interview 02 DVD                                  2007
           VALIE EXPORT                 3 Experimental Short Films. DVD                                     2008
           VALIE EXPORT                 Invisible Adversaries DVD                                           2008
           Vanishing Point              Lost Ones                                 BAC                       2005
           Various                      As She Likes It - Female Performance                                2008
                                        Art from Austria. DVD
           Various                      Liveartwork DVD vol. 1 to date
           Various                      Unfinished Histories (interviews with                               2008
                                        women theatremakers), DVD set
           Various / Co-Dir. Maria X    Intimacy: Across Visceral and Digital     Goldsmiths College        2007
           and Rachel Zerihan           Performance (incl. performances by
                                        Suka Off, Kelli Dipple, Ernesto
                                        Sarazale, Caroline Smith, Jaime del Val
                                        and others; papers by Amelia Jones,
                                        Dominic Johnson and others)
           Various / Donna Rutherford   Rearranging Realities DVD                                           2007

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           Various / Festival Dir.: R.    Spill Festival 2-day symposium          Soho Theatre              2007
           Various / Festival Dir.: R.    Spill Festival excerpts DVD                                       2008
           Various / LIFT                 Why Do We Play? (symposium)             Roundhouse                2002
           Various / Live Art Dev.        The Performance Pack                                              2004
           Various / Live Art Dev.        Live Culture DVD                                                  2004
           Various / Live Art Dev.        Everything You Wanted to Know                                     2007
           Agency                         About Live Art DVD
           Various / Live Art Dev.        Joining the Dots DVD                                              2008
           Various / Live Art Dev.        Documenting Live DVD                                              2008
           Various / Live Art Dev.        Everything You Still Wanted to Know                               2009
           Agency                         About Live Art DVD
           Various / Sacred festival      Performing the Real one-day             Chelsea Theatre           2009
           Volksbühne Theatr              Murx den Europäer!                      Three Mills Island        1995
           Wendy Houston                  Diary of a Dancer (film by David                                  1996
           Whalley Range All Stars        Clock of Conflict                       Sloane Square             1995
           Will Adamsdale / Chris         The Receipt                             BAC                       2005
           William Yang                   Sadness                                 ICA                       1995
           Wooster Group                  Magical Thinking                        Demarco Gallery           1987
           Wooster Group                  Brace Up! + post-show discussion        Riverside                 1993
           Wooster Group                  The Emperor Jones (BBC Radio)                                     1998
           Wooster Group                  The Emperor Jones - version for video                             1999
           Wooster Group                  Phedre (BBC Radio)                                                2000
           Wooster Group                  House/Lights 3-DVD set                                            2004
           Wooster Group / various        Two-day symposium                       Cochrane Theatre          2002
           Yara El-Sherbini               Universality Challenge                  Chelsea Theatre           2008

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