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He loves his ex-wife Angelina Jolie but hates Hollywood And birds


He loves his ex-wife Angelina Jolie but hates Hollywood And birds

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									                                                                  “I’ll write a screenplay
                                                                 again when I know I can
                                                                     control it,” says Billy
                                                                 Bob Thornton (in 2004),
                                                                        who won an Oscar
                                                                   for his screenplay for
                                                                        1996’s Slingblade.

 Billy BoB
mouths off
He loves his ex-wife Angelina Jolie but hates Hollywood. And birds chirping.
     What drives Hollywood’s most oddball actor, Billy Bob Thornton?

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                                                                                                  e was married to Angelina Jolie,        The rest of the world makes movies that              Are you friends with her partner, Brad Pitt?
                                                                                                  and they’re still best friends, but     actually mean something some of the time.            Oh, yeah. He’s a great guy, I love him.
                                                                                                  after five failed marriages, he no      I’m not a huge fan of the American movie             Are you superstitious?
                                                                                                  longer believes in matrimony.           business right now.                                  I have all these [bracelets] on my arms. Each
                                                                                                  He thinks Hollywood movies are          What kind of relationship do you have with           one represents something, so yeah, I am. My
                                                                                      “shit,” but continues to makes them (you            the internet, mobile phones and other                little girl [Bella] gave me this one. She saw it
                                                                                      can catch him now in Eagle Eye). Billy Bob          technologies?                                        in a shop and knows her dad wears bracelets,
                                                                                      Thornton, 53-year-old father of four (his           I don’t like all that stuff. I don’t like technol-   and I can never take it off now.
                                                                                      youngest is daughter Bella, 4, whose mother         ogy taking over. Technology has become the           You don’t consider yourself an actor?
                                                                                      is his girlfriend of five years, Connie Angland),   enemy. What I wish is that we would have             I don’t. I’m a musician. I accidentally became
                                                                                      gets gobby with Sal Morgan in Los Angeles.          some kind of ice age, and yet we would live          an actor. It makes a good living for my kids,
                                                                                                                                          somehow, and they would start all over and           and that’s good, but I don’t give a shit about
                                                                                      You’ve said you prefer the night.                   get rid of computers and any kind of down-           movies. I don’t even watch them. People go to
                                                                                      Yeah, I can’t stand the mornings. I don’t           loading anything. Make things hard again.            movies and they analyse them and everything.
                                                                                      care about birds chirping and all that. I’d         That’s what the world doesn’t have. It’s too         It’s just a bunch of shit. I hope my movies

                                                                                                                                                                               “I love Angelina.
                                                                                      rather have the birds come awake about 3            easy. Go out, have to use your                                          fail from now on. I don’t care.
                                                                                      in the afternoon. When it gets to 7 PM, I get       brain and your heart again,                                             I loved movies until about
                                                                                      happy. [I usually go to sleep] between 3 AM
                                                                                      and 6 AM.
                                                                                                                                          because we don’t have to
                                                                                                                                          anymore. We drive through             I always have.                    four years ago. It’s become a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  product. They test toothpaste.
                                                                                      What would your ideal life be?
                                                                                      To tour with my band, the Box Masters, three
                                                                                                                                          places and order dinner. We
                                                                                                                                          need to let mom cook again.
                                                                                                                                                                                 I always will”                   They test hair gel. Now they
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  test movies. So they let the
                                                                                      to four months out of the year, make two or         Why don’t you like downloading music?                audience tell you how to make it. If you let
                                                                                      three records and do one movie that pays me         Downloading is just horseshit. You don’t             the public tell you how to make your art, it’s
                                                                                      a lot of money. They won’t make movies that         really hear it. You need to put it on a record       no longer art and I don’t believe in it.
                                                                                      mean anything to me, so I don’t care what it        player or a CD player and turn it up as loud         You’re pretty relaxed but do you ever like
                                                                                      is, and I’ll play a clown or anything.              as you can turn it. You put a little thing in        dressing up?
                                                                                      So music is more important to you?                  your ear and download something—that’s               The Box Masters are a mod band, so in
                                                                                      Yes. I don’t watch movies. I don’t care             just, you know, for pussies.                         a mod band you’ve got to dress in a suit.
                                                                                      anything about them. The movie business             You’re still friends with your ex-wife               But it’s a 1960s suit. I wear an authentic
                                                                                      has tortured us long enough.                        Angelina Jolie.                                      Beatles suit with a skinny necktie. I love
                                                                                      What got you interested in Eagle Eye?               She’s a wonderful person. And she’s one of           wearing that.
                                                                                      It was the only good action film that I was         my best friends. I love her. I always have.          Do you usually wear ties?
                                                                                      offered, and I’d never played an FBI agent          I always will. She’s a great person who has          No, only on stage when I’m playing music.
                                                                                      before and I thought that might be interesting.     endured a lot, and every thought I have for          I don’t like suits.
                                                                                      What was the most difficult scene?                  her is positive. It’s so funny that people can       Have you been treated fairly by the press?
                                                                                      There was a scene in a helicopter. I don’t like     put her down sometimes. It’s nobody’s busi-          Yeah. The tabloids haven’t, but tabloids
                                                                                      helicopters. They crash all the time and I          ness why she’s having so many children. It’s         aren’t really good to anybody. Legitimate
                                                                                      thought, “Do you really think I’m going to die      a great thing, and if that’s what she wants          journalists have always been pretty good to
                                                                                      to be in a f--king movie?” But they made me,        to do she has every right to, and she’s saved        me. Even when you say, “You’re afraid of
                                                                                      which is really not right. They tricked me.         some children’s lives. It’s more than a lot of       antiques” or whatever, I don’t mind. I’ve
                                                                                      What kind of conversations did you have             people are doing.                                    said it myself. n

                                                                                      with your co-stars during the breaks?
                                                                                      I didn’t have conversations in the breaks. I        Thornton with Eagle Eye
                                                                                      went to my trailer and watched baseball. I’m        co-star Rosario Dawson.
                                                                                      a St Louis Cardinals fan, so I watch all their
                                                                                      games. I watch them over and over. I spend
                                                                                      my time watching sports and playing music.
                                                                                      Since making Eagle Eye [about two people
                                                                                      whose every move is tracked via technology],
                                                                                      are you paranoid about being watched?
                                                                                      Yes. I don’t like to be watched. I like my                                                                                With wife No. 5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Angelina Jolie
                                                                                      privacy. That’s why I stay home. I don’t go                                                                               in 2001.
                                                                                      very many places. I almost think I’m an
                                                                                      You said your co-star Shia LaBeouf reminded
                                                                                      you of Heath Ledger. In what way?
                                                                                      Heath was a kid who never involved himself
                                                                                      in Hollywood and he wasn’t a guy who                                                                                              HIS TRUE LOVE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     He may still love Angelina Jolie,
                                                                                      wanted to be a celebrity. He wanted to be an                                                                                   but his lifelong passion is music.
                                                                                      actor. And that’s what I mean—I love acting                                                                                    “Music is not a hobby,” he says.
                                                                                      [but] I don’t like the current state of the movie                                                                                “Music is my soul. My actual
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      hobby is painting cartoons.”
                                                                                      business and what [the US studios] put out.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Who l 45

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