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									                                        T H E R OC K ’ N’ R OL L P OE T R Y T R A I N
        ROUTE 1: LOCAL                                                                                                                      ROUTE 2: WORLD WIDE
                                       Poem                                                                                         Song
The journey you take with Route 1                                                                                                           Route 2 is a global journey
                                                                              R O U T E 1: LO C A L
    is through a landscape of          1. From Beneath the Wizard’s Gown.                    Cosmic Dancer. (Marc Bolan)                   across great raging oceans of
                                       2. More Serene Dreams, Please                         Searching. (Rob Cairns)
  mountainous issues that may          3. Double O Clown.                                    Come up and see me. (Steve Harley)              debate that affect us all,
                                       4. Who Killed the Video Star?                         Schools Out. (Alice Cooper)
  relate to, and affect you on an      5. Where is the Reason?                               Perfect Day. (Lou Reed)                            whether we are just
                                       6. Anonymously Lost.                                  A Letter Home. (Rob Cairns)
 individual level in different areas   7. The Last Day.                                      I got you Babe. (Sonny Bono)                    voyeuristic witnesses to
                                       8. Getting it on.                                     Get it On. (Marc Bolan)
       and seasons of life:            9. The Tears of the Blind.                            Brown Sugar. (Jagger/Richards)                  them or swept up in their
                                          (Liquid Power. Revisited)
    from aspects of childhood,                                                                                                               tidal waves of destruction.
                                                                         R O U T E 2: W O R LD W ID E
                                       1. Listen.                                             American Pie. (Don McLean)
     parenthood and the lost                                                                                                                 The issues that punctuate
                                       2. To the Moon.                                        Space Oddity. (David Bowie)
                                       3. Terrorism.                                          In the Summertime. (Ray Dorset)
        directions of youth.                                                                                                                    the scenery are like
                                       4. One of Mankind.                                     Imagine. (John Lennon)
                                       5. The Beauty in War & A Day on the
 The poetry is not only dramatic                                                                                                                hurricanes that we,
                                           Beach of War.                                      I don’t want war. (Rob Cairns)
                                       6. This is the BBC calling the World.                  Life on Mars. (David Bowie)
  but also direct and graphically                                                                                                           individually, have no control
                                       7. Are there Car Parks in Heaven?                      Spirit in the Sky. (Norman Greenbaum)
                                       8. Voice?                                              All the Young Dudes. (David Bowie)
   descriptive. It is themed with                                                                                                           over, yet they can devastate
                                       9. The Politician.                                     Elected. (Alice Cooper)
                                       (All Poems written by Tony Stringfellow)
songs that artistically enhance its                                                                                                                     lives.
                                                The Rock’n’Roll Poetry Train is a Mind World Production
  meaning whilst embracing the                    and the concept of Tony Stringfellow and Rob Cairns.                                       The poems and the songs
                                            For information or bookings please contact on any of the following
     raw entertainment value                   Mind World, PO Box 152, Telford, Shropshire, TF2 2HA, UK.                                      bounce off each other,
                                               Mind World Productions: 01952 605489. TS Mb: 07905035513
                 of                                                                  intensifying the point

            Rock’n’Roll                                                                                                                         posed for reflection.
                                                 The Rock’n’Roll Poetry Train is protected under copyright and may not be reproduced,
                                                      copied or recorded in any way or form without the consent of the originators.

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