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The Hot Dog Story by asafwewe

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The Hot Dog Story

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									             The Hot Dog Story

There was a man who ran a hot dog stand by the side of the road in the city.
He was hard of hearing so he had no radio. He had trouble with his eyes so
he read no newspapers. But he did sell great hot dogs. He used only the
finest quality sausage meat and the freshest bread rolls.

He stood by the side of the road and cried, “Buy a hot dog mister?” He had
installed special lighting and a flashing neon sign. Even the people driving
by would stop to buy his hot dogs.

He wasn’t particularly well educated, but he sold great hot dogs and his
customers loved him and every hot dog was served with a smile.

People came from miles around to get his tasty hot dogs. He always made
sure to have plenty of fresh ketchup and mustard and onions.

Recently he had added a bacon and egg roll to his range and sold scores of
them to the breakfast crowd every day.

Business was so good he bought a second cart and hired an employee. “Give
them a smile with every hot dog,” he told his employee.

He’d worked hard and done so well he was able to put his only son through

The hot dog man did very well and every year his business grew. He was glad
the son decided to study business in college. It would be great when the son
returned home with all that college education to help him manage the busi-

After graduation the son came back to help. “Dad”, he said, “haven’t you
been listening to the radio? Haven’t you been reading the newspapers?
Based on the current economic statistics, we’re heading for a recession.”
The old man had never heard this word before and asked his son what it

Being an educated man his son gave a very detailed explanation of how the
recession would severely impact everyone in the community, particularly
small business people like his father. There would be enormous unemploy-
ment; people would not be able to afford to spend money as they did now.
He warned his father that it would be wise to cut back on his expenses and
tighten his belt financially and prepare for the worst. “You’ve got to cut back,
stop using all that ketchup, and you dish out onions as if they were free.”

The father thought, “Well, my son’s been to college, he reads the newspa-
pers and he listens to the radio. He ought to know.”

The father was torn. He’d always been generous to his customers, but his
very bright boy didn’t get all that education for nothing. So, reluctantly, he
cut back on the sauces and the onions.

A few weeks later business was a little worse. The Son said profits were
being squeezed by the downturn in the economy. He said they should buy
cheaper quality sausages. Save a little money. So they did. Sure enough,
sales went down.

The man told his employee that times would be bad and we will have to cut
back. So the employee became worried about his job and stopped smiling
when he served his hot dogs.

The man began to cut back on the quantity of sausages and bread rolls he
bought. He didn’t want to get caught with stale rolls as business began to
drop off. But it was hard to judge and some days by rush hour the man had
run out of hot dogs. So after turning his customers away he went home early
and spent more time worrying about this recession that was coming.

After a few times stopping by and finding the man out of hot dogs his regular
customers stopped coming. As this continued for a while less and less
people stopped to buy hot dogs,

He decided to save more money and not replace the batteries that powered
his neon sign and lights at night. Now because he was in the dark, fewer
people bought from him and soon he decided that it wasn’t even worth his
time setting up at night.

After a while the son said, “Dad, you’re not making much money. Maybe you
should lay off your employee and garage his cart.

His drop in takings depressed him more and so he tended to get out of bed
later each day. After all, why get to the stand so early when obviously more
people would be eating at home rather than spending money on breakfast in
the city. He decided that his bacon and egg rolls might be too expensive for
most people now. After all, they were twice the price of a hot dog. So he cut
them from his menu and his sales continued to plummet.

“You were right,” the old man said to his son. “We’re certainly in the middle
of a great recession.”

                                                   “The Hot Dog Story”

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