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					 Flexi Time
  Flexible Working Arrangements                                                                                 August 2007

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 Like all other flexible
 working arrangements, flexi
 time is also available to
 senior level staff.

                               What is it?
                               The Government recognises        The Government is                designed to make the
                               that employees have              committed to providing a         workplace more responsive
                               interests and responsibilities   safe workplace in which          to the needs of individuals.
                               outside the workplace and        working hours are not
                               therefore provides flexi time    excessive.                       Flexi time use needs to take
                               (where practical) as a                                            into consideration the
                               means of enabling                Flexi time is not designed to    requirements of the
                               employees to balance their       increase or reduce the total     particular work place and
                               various commitments and          number of ordinary hours         service responsibilities.
                               responsibilities whilst also     that must be worked by an
                               meeting organisational           employee over a pay period.      Agency policies differ in the
                               requirements.                    It simply allows the spread      details, so check with your
                                                                of hours to be flexible.         HR section about the
                               Flexi time is an arrangement                                      specifics as they apply to
                               that allows you to negotiate     Flexi time arrangements are      your agency.
                               when hours will be worked        available for the mutual
                               within agreed limits and         benefit of staff and the
                               conditions.                      organisation and are

                               How might I use it?
                               In general terms this            So you can make that long        Each agency has specific
                               arrangement allows you to        weekend a little bit longer,     policies guiding the use of
                               commence or leave work           drop off/pick up children        flexi time, however, generally
                               earlier or later and take        from school, undertake           time worked above the
                               variable lunch breaks, taking    studies and maintain your        minimum hours is
Did you know that every        into account any work            health and well being by         accumulated allowing you to
                               commitments.                     getting to that gym class on     take the commensurate time
agency may have differing                                       time.                            off. A period of negative
                               These arrangements are
                                                                                                 carry-over is generally also
flexi time policies? You       designed to assist you to
                                                                Flexi time requires a balanced   permitted.
                               manage your work-life
should check with your HR      balance by acknowledging         assessment of work needs         It’s important to remember
                               that you may have personal       and an understanding that        that flexi time should not be
section as to what your        matters to attend to outside     there may be times when flexi    used as a substitute for other
                                                                time requests are not            types of leave or other flexible
                               of work that need to be
agency’s policy is.                                             practical.                       working arrangements. Use it
                               taken care of within
                               traditional ‘office hours’.                                       as the name suggests: to be
                                                                                                 flexible (both for your needs
                                                                                                 and your employer’s).

                         What else do I need to know?
                         Flexi time is not a tool for     rates or time off in lieu may    It’s also important to manage
                         increasing or decreasing         apply as per the relevant        your flexi time. If your
                         normal work hours. It should     Award.                           agency policy allows carry-
                         not be used as a substitute                                       over of 15 hours per month
                                                          There may be times when
                         for time of in lieu, overtime,                                    and you have worked 35
                                                          other flexible working
                         annual leave, sick leave,                                         hours extra in the month,
                                                          arrangements are more
                         special leave, part-time work                                     there is no obligation on your
                                                          appropriate for your needs.
                         arrangements or similar.                                          employer to recognise the
                                                          For example, if you really
                                                                                           additional time. Be aware
                         It is common in some             want certainty that you can
                                                                                           that flexi time doesn’t hide
                         agencies for employees to        leave work early on a specific
                                                                                           serious work-load or work-loaf
                         work significant additional      day, then compressed weeks
                         hours. If an employee is         may be a better option for
                         directed and authorised to       you (see fact sheet on           We should all feel free to use
                         work in excess of their normal   compressed weeks for further     flexi time as long as we
                         hours of duty then overtime      information).                    continue to take care of

                         How do I arrange it?
                         Flexi time is largely            You can get further
                         governed by organisational       assistance from your HR
                         policy and may therefore         section regarding the
                         differ between agencies.         application of flexi time
                                                          arrangements in your
                         Generally, you will be           agency.
                         informed of flexi time
                         provisions when you join the     This will include information
                         agency. Most agencies            about the time band within
                         require a method of time         which flexi time can be
                         keeping, which should give       accrued, core attendance
                         you the details of what flexi    hours, permitted carryovers
                         time provisions are available    and how to calculate time
                         to you.                          worked.

                         For Further Information….
                          You can find further            Fact sheets have been
                          information about flexible      prepared on each type of
                          working arrangements in         flexible working
                          Commissioner’s Standard         arrangement. These can be
                          3.1, which can be accessed      found at
                          via          or from your HR section.

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