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                        ActionAid International news release
                                For immediate release:
                      Brussels, Wednesday, 14 September 2005

World’s poor find half-baked UN development plan hard to stomach
Blair and Barroso UN summit statement cannot conceal development
                        failure - ActionAid
The UN World Summit outcome document, agreed in New York on Tuesday, has
failed to claw back key commitments on poverty and the Millennium Development
Goals that the US has opposed, says campaign group ActionAid.

The UK has played a key brokering role in agreeing the document, which includes a
new Human Rights Council and Peacebuilding Commission, but falls far short on
development. Although it refers to the 0.7% aid target, and debt relief, it no longer
commits countries that haven’t made progress to taking action. And three months
before countries gather in Hong Kong for critical WTO talks, no progress has been
made on trade.

Tony Blair and Jose Manuel Barroso will use a press conference in New York on
Wednesday morning to claim progress on poverty. The summit preparations have
been dominated by 750 proposed US amendments, concentrated on the development
section of the text.

“Tony Blair will present the summit document as a consolidation of the debt and aid
deal agreed at the G8. But in reality, agreement with the US was only reached at the
cost of any meaningful content on development. For the 1 billion people around the
world living in extreme poverty, this is a bitter disappointment” says Patrick Watt,
Senior Policy Officer with ActionAid.

“This summit has produced a half-baked plan that the world’s poor will find difficult
to stomach” says Louise Hilditch, ActionAid Policy Director . “Success has been re-
defined as the mere inclusion of text on the Millennium Development Goals. For a
summit that was originally devised to review international progress on the goals, this
is both unacceptable and bizarre”.

Alexandre Polack, ActionAid International EU office, Brussels,
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NOTES TO EDITORS: The new 10-page ActionAid Report "Development under
attack" can be downloaded from ActionAid's website. The link is:
The UN world summit is taking take place in New York from 14-16 September.
ActionAid has EU and developing country spokespeople available for interview.6.30-
8.30 pm, Wednesday, 7 September 2005
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