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									The Atlantic Slave Trade
Series Editor: Jeremy Black, University of Exeter, UK

‘...both beginners and specialists will find much to interest them in this large and wide-ranging
anthology....’    Itinerario

‘As a whole the collection articulates the vision of a very intelligent and widely read editor ...The
profession as a whole has surely been enriched by Jeremy Black’s significant effort.’
                                                          African Studies Review
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The Atlantic Slave Trade                                    The Atlantic Slave Trade                                     The Atlantic Slave Trade
Volume I Origins–1600                                       Volume II Seventeenth Century                                Volume III Eighteenth Century
Edited by JErEmy BlAcK, University of Exeter, UK            Edited by JErEmy BlAcK, University of Exeter, UK             Edited by JErEmy BlAcK, University of Exeter, UK
The Atlantic Slave Trade                                    The Atlantic Slave Trade                                     The Atlantic Slave Trade
covering the Atlantic slave trade from its origins to       The essays in this volume discuss the development            The eighteenth century saw the high point of the
1600, the essays in this collection look at the reasons     of the Atlantic slave trade in the seventeenth century,      Atlantic slave trade. This volume contains essays
for the causes of slavery and serfdom, slavery in           looking at issues such as how African societies              which examine the commercial and financial structure
Africa, the development of the slave trade, the             reacted to the trade, the economic origins of black          of the British slave trade, the contribution of other
demographic situation in latin America and European         slavery in the British west indies and the growth of         European countries to the trade and the effects of the
attitudes to slavery as an institution.                     plantations responding to changes in European diet           trade on west and west central Africa.
conTEnTS: introduction; The causes of slavery               - particularly the rise of the sugar economy.                conTEnTS: introduction; Slave exports from west
or serfdom: a hypothesis, E.d. domar; Some                  conTEnTS: introduction; African slavery and other            and west-central Africa, 1700–1810: new estimates
considerations relating to property rights in man,          forms of social oppression on the upper Guinea coast         of volume and distribution, david richardson; Price
S. Engerman; The volume of the Atlantic slave trade: a      in the context of the Atlantic slave trade, walter           of slaves in west and west-central Africa: toward an
synthesis, Paul E. lovejoy; The inter-Atlantic paradigm:    rodney; African societies and the Atlantic slave             annual series, 1698–1807, david richardson; King
the failure of Spanish medieval colonization of the         trade, J.d. Fage; ‘Here is no resisting the country’:        Agaja of dahomey, the slave trade, and the question
canary and caribbean islands, A.m. Stevens-Arroyo;          the realities of power in Afro-European relations on         of west African plantations: the mission of Bulfinch
waranga, Akan and the Portuguese in the 15th and            the west African ‘slave coast’, robin law; Hunting           lambe and Adomo Tomo to England, 1726–32, r. law;
16th centuries, i. wilks; Slavery in Africa and the slave   for rents: the economics of slaving in pre-colonial          whitehaven and the 18th-century British slave trade,
trades from Africa, Janet J. Ewald; Slaves and society      Africa, E.w. Evans and david richardson; Encomienda,         d. richardson and m.m. Schofield; The commercial
in western Africa, c. 1445–c. 1700, J.d. Fage;              African slavery, and agriculture in 17th-century             and financial organisation of the British slave trade,
Estimating aboriginal American population: an               caracas, robert J. Ferry; The French slave trade: an         1750–1807, richard Sheridan; market structure and
appraisal of techniques with a new hemispheric              overview, david Geggus; The economic origins of black        the profits of the British African trade in the late
estimate, Henry F. dobyns; The indian population of         slavery in the British west indies, 1640–80: a tentative     18th century, Joseph E. inikori; Profitability of the
north America in 1492, J.d. daniels; The Tainos of          analysis of the Barbados model, H. Beckles; The              British trade in slaves once again, william darity, jr.;
Hispaniola, F. moya Pons; indian labour and new world       economics of transition to the black labour system in        Productivity in the transatlantic slave trade, david
plantations: European demands and indian responses          Barbados, 1630–80, H. Beckles and A. downes; Trade,          Eltis and david richardson; Evidence on English-
in northern Brazil, S.B. Schwartz; cultural change and      plunder and economic development in early English            African terms of trade in the 18th century, Henry A.
military resistance in Araucanian chile, 1550–1730,         Jamaica, 1655–89, nuada Zahedieh; who bought                 Gemery, Jan S. Hogendorn, and marion Johnson;
r.c. Padden; From indian to slave: forced native labour     slaves in early America? Purchasers of slaves from           characteristics of British slaving vessels, 1698–1775,
and colonial society in Sao Paulo during the 17th           the royal African company in Jamaica, 1674–1708,             w. minchinton; The world an absentee planter and
century, John m. monteiro; iberian expansion and the        T. Burnard; ‘To procure negroes’: the English slave          his slaves made: Sir william Stapleton and his nevis
issue of black slavery: changing Portuguese attitudes       trade to Barbados, 1627–60, larry Gragg; ‘The countrie       sugar estate, 1722–40, Keith mason; Prodigious
1440–1700, A.J.r. russell-wood; English trade with          continues sicklie’: white mortality in Jamaica, 1655–        riches: the wealth of Jamaica before the American
the Portuguese empire in west Africa, 1581–1629,            1780, T. Burnard; The passion to exist: slave rebellions     revolution, T. Burnard; The condition of the slaves
J.w. Blake; Protestants as pirates, slavers and proto-      in the British west indies, 1650–1832, m. craton;            and economic development of the British windward
missionaries: Sierra leone 1568 and 1582, P   .E.H. Hair;   The influence of disease on race, logistics and              islands, 1765–75, r.B. Sheridan; measuring the French
From Africa to the Americas: ethnicity in the early         colonization in the Antilles, F. Guerra; The profitability   slave trade, 1713–92/3, robert Stein; The French sugar
black communities of the Americas, colin A. Palmer;         of sugar planting in the British west indies, 1650–          business in the 18th century: a quantitative study,
name index.                                                 1834, J.r. ward; The first American boom: Virginia,          robert Stein; Profitability of slave and long-distance
                                                            1618 to 1630, Edmund S. morgan; From servants to             trading in context: the case of 18th-century France,
Includes 17 prevIously puBlIshed essays                     slaves: the transformation of the chesapeake labour          Guillaume daudin; A reassessment of the dutch
2006            422 pages
                                                            system, russell menard; The tobacco industry in the          Atlantic slave trade, Johannes Postma; The history of
                                                            chesapeake colonies, 1617–1730: an interpretation,           the danish negro slave trade, 1733–1807, Svend Erik
hardBack        978-0-7546-2571-1
                                                            russell menard; The origins debate: slavery and              Green-Pedersen; world’s apart: Africans’ encounters
                                                            racism in 17th-century Virginia, Alden T. Vaughan;           and Africa’s encounters with the Atlantic in Angola,
                                                            The English sugar islands and the founding of                before 1800, J.c. miller; The cacao economy of the
                                                            South carolina, richard S. dunn; Black and mulatto           18th-century province of caracas and the Spanish
                                                            brotherhoods in colonial Brazil: a study in collective       cacao market, E. Piñero; Social protest and labour
                                                            behaviour, A.J.r. russell-wood; name index.                  bargaining: the changing nature of slaves’ responses
                                                                                                                         to plantation life in 18th century Barbados, H. Beckles
                                                                                                                         and K. watson; le cat and the physiology of negroes,
                                                            Includes 21 prevIously puBlIshed essays
                                                                                                                         G.S. rousseau; name index.
                                                            2006            496 pages
                                                            hardBack        978-0-7546-2576-6
                                                                                                                         Includes 22 prevIously puBlIshed essays
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Edited by JErEmy BlAcK, University of Exeter, UK
                                                           military History                                              Sarah Stilwell, Promotion manager, reference
The Atlantic Slave Trade
                                                           Edited by JErEmy BlAcK, University of Exeter, UK              Email:
The essays collected in this volume discuss the
reasons for the end of the slave trade and the             This series brings together essays selected from key          Telephone: +44 (0)1252 331551
institution of slavery itself. They examine the rise       journals that exhibit careful analysis of military history.
of the abolitionist movement in different countries        The volumes, each of which is edited by an expert in
                                                           the field, cover key time periods and geographical            For sales queries, please contact customer services:
and how the move towards abolition was swifter in
some areas than others. Attention is also paid to the      areas including Europe, the USA, china, Japan, latin          email:
economic consequences of abolition, popular attitudes      America, and South Asia. Each volume represents the
to abolition and the role of the church.                   editor’s selection of the most seminal recent essays
                                                           on military history in their particular area of expertise,
conTEnTS: introduction; The danish Edict of 16th           while an introduction presents an overview of the
march 1792 to abolish the slave trade, Erik Gøbel; The     issues in that area, together with comments on the
struggle for black liberty: revolution and emancipation
in Saint domingue, J.J. Pierce; racial equality,
                                                           background and significance of the essays selected.           Ashgate Publishing Services
                                                           Essays are reproduced in full with the original
slavery and colonial secession during the constituent      pagination for ease of reference.
assembly, d. Geggus; The Société des Amis des noirs
and the abolition of slavery, d.P resnick; Slaves by
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nature/ domestic animals and human slaves,
K. Jacoby; whose abolition? Popular pressure and the
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ending of the British slave trade, Seymour drescher;
capitalism and slavery: a critique, roger Anstey;                                                                        Ashgate is a major publisher of collected reprint and
British evangelicals, economic warfare and the                                                                           original reference works across the Social Sciences and
abolition of the Atlantic slave trade, 1794–1810, Ann      nEw                                                           Humanities.
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sugar production before and after emancipation,            international library of Essays on                            If you would like to register to receive free email updates,
william A. Green; The British contribution to the 19th-    Political History                                             please visit our website and select the option ‘Join our
century transatlantic slave trade, david Eltis; Shipping                                                                 mailing list’. Alternatively, type the following link into
                                                           Edited by JErEmy BlAcK, University of Exeter, UK
patterns and mortality in the African slave trade to                                                                     your browser:
rio de Janeiro, 1825–30, Herbert Klein and Stanley         This series focuses on key episodes and issues in
                                                           political history and does so by bringing together            We will send you details of books in your subject
Engerman; Fluctuations in age and sex ratios in the
                                                           essays selected from journals that exhibit careful            area/s on publication and we will keep you informed of
transatlantic slave trade, 1663–1864, david Eltis and
                                                           analysis of political history. The volumes, each of           conferences at which you can find our books on display,
Stanley l. Engerman; The amelioration of British west
                                                           which is edited by an expert in the field, cover crucial      special offers and other items which may be of interest.
indian slavery, 1750–1834: technical change and the
plough, J.r. ward; Slave resistance and white reaction     time periods and geographical areas, particularly             To cancel this service at any time, just send an email
in the British windward islands, 1763–1833, Bernard        Europe and the USA. Each volume represents the                message containing the phrase ‘unsubscribe to the
marshall; The abolition of negro slavery and British       editor’s selection of seminal essays on political             mailing list’.
parliamentary politics, 1832–3, i. Gross; Abolitionist     history in his particular area of expertise, while an
pressures on the concert of Europe, 1814–32, Betty         introduction presents an overview of the issues in the
Fladeland; The road to 1848: interpreting French anti-     area, together with comments on the background and            ASHGATE cATAloGUES
slavery, laurent dubois; causes of the abolition of        significance of the essays chosen.                            Full catalogues are available in the following areas
negro slavery in Brazil: an interpretive essay, richard
Graham; Brazilian slavery re-examined: a review            For a Full lIsTIng oF TITles In The aBove serIes,             Art History
article, richard Graham; The contraband slave trade to     please vIsIT our weBsITe:                                     Aviation and Human Factors
Brazil, 1831–45, robert conrad; Brazilian abolition in
                                                                                      Business and Economics
comparative perspective, Seymour drescher; Systems
of domination after slavery: the control of land and                                                                     Early Modern History
labour in the British west indies after 1838,
o. nigel Bolland; Slavery by another name:
                                                           nEw                                                           Human Geography
apprenticed women in Jamaican workhouses in the            international library of Essays in                            Law & Legal Studies
period 1834–81, H. Altink; Hearing slave voices: the
fiscal’s reports of Berbice and demerara-Essequeo,         the History of Social and Political                           Literary Studies
J. lean and T. Burnard; The compatibility of the slave     Thought                                                       Medieval Studies
and palm oil trades in the Bight of Biafra, david
                                                           Edited by Tom d. cAmPBEll,                                    Modern History
northrup; name index.
                                                           charles Sturt University, Australia
Includes 25 prevIously puBlIshed essays                                                                                  Music Studies
2006            496 pages                                  This series brings together collections of important
hardBack        978-0-7546-2582-7                          essays dealing with the work of major figures in the          Philosophy
                                                           history of social and political thought. The aim is to        Politics and International Relations
                                                           make accessible the complete text with the original
                                                           pagination of those essays that should be read by             Reference Publishing
                                                           all scholars working in that field. in each case,             Religious Studies and Theology
                                                           the selection is made from the extensive available
                                                           literature by an established expert who has a keen            Sociology and Social Policy
                                                           sense of the continuing relevance of the history of           Variorum
                                                           social and political thought for contemporary theory
                                                           and practice. The selection is made on the basis of           To request copies, please e-mail: -
                                                           the quality and enduring significance of the essays 
                                                           in question. Every volume has an introduction that
                                                           places the selection made in the context of the wider
                                                           literature, the historical period, the contemporary state
                                                           of scholarship and the editor’s particular interests.

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