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					3 June 2003

    Credit Card Payments On Your PDA?
     Go Commerce provides no worries transaction processing for business
                        customers with Vodafone

In a first for Australian businesses, Vodafone business customers can now receive
mobile credit card payments simply and cheaply through their PDAs* without the need
for dedicated equipment.

Vodafone business customers can use the revolutionary Go Commerce service to
mobilise and simplify transactions using the Vodafone network in a joint initiative
between St.George Bank and DirectOne Payment Solutions.

From next month, customers can access the Internet, check emails, keep appointments
and take payments all with one device. Go Commerce is freeing people up so they can
do business better.

Vodafone’s Director of Business, David Sweet, said, “Go Commerce will revolutionise
business operations for SMEs. By mobilising payment processes it allows businesses to
transmit data inexpensively in real time. This means businesses will be more acce  ssible
to customers providing them with the flexibility and freedom they need to expand.”

Tradesmen can quote a job and take a deposit on site, take-away deliveries can be paid
for on arrival or a personal trainer can settle on the spot with clients**.

Using a PDA, businesses can receive mobile credit card payments from customers
using St.George Bank’s ‘turnkey’ solution – which means being able to access credit
card payment solutions on portable PDA’s without being chained to a desk and a
computer to access the Internet. This allows mobile merchants to complete transactions
in real-time reducing administration time and enhancing cash flow.

“We are thrilled to be freeing up businesses and providing them with the flexibility to truly
mobilise their operations,” said Mr Sweet.

Jorge Marrero of St.George said, “Our goal is to help our merchant customers grow their
businesses and by providing the processing technology for this initiative we are able to
simplify transactions for our customers and provide them with a market-leading solution.”

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The joint initiative between wireless payment specialists DirectOne Payment Solutions
and St.George will see the rollout of the Go Commerce solution to Vodafone customers
across Australia in June.

* PDAs - personal digital assistants
** subject to network limitations and availability

About Vodafone
Vodafone Group Plc is a leading mobile communications company with 25 per cent of the world’s
mobile phone users connected to Vodafone. Vodafone has equity interests in 28 countries, and
partner networks in a further seven countries - leaving an unmatched network footprint.
Vodafone’s revenue globally is nearly double the size of other global companies such as
Microsoft or Coke and is more than the combined revenue of the entire global music industry.

The company provides quality services to 2.45 million Australian customers, 1.22 million New
Zealand customers and 90,000 Fijian customers. Vodafone has more than 112.5 million
proportionate customers worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.vodafone.com.au or contact:
Rosie Gray-Spencer, Head of PR & Corporate Communications, Vodafone Australia
(02) 9425 8788 or 0414 208 788

About DirectOne

As one of the founders of Ecommerce in Australia, DirectOne sets the standard for card
processing, with innovative and customer-based products and services. DirectOne was one of, if
not the first with payments via PDAs and is one of the first companies in the Asia-Pacific region to
complete and pass VISA.s Account Information Security Assessment, soon to be mandatory for
all payment organisations.

DirectOne's mission is to "make payments easier". It has done this by providing cost-effective,
real -time credit card processing via a variety of mediums including mobile phones, PDA's, IVR
systems, Internet sites, vending machines, parking meters and custom -built systems.

For more information, please visit www.directone.com.au or contact:
Ryan Trainor, Managing Director, DirectOne Payment Solutions Pty Ltd 03 9862 0206 or 0418
553 337

About St.George Bank

St.George, Australia's fifth largest bank, offers a customer-focused banking alternative by
differentiating itself from the four major banks in terms of quality service and value offered.
St.George occupies a unique niche in the Australian financial services industry between the four
major competitors and a number of smaller regional banks. St.George's close relationship with its
customers, reflected in its consistently high levels of customer satisfaction when compared to the
major banks, distinguishes St.George from its competitors. The St.George Group employs over
7,400 staff Australia-wide and has four key business divisions: Personal Customers, Wealth
Management, Institutional and Business Banking (IBB), and BankSA, South Australia’s foremost
provider of housing and personal finance and rural banking services.

For more information, please visit www.stgeorge.com.au or contact:
Jorge Marrero, Business Development Manager – Merchant Services / e-Commerce
St George Bank Ltd 02 9952 3614 or 0412 814 405

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