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Microsoft PowerPoint - AV - Smartboard


Microsoft PowerPoint - AV - Smartboard

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									                                                       SMART BOARD
                                                       Interactive Whiteboard

                                                       The Whiteboard is already connected and ready for use.
                                                       (If projector has been moved since whiteboard was setup it may need to be realigned)
                                                       The whiteboard connects to the PC and LCD projector and turns them into a powerful
                                                       interactive tool. With a computer image projected onto the board, you can press on its
                                                       touch-sensitive surface to access and control any application. Using a pen from the
                                                       SMART Pen Tray, you can work naturally at the board with familiar, easy-to-use tools to
                                                       take notes and highlight important information.
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                                                                          Touch the board to control any computer application
                                                                            Write notes, draw diagrams and illustrate ideas
                                                                              Highlight key information with electronic ink
                                                                                      Save, print or e-mail notes

                                                       Turn on the projector and PC and log on as normal. You will know that the
                                                       whiteboard has connected when the Ready light on the right side of the pen
                                                       tray turns green. (A red light indicates power, but no communication has been
                                                       established between whiteboard and PC)

                                                       Writing and Erasing – Pick a pen from the pen tray to write on the board. You can
                                                       write over the desktop or any open application – press firmly. The curser will reappear
                                                       when you replace the pen. If you return the pen without capturing your work, it will
                                                       disappear the next time you touch the screen.
                                                       Pick eraser up from pen tray. Move eraser over work to remove. The board only
                                                       recognises the last tool removed from pen tray, so if you have a pen in your hand when
                                                       you pick up the eraser, the whiteboard will assume that you want to erase.

                                                       Controlling Projected Applications – Use your finger in the same way as a mouse.
                                                       For tasks requiring a double click, press the whiteboard twice in rapid succession. For
                                                       tasks requiring a right click, press the right mouse button on the pen tray – you can also
                                                       hold the area you wish the whiteboard to recognise as a right click.
                                                       Saving your Work – Pick up a pen and the floating toolbar will appear. Press the
                                                       camera icon on the toolbar. Press and drag your finger to outline the area you want
                                                       captured. (in the ink application the camera will capture the entire screen). A copy of
                                                       notebook software will open. Select file>save before closing the notebook file.

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