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Contract Officer - job description

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									                             WARWICK DISTRICT COUNCIL

                                   JOB DESCRIPTION


JOB TITLE: CONTRACT OFFICER                               DATE RECEIVED:


         To manage and control all aspects of the Council’s Integrated Waste Contract
         to ensure adherence to the Contract Specification within defined budgets.

2.       PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES                                        PERCENTAGE

     2.1 Working in partnership with the Contractor to manage the
         Contractor’s performance in respect of the Integrated Waste
         Contract covering Refuse, Recycling, Street and other
         Cleansing and Public Convenience Cleansing ensuring
         adherence to the Contract Specification, agreed method
         statements, the implementation of new schemes and the
         financial framework to meet agreed targets and performance
     2.2 Daily monitoring of the Contractor’s performance to ensure
         compliance with the contract and to provide and monitor
         information required for performance indicators, and service
     2.3 To investigate, monitor and respond to complaints and
         enquiries on all aspects of the contract particularly
         performance and standard of service, new properties and
         adopted land, provision and location of containers liaising
         with residents, elected members, contractor’s staff and other
         agencies as necessary
     2.4 To negotiate and agree variations, additional work and
         contractual payments in accordance with the contract                  15
         documentation and the budgets available.
     2.5 To inspect and action incidents of fly-tipping, graffiti, fly-
         posting liaising with the street scene officers and enforcement       10
         officer to pursue offenders through legal action.


3.1      The following organisation charts indicate the proposed senior management
         posts for the Neighbourhood Services Unit and the breakdown of specific posts
         within Waste Services.

                                            Head of neighbourhood services

  Car parking manager                 CCTV Manager                      Business              Contracts Manager
                                                                     Support manager


        Policy and performance                       Senior contract         Recycling and waste     Education and
                 officer                                 officer                 minisation           Awareness
                                                                                    officer             Officer

  Customer              Enforcement          Contract              Street
Service officers           officer           officers           Scene officers

        The postholder will report to the Senior Contract Officer on specific contractual
        issues relating to the Integrated Waste Contract and will liaise on a regular basis
        with the Street Scene Officers, the Recycling Officer, the Education and
        Awareness Officer, the Enforcement Officer and the Business Support Manager
        where areas of work overlap. In addition there will be liaison with officers working
        on the grounds maintenance contract, car parking services and CCTV. Much of
        the work will be carried out with minimum supervision and direction and the
        postholder will be required to manage time efficiently and effectively.


     (a)    Integrated Waste Contract and associated services         £5m per annum.

               •   Dealing with approximately 60,000 households providing an
                   alternate week collection of residual waste and recycling materials.
               •   900 cleanliness standard inspections per annum
               •   Participation surveys of 60,000 households per annum


     The postholder is responsible for ensuring that the Contractor, through
     compliance with the contract specification and agreed method statements, meets
     both local and national performance targets. In particular, the Waste Collection
     Service has a high profile and must meet the public’s perception of the required
     standard of service as well as that formally specified by the contract

     Contacts will range from the Waste Contractor, residents, members of the public,
     elected members, other Council staff and outside bodies and agencies.


     The postholder will be responsible for ensuring that the Contractor maintains the
     agreed standard and consistently seeks to establish a programme of continuous
     improvement. Working in partnership, the postholder will meet with the
     contractor on a regular basis to solve day to day problems and to work together
     to introduce improved methods of working which will enhance the service

     Working with the street scene officers and the enforcement officer the postholder
     will ensure that by utilizing the resources contained within the contract there will
     be a continuous improvement of the street scene by providing efficient and
     effective services.


     The Council has set out to encourage its residents to recycle more and reduce
     the amount of residual waste collected. To do so, the Council has introduced an
     alternate week collection of residual waste and recyclables. Residents will be
     restricted on the amount of residual waste that they are allowed to place out for
     collection by the size of the container.

     Residents have, over many years, been used to throwing an unlimited amount of
     waste out for collection. They now have to sort it into recyclable materials and
     non-recyclable waste and place it out for collection in the appropriate container.

     It is likely that some residents will not comply with the collection requirements

     and it will be necessary to ensure that they are fully aware of the collection
     schemes and that they are made aware of the need to comply with the
     requirements. Working with the Education and Awareness officer and the
     contractor it will be necessary to deal with these residents tactfully to ensure that
     they understand the need for compliance. The ability to deal with residents upset
     by a perceived failure by the Council to provide a service is of paramount
     importance and requires an ability to rectify problems and complaints quickly and


     There is a need to work flexibly and to prioritise and plan workloads to meet the
     contractual requirements and working arrangements. Most of the role is not
     office-based so the postholder will be required to act on his/her own initiative with
     minimal supervision although there will be a requirement to record and report on
     all aspects of the work undertaken.

     The postholder is required to have a good working knowledge of all aspects of
     waste collection and cleansing legislation particularly the Environmental
     Protection Act 1990, the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 and
     other associated legislation.

     The postholder should have a basic standard of education with a minimum of 5
     GCSEs or equivalent including English language and maths and at least 3 years
     working in partnership with waste contractors.

     The postholder also requires:

        •   High level of written and oral communication skills.
        •   Proven ability to deal tactfully and effectively with people at all levels
            within the organization, external agencies, contractors and in the
        •   Proven contract management skills.
        •   An understanding of legislation and regulations relating to waste issues.
        •   Experience of the application and use of IT and keyboard skills to produce
            reports, spreadsheets and graphs for performance management
        •   Knowledge and experience of budgetary control.
        •   Experience of working and negotiating with contractors.
        •   Member or Associate of the Institute of Waste Management.


     There are occasions when the postholder may be required to work outside
     normal office hours including weekends. A full driving licence and use of a
     vehicle is required.

      We confirm that this questionnaire conveys a full and accurate description
      of the job as at (date).

      SIGNED....... .......... .................... ..........      ......... .......... .......... ..........
      POSTHOLDER                                                   HEAD OF SERVICE UNIT
                                                                   (OR NOMINEE)

      DATE .......... .......... .................... ..........   DATE .......... .......... ..........

                                                                                           NOVEMBER 2007


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