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					                                       Thee Nanny Service

                                             Placing Great Nannies Since 1996”
P.O. Box 913                                                                             (919) 671-7950 Phone
Wake Forest, NC                                                                          (919) 882-8852 Fax                                                             Email:

Client Application & Contract

Your application is active once we receive the completed application & a $150.00 application fee. Thee Nanny
Service proudly accepts MasterCard & Visa

How did you hear About   Thee Nanny Service?

Mother's Information

Mother’s Name:
Occupation & Place of Employment:
Mother’s Work Number:
Cell Phone:
Email Address:

Father's Information

Father’s Name:
Occupation & Place of Employment:
Father’s Work Number:
Cell Phone:
Email address:
 Family Information

House location (Nearest Landmark or Major Road):

Home Phone: Home Fax:
Number of children:
Please list name age & DOB of each child:

Special care required:

Current childcare arrangements:

Nanny Requirements

(Full-Time or Part-time …Live-in or Live-out)

Start Date:

Living Accommodations (If live-in nanny):

Days the nanny will need to work:
Hours per week:
AM Start Time:
PM End Time:

Comfortable having new nanny speak with old nanny:

Will consider a nanny with a child:

Are there any household tasks required?
If so please list:
Will you need errands to be run:

Will you supplies transportation:
 Reimburses for mileage:

Will you require the nanny to travel:
If so, the rate:

Requires taking children to activities:

Do you have pets:
 If so what kind:
Are they inside:
Will the Nanny be required to care for the pets?
If yes, please explain:

Salary and Compensation

Salary: $
Gross or Net:
Takes out taxes:

 When will the salary be reviewed:

 Contract Reviewed:

 Require the nanny to work overtime:

  At the rate of: $

 Will provide health insurance:

Will provide paid holidays:
If so, please list:
Will provide paid vacation:

Will you provide sick days:

Will you need your nanny to stay overnights if you travel:
 Rate above normal salary the nanny will be paid: $

Is any furniture provided, if a Live-In nanny?

Additional Comments:

Client Contract

Application Fee
The nonrefundable application fee is due upon the return of the application. This fee is for registration
purposes and is nonrefundable. The application fee does not guarantee the client a nanny placement or nanny
applicants. Thee Nanny Service, LLC will make every reasonable effort to supply the client with as many
nanny candidates as possible; we do not make any guarantees.

Referral Fees
The application fee will not be deducted from the total amount owed by the client.
If through the referral efforts of Thee Nanny Service, LLC the above named client employs a nanny that
client agrees to pay a referral fee of one thousand dollars ($1000.00) for a part-time nanny or one thousand
two hundred dollars ($1200.00) for a full-time live-out nanny. The referral fee for a live-in nanny is one
thousand six hundred dollars ($1600.00). This fee must be paid in full prior to the nanny's start date.
The client may choose the “Pay As You Go” price plan if a nanny is hired on a temporary basis. Clients using
the Pay As You Go plan will be charged a fifty dollar ($50.00) Service Fee each week. This fee will be
charged to the client’s credit card on file. No exceptions or exclusions will be made. The service fee will be
charged to the client’s credit card each week the nanny is employed; this includes vacation, holidays and sick

Start Date and Late Payments
The above named client agrees not to employ any nanny referred by Thee Nanny Service, LLC until all fees
are paid in full.
The above named client also agrees to pay Thee Nanny Service, LLC a referral fee for a nanny
registered with our agency who may respond to a classified ad placed by the client.
A late payment will result in a 10% late fee. The late fee will automatically apply if the nanny starts prior to
the payment of the referral fee or the price plan agreement. The “Pay As You Go” plan for a temp. nanny
requires a major credit card. Credit card payments of eight hundred, twelve hundred and sixteen hundred
dollars must be made five days prior to the nanny’s start date. A credit card is required to reserve your
nanny placement and to assure the agency’s payment. If the nanny starts prior to payment being made in full,
the credit card would then be charged the amount owed plus the late fee.

Collection Policy
In the event the client fails to pay Thee Nanny Service, LLC or an invalid credit card is used, the client then
agrees to pay all cost involved in collecting fees that are owed (attorney fees, court cost and interest
accrued at 10% per month).The client will be charged a ten percent late fee if payment is not received
prior to nanny starting. The client will be reported to the credit bureau once the account is past due. Any
returned checks will be subject to a service charge.

Employment Termination
If either client or nanny terminates employment within thirty days of employee's start date, Thee Nanny
Service, LLC will make every effort to provide a proper replacement. The replacement will be included in the
referral fee. Thee Nanny Service will provide no more than two replacement nannies, for a total of three
nannies per referral fee.
The client also has thirty days to contact Thee Nanny Service with any concerns pertaining to the nanny.
Contact must be in writing and must be received before the thirty day trail period expires. Upon receiving
the written concern the replacement period is then up to one year from hire date. This replacement policy is
void for “Pay As You Go” temp. clients.

Extended Guarantee
An extended guarantee may be purchased. An extended guarantee cost an additional three hundred and fifty
dollars for part-time placements and full-time placements or an additional four hundred and fifty dollars for
live-in placements. The extended guarantee allows the client to receive a replacement for their nanny if she
leaves for any reason within one calendar year from the original hire date.
Thee Nanny Service, LLC will make every reasonable effort to locate a suitable replacement. We offer
replacement nannies; we do not offer refunds.

Triangle Nanny Service shall screen all prospective nannies who meet the requirements established by the
client. References and background information will be available upon request for each nanny. The decision to
hire a nanny rest solely on the client, Thee Nanny Service, LLC is a referral agency only. Clients are
encouraged to check references.
Thee Nanny Service, LLC makes no warranties as to the abilities or character of any nanny. Every reasonable
effort has been made to properly screen the nannies. The client agrees that no liabilities will be held by
Thee Nanny Service, LLC and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Thee Nanny Service, LLC now or any
future time arising from acts or omissions of any nanny referred by Thee Nanny Service, LLC.

The client agrees, Thee Nanny Service, LLC is a referral service only and is not a party to any agreement
entered into between the client and nanny. All wages, taxes, workers compensation and benefits are the
responsibility of the client employing the nanny.
Once an offer to employ the nanny of your choice is accepted; please contact Thee Nanny Service.
You will be given a choice to pay the upfront Referral Fee, or to secure the weekly Temp. Service Fee
with a credit card.

Referral Fees:                                       Service Fees (Temp.):
Application Fee $150 + P/T $1000                     Application Fee $150 + $50.00 per week
Application Fee $150 + F/T $1200                     This applies to F/T, P/T & Live-in Temp.Nannies
Application Fee $150 + Live-In $1600
Optional Extended Guarantee P/T & F/T = $350
Optional Extended Guarantee Live in = $450

      Please sign & date if you have read this agreement and agree with the terms.
*** Please save a copy of the application & contract for your files.
Credit Card Info. (We require a CC# to have on file to secure the placement fee).
Please indicate if you would like us to charge the Application Fee to this card.

Card Number:
Exp. Date:
CV Code:
        (3 digits on the back of the card above signature)
Card Billing Address:
Would you like us to use this card for the $150 Application Fee?

**Typing your name represents your signature. This must be complete to proceed.



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