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									                     Client Engagement Letter


AUPEC Ltd                                         Client Address
Davidson House
Campus 1
Aberdeen Science & Technology Park
Balgownie Road
Bridge of Don
AB22 8GT

Copyright @ AUPEC Ltd - This documentation or parts thereof may only be used for the purposes of
participating in the professional services described within.
1   Scope
    Company participation in the Upstream ‘Lite’ IT Benchmarking study in 2009, with one
    observation covering your IT operations activities.

2   Deliverables
    Specific deliverables within the scope:
       i.   Online data entry, audit and feedback of preliminary results
      ii.   Access to AUPEC Ltd staff for queries
     iii.   Interim Benchmark Report
     iv.    Final Reporting

3   Timing

          Activity                                  Start                  Complete
          Commitment to participate                                        Quarter 1, 2009
          *Kick-off session, Calgary – 3 sessions   25 February 2009
                                       Session 1    7:00am                 9:00am
                                       Session 2    12:00 (noon)           2:00pm
                                       Session 3    4:30pm                 6:30pm
          On-line Model and 2009 Data Definitions released                 2nd March 2009
          Data Collection                           2 March 2009           10th April 2009
          Audit                                     10th April 2009        17th April 2009
          Interim Report Publication                                       8th May 2009
          Results Workshop, Calgary                 13th May 2009
                                         Half day   8:00am                 12:00 (noon)
          Final Reporting                                                  5th June 2009

    *These session will be 2 hours long and open to anyone interested in participating, the
    idea is for you to choose the session/time that is suitable for you to attend. Each
    session will be the same it is simply to show the Aupec website, give an overview of the
    definitions and data required to ensure consistency and answer any questions.
    Therefore please come along at your chosen time.

    3.1      Commencement Date for the provision of the professional services detailed within this
             letter shall be the date of signing by the Client.

    3.2      Data Deadline has been agreed with respect to this particular service as: 10th April 2009

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4       Price

            Benchmarking Participation Fees                                           $(Canadian)
            Participation CAPP Members - Basic Fee per
                                                                   CAPP Members              $5,250
                                                             Non-CAPP Members,               $7,000

5       Payment

    1. 100% of the participation fee will be invoiced on contract execution. The currency exchange rate
       at the time will be applied.

    2. Fees for the additional consulting activity will be invoiced on entering into an additional client
       agreement with AUPEC Ltd.

    3. Post-Deadline Data Fee: data submitted after an agreed deadline can delay reporting and will
       significantly increase AUPEC effort. In the event that a participating company has not submitted
       a substantive data-set by the data deadline agreed with that participant, a Late Data Charge will
       be applied. This charge will be calculated on a Time & Materials basis and agreed with the client.

    4. Data Revision Fee. Data revisions submitted after the closure of the Audit stage will incur a
       Data Revision fee based on the AUPEC time and effort required to update the database, audit
       and any analysis and reporting completed to that point. The minimum fee will be $525 (CAN)
       with charges being calculated on a Time & Materials basis.

6       Authorisation

        I have read and accept AUPEC’s standard terms and conditions for the provision of
        professional services.

       On Behalf of Client                                 On Behalf of Aupec Ltd.

       Name:                                               Name: Tom Kelman
                                                           Title: Project Manager

       Signed:                                             Signed:

       Date:                                               Date:

       Client Purchase/Service Order Number:

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