; How to Deal With Stretch Marks
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How to Deal With Stretch Marks


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									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                      How to Deal With Stretch Marks
                                                                   By Ee Ling Tan

   The skin is known as the largest organ in the body. Because it functions as a barrier to protect the
body from harmful elements, it can be very prone to stress. These stresses can be seen as
discolorations and blemishes on the skin. At times, even one’s health choices can affect the condition
of the skin, causing problems that become apparent over time. And one such skin problem that many
people share are the dreaded stretch marks.

 What are the causes of stretch marks? One of the properties of skin is its elasticity, which can be
affected as one ages. Following pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin is stretched to the limit, it
does not immediately resume its normal firmness. This leads to pinkish or reddish stretch marks, or
striae, across the skin. In some cases, stretch marks have a whitish streak across. These forms of
scarring on the skin’s surface are caused by hormonal changes, which in turn affect the way the skin
produces proteins to maintain its firmness.

 Stretch marks are said to be normal amongst pregnant women, as majority of cases have shown.
Pregnant women are more prone to this skin problem because of their weight gain throughout their
term. The occurrence of stretch marks is also associated with the changing hormonal levels in an
expectant woman’s body. These types of scarring can be most seen across the abdominal area, on the
buttocks, thighs, and the arms.

 Men are also prone to having stretch marks, especially after dieting or losing a lot of weight. Other
sources explain that certain types of food, such as those rich in caffeine, heighten the skin’s
susceptibility to having stretch marks. Needless to say, this skin problem has become very common.
Fortunately enough, there are now many methods available to help deal with these skin issues.

 If you would consult a dermatologist about your stretch marks, some of the treatments that you can
get involve dermabrasion, chemical peeling, and even laser skin resurfacing. With dermabrasion and
chemical peeling, the topmost layer of the skin is removed, encouraging skin cells to produce more of
the protein collagen, which makes it firm. A more novel method is laser skin resurfacing, which
stimulates skin cells beneath the epidermis to produce more of the needed protein. These methods
have also been used in correcting other skin problems such as wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes.

 However, if you are not fancy about going to a clinic for treatment of stretch marks, there are things
that you can do at home. It is a good thing there are now many lotions and creams available that

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

contain active ingredients to increase the firmness of the skin. Some of these ingredients are elastin,
collagen, and even tretinoin, a form of Vitamin A.

 It is also important to have better choices when it comes to health, as these can greatly favor the good
condition of your skin. Examples of these good habits include eating well, drinking lots of water, and
having adequate exercise.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                             Is Stretch Marks Related to Puberty?
                                                       By Ee Ling Tan

Stretch marks mostly appear at the time of puberty to both boys and girls. Most of them start dealing
with stretch marks at this time. This always makes them frustrating. At this age, one may always feel
that he or she is left all alone to this problem. But, in fact, they are not alone. Puberty often leads to
those ugly looking stretch marks for both boys and girls. Stretch marks usually appear when we
gaining or losing weight rapidly. Most of the boys and girls start gaining weight quickly at the time of
puberty and this can develop stretch marks easily.

 Our skin is designed to stretch but over stretching can be trouble and can always lead to scars and
stretch marks. So, if at any stage you start noticing some marks, you need to understand that you are
certainly not the only one who is going through this problem. But, one may notice that women are more
likely to develop stretch marks when comparing to men. And, the fact is women are certainly taking
serious to deal with these stretch marks when comparing to men.

 Stretch marks mostly appear on our stomach, thighs, under arms, breasts and buttocks. But
sometimes they might appear upper parts of our body. But puberty is definitely not the only reason that
can cause these stretch marks. There can be a number of other reasons too. Gaining weight rapidly,
body building and losing weight are some of the most common factors that might cause stretch marks.
It is also very common to develop these marks at the time of pregnancy.

 These marks may appear red at the beginning and later on fade to lighter color like purple. They would
just fade out over time and leaving a thin line. Some might hardly be able to notice. No matter what
kind of color they are, for sure you would not feel uncomfortable while doing sun bathing with your

 It is not a good way to reduce stretch mark by sun tanning. A regular tanning practice would not fade
these stretch marks completely. You can also try the tanning lotion, but that may not work on the parts
that are covered with swimmming suit. And, you must remember to apply sun block when you doing
sun tanning. Over tanning under the sun will cause skin cancer. Another option, you can wear a
swimming suit that would certainly cover most of your body hiding your stretch marks.

 Why am I suggesting you to cover your stretch mark with swimming suit? It is because you may never
get rid of these stretch marks just in a day. But, you can easily prevent them from being seen by
others. If you want to get rid of these marks, it may certainly be time consuming. You could try using
various creams that are effective on these stretch marks. As these stretch marks are in the dermis
layer so it is not possible to treat them overnight.

 Both boys and girls may develop these marks at the time of puberty. But it is more important how we
deal with it.

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