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Despatch Note Advertising Opportunity

Annual Print Volume: 10,000,000                                                   Cost per ‘000: £25
2.5 million despatch notes printed
every quarter                                                                                 DRTV

sit-up channels are shopping stations with a difference. The home shopping company operate three live TV channels:
bid tv, price-drop tv and speed auction tv. All three channels are live and interactive whereby, customers participate
and place an order via the telephone or web. sit-up channels are available to over 22 million satellite, cable and
Freeview homes.

In addition to allowing third party inserts, sit-up channels now allow advertising on their despatch notes. This is a
fantastic new opportunity to get your message out there. Customers must keep hold of the despatch note in case they
need to return their product. Products purchased include fashion, jewellery, home, garden and children’s products.
Customers are very loyal and the audience is predominantly female, aged 30-64 years.

Guided by the performance of the insert programme and mailing list, this opportunity should certainly appeal to fashion
and mail order, health, telecommunications, home entertainment and financial service offers.

Print Schedule & Availability                                  Profile
Up to 2.5 million printed every quarter                        • 65% female, 35% male
Next printed in July - creative needed by 10th                 • Aged 30-64
                                                               • Average household income £25,000
                                                               • 78% home owners, 64% married
                                                               • Read popular and mid-market press

Source                                                         • Enjoy home shopping, personal computing,
                                                                 fashion, pets, DIY
•   Buyers from live TV home shopping channels
                                                               • Full profile available on request

                       bid tv:                                 price-drop tv:                        speed auction tv:
                       Virgin TV 745                           Virgin TV 741                         Virgin TV 746
                       Freeview 23                             Sky 645                               Sky 655
                       Sky 654                                 freesat 801
                       freesat 802

                                                                          …Please turn over for further information

                                  Data correct as of July 2009

                                        3rd Floor, Avenue House,
                                        25-27 Shaftesbury Avenue,
                                        London W1D 7EQ
                                        Tel: +44 (0)20 7534 1760
                                        Fax: +44 (0)20 7534 1761
sit-up channels
Despatch Note Advertising Opportunity
 Despatch Note
                                                                               Please note: Not to size.
                                                                               Despatch note is A4


 Print Settings
 Ad size: 131mm wide x 165mm deep. A 3mm bleed needs to be allowed for on all 4 edges.

 Type: All black body copy should be a flat black (not four colour) and all pictures/graphics CMYK. This
 should be set while the ad is still a Quark page. Remember when setting Distiller, to select no colour
 management, as the file can default to RGB.

 DPI: 300

 Under Colour Removal: is a max of 300%

 Dot Gain:
        Colour Ink       Densities       Dot Gain
        Black            90              75/15%      50/20%     25/15%
        Cyan             135             75/15%      50/18%     25/14%
        Magenta          135             75/15%      50/18%     25/14%
        Yellow           90              75/15%      50/18%     25/14%

 Screen angle:
 Cyan 75 Magenta 45 Yellow 90 Black 15

 Rates (per ‘000)                                         Restrictions
 Despatch Note Advertising                         £25    First time order must be prepaid
 Commission to DMA Members                  up to 10%     Brokerage commission rates are offered on a
                                                          reciprocal basis where applicable

                                       3rd Floor, Avenue House,
                                       25-27 Shaftesbury Avenue,
                                       London W1D 7EQ
                                       Tel: +44 (0)20 7534 1760
                                       Fax: +44 (0)20 7534 1761

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