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Multiple Choice:
1.   When deciding on which option to use for connecting to the Internet, one of the first things that is
     important to know is:

            A.   how much memory the user’s computer has.
            B.   what the user wants to do while online.
            C.   whether the user has a Mac or a PC.
            D.   the CPU’s processing speed.

2.    A(n) ____________ is able to convert digital signals to analog signals and can also convert analog signals
      to digital signals.

            A.   modem
            B.   standard telephone line
            C.   Catch-A-Call device
            D.   data transfer device

3.    Which of the following is TRUE about dial-up Internet connections?

            A.   Dial-up is the least expensive option.
            B.   Web page images will NOT load with dial-up connections.
            C.   The modem required for dial-up must be purchased separately from the PC.
            D.   A special Internet-ready phone cord is required.

4.    Credit card–sized devices that inserts into a special slot on laptop are called:

            A.   modem jacks.
            B.   data transfer cards.
            C.   PC cards.
            D.   laptop cards.

5.    Which of the following the easiest device to add to a desktop computer if it does not have a functioning
      internal modem.

            A.   Analog modem
            B.   PC card
            C.   Modulation modem
            D.   External modem

6.    Which of the following is NOT true about dial-up connections?

           A.   Data transfer speeds may be slower than the maximum speed of your modem.
           B.   Laptops usually use an internal modem with a dial-up connection.
           C.   It is possible to receive calls while connected to the Internet using a dial-up connection.
           D.   Dial-up connections require only a standard phone line and a broadband modem.

7.    Which of the following is required to receive phone calls while using a dial-up Internet connection?

           A.   A special “dual-wire” phone cord
           B.   An answering machine connected to the modem
           C.   Enabling the feature that disconnects the modem for an incoming call
           D.   The phone company’s call waiting feature and a special device

8.    All of the following are examples of broadband Internet connections, EXCEPT:

           A.   DSL.
           B.   satellite.
           C.   ISP.
           D.   cable.

9.    Which of the following is TRUE about cable Internet access?

           A.   It’s a two-way connection that requires an upgraded cable network.
           B.   It’s available to anyone with cable TV.
           C.   It’s made possible by a special cable interface protocol.
           D.   It’s connected via an internal modem.

10.   Which of the following is NOT true about connecting to the Internet via satellite?

           A.   Special equipment is required.
           B.   Satellite is available in many areas that DSL and cable are not.
           C.   Satellite is the quickest broadband option.
           D.   Satellite is more vulnerable to interference than other broadband options.

11.   Which of the following is TRUE about DSL modems?

           A.   Separates signals into voice and data
           B.   Optional equipment used to translate satellite signals
           C.   Able to modulate/demodulate digital signals
           D.   Located inside the computer system

12.   Which of the following statements is NOT true?

           A.   Satellite Internet requires the use of coaxial cable.
           B.   A cable Internet connection requires an external cable modem.
           C.   ISPs are only required for dial-up connections.
           D.   ISPs provide access to the Internet.

13.   Which of the following is NOT a key factor to consider when choosing an ISP?

            A.    Price
            B.    Availability of local access number
            C.    Physical location of ISP
            D.    Number of e-mail accounts offered to users

Fill in the Blank:
14. ____________ is the maximum data transfer rate for current dial-up modems.

15.   ____________ Internet service uses your TV’s cable service provider to connect to the Internet.

16.   Laptops may use a(n) ____________ modem instead of an internal or external modem to connect to the

17.   ____________ is the least expensive method of connecting to the Internet and requires only a standard
      phone line and a modem.

18.   A cable Internet connection requires a(n) ____________ modem.

19.   An expansion card, called a(n) ____________, connects the cable modem to your system unit.

20.   A(n) ____________ is a device that converts the computer’s digital signals to the analog signals that can
      travel over phone lines and the converts received analog signals back to digital signals.

21.   The broadband option ____________ uses a phone line to connect to the Internet.

22.   Many users in rural areas connect to the Internet via ____________.

23.   ____________ are companies that connect individuals to the Internet.

24. Match the following items to their descriptions:

       I.   PC card              A. used with laptops

       II. Coaxial cable         B. internal modem

       III. ISP                  C. how fast data travels between computers

       IV. Data transfer rate    D. companies that connect individuals to the Internet

       V. Modem card             E. required for satellite Internet

25.   Match the following items to their descriptions:

       I.   Dial-up             A. requires an external modem connected to an expansion card

       II. Satellite            B. data and voice transfer can occur simultaneously

       III. Cable               C. maximum 56K

       IV. Broadband            D. high-speed connection

       V. DSL                   E. subject to weather interference


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