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									                                                                                                                                                                TEL: 01788 569 270 . SURREY & HAMPSHIRE GUARDIAN. ISSUE 305. PAGE 9

                                                                              New Year, New Smile
                                                  Ron said "We focus on putting our

                                                patients first; our surgery welcomes you
                                                with a team of dedicated hard working staff
                                                set against a friendly relaxed atmosphere,
                                                                                                      OATLANDS DENTAL
                                                the surgery itself is currently undergoing a
                                                huge regeneration bid which we hope will
                                                                                                      HEALTH CENTRE
with                                            be complete later this year. The surgery will
                                                be completely modernised with technology
                                                such as the latest digital x ray facilities and
                                                expanded so we can cope effortlessly with
                                                the volume of patients"

a smile...                                         The surgery has 3 dentists, 1 specialist
                                                (Lama) and a hygienist along with almost
                                                4,000 registered patients, without taking
                                                into account the patients which are referred
                                                to Hampton Wick from other surgeries. The
                                                current opening hours are, 8:45am to
                                                5:00pm Monday to Friday and alternate
                                                Saturdays from 8:30am to 12:00pm, this will
                                                be expanded to every Saturday once
                                                regeneration is complete.

                                                   Lama is the surgeries specialist dentist
                                                she has a masters degree in periodontal
                                                disease and has also completed a university
                                                course in cosmetic dentistry, she is able to
                                                offer a fully comprehensive smile
                                                makeover. "I deal with all areas of cosmetic
                                                dentistry, ranging from simpler procedures
                                                such as white fillings and bleaching right
Hampton Wick is an almost                       through to full mouth reconstruction and
fully private dental practice and               everything in between. Currently we offer a
referral centre sited on upper                  home whitening treatment where we make
                                                the formula and the patients can then apply
Teddington road right next to                   it at their own convenience and we gauge              Make your smile the main event!! A
                                                                                                                                                                            number of procedures, predominantly scaling
                                                                                                                                                                            and polishing and will at all times stress the
the Hampton Wick train station,                 and monitor the results, however we are               great smile says it all; it is the first                              importance of good oral hygiene. She also spends
thus making it an easily                        aiming to offer an in house 1 hour                                                                                          a great deal of time demonstrating different
                                                treatment after development is complete."             thing people notice about you.
                                                                                                                                                                            techniques and methods for maintaining a clean
accessible and readily available                                                                         Oatlands Dental Health Centre has vast                             healthy mouth. It is important to remember that
dental surgery for people from                  For further information, contact                      experience in delivering the perfect smile. This                      clean teeth do not decay.
                                                                                                      may be by tooth whitening, crowning, veneers or                          All of Oatlands’ professional, dedicated staff
Kingston, Teddington and even                   either Ron or Lama direct on:                         implants. Implants are placed by specialist                           team believe in the philosophy that dental decay
furthers a field like Richmond                  02089774595 or pop in to:                             implantologists in consultation with Dr Hadfield.                     and tooth loss are no longer inevitable and that
                                                                                                         The centre also offers solutions for treating                      prevention is better than cure. With the right
and Esher.                                      Hampton Wick Dental Practice                          and curing headaches and migraines. With the                          treatment and committed home care, natural
                                                                                                      correct diagnosis and treatment, this can be                          teeth can be kept in a healthy mouth for a
                                                8 Upper Teddington Road                               achieved without any medication at all.                               lifetime.
  The practice has been established for 33
years and is owned and ran by a husband         Hampton Wick                                             Highly skilled professionals offer restorative                        The centre runs an efficient appointments
                                                                                                      treatments of all types. These may vary from                          system, which results in patients always being
and wife team, Ron and Lama Brown who           Kingston Upon Thames                                  simple fillings in either tooth coloured composite                    seen on time. Free parking is also available to the
have recently taken over the practice and       Surrey                                                resins or traditional amalgam.                                        rear to the surgery.
have some big plans for its development,                                                                 Oatlands’ resident hygienist undertakes a
we spoke to the pair to find out a little bit   KT1 4DY
more about what sets this dental practice       Website coming soon...
apart from others.                                                                                                          Lose Weight
                                                                                                                                                                            of overeating and allow you to lose your excess weight quickly
                                                                                                      Loose Weight Safely                                                   (typically around one stone per month) and safely whilst ensuring
                                                                                                                                                                            that you receive all the vital nutrients you need to stay fit and
                                                                                                      and Easily with                                                          Once you have reached the weight you want to be, there is a
                                                                                                                                                                            Management Programme to help you look at why, when and
                                                                                                                                                                            what you eat, in order to help you maintain your new healthier

                                                  Their hygienist, Fay Eves, lives in the village     Lighter Life                                                          weight in the long term. Successful weight maintenance relies on
                                                                                                                                                                            long term lifestyle change. No matter how much weight you lose,
                                                                                                                                                                            if you go back to eating and doing what you did before, you will
                                                and has been with them for 8 years. Rosie                                                                                   go back to weighing what you did beforehand.
                                                Woodards is their practice manager and they           LighterLife is a unique weight management                                The LighterLife Programme uses Foodpacks this means that
                                                                                                      programme for those who have a Body Mass                              you don’t have to think about what you can or can’t eat, weigh
                                                have 3 experienced dental nurses − Kim Tonkin,        Index (BMI) of over 29 (roughly 3 stone or more                       out portions or look for healthier options. The composition of the
                                                who is also a qualified Oral Health Educator, Jan     overweight). Mary Yorke is your fully trained
                                                                                                                                                                            Foodpacks means that you are likely to be better nourished than
                                                                                                                                                                            before and after a few days on the Programme you will notice that
                                                Wojtanowska and Pam Childs.                           lighter life counsellor for the Basingstoke area,                     your physical hunger diminishes. This gives you the opportunity
                                                                                                      she covers many areas in the locality such as                         to focus on your emotional hunger and to question your use of
                                                  Their philosophy has always been about the          Andover Chineham.                                                        Conventional food contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats,
                                                prevention of dental disease through promotion          "Most people know how to lose weight; eat less and burn off         vitamins and minerals. Sometimes, if you are restricting food
                                                                                                      more calories by exercising regularly, but sometimes it’s not that    intake it is difficult to know whether your body is getting
                                                of good oral hygiene habits, a healthy balanced       easy. LighterLife understands how difficult it can be and has put     everything that it needs. Four LighterLife Foodpacks a day
                                                diet and giving up smoking. Rudgwick Dental           in place a medically monitored Programme that makes reaching a        contain around 500 calories and at least 100% of your daily
                                                                                                      healthier weight as simple as possible."                              nutritional requirements whilst conforming to all Government
                                                Practice aim to get their patients dentally fit and     The Weight Loss Programme uses a combination of                     standards and regulations. During the weight loss phase of the
                                                to only require annual check ups.                     nutritionally complete Foodpacks and specialised counselling          LighterLife Programme you are likely to be better nourished than
                                                                                                      techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and          ever and you can expect to lose around one stone per month. The
                                                                                                      Transactional Analysis (TA). Working in small, single sex groups,     Foodpacks come in a range of shakes, soups and bars which are
                                                  In 2002, they won the Best Practice Marketing       Mary helps you to examine the thoughts, feelings and behaviours       provided by Mary at your weekly meeting.
                                                                                                      that have lead to being overweight. Simultaneously, you will use
                                                Campaign at the Probe Dental Awards ceremony          LighterLife’s nutritionally complete Foodpacks to break the cycle     Mary can be reached on: 01252 315395
                                                for their baby pack promotion which encourages
                                                good oral health from an early age. Also they
                                                have twice been 1st prize winners with their no
                                                smoking campaigns in competitions run by West
                                                Sussex Primary Care Trust.
                                                                                                                    Don’t be the plum pudding this Christmas!
                                                                                                          The shops are already stocking Christmas items and our thoughts are turning to the season of parties, mince
                                                   They provide a wide variety of cosmetic                pies and mulled wine. If you are 3 stone overweight going on a diet can seem like a task too big to complete
                                                treatments and when considered necessary , they           before Christmas arrives. However, there is a solution, the LighterLife Programme is specifically designed
                                                are able to refer their patients to a range of            for people with more than 3 stone to lose and on average you can lose a stone a month. Working with a
                                                excellent specialists , for example, orthodontists,       trained counsellor and meeting in small groups of no more than twelve, all of whom have 3 stone or more
                                                endodontists, implantologists and oral surgeons.          to lose, you will look at the real issues behind your overeating and gaining weight.
                                                                                                          Call Mary Yorke on 01252 315395 to find out more about LighterLife and give yourself a chance to enjoy
                                                  Amongst the staff they have very varied                 Christmas.
                                                interests. Natasha enjoys Clay Target shooting
                                                and in 2006 made it into the top 10 ladies in the          "We lost 17 stone between us - now we’re light on our feet when
                                                discipline of English Sporting. Nic enjoys tennis,
Ridgwick Dental Practice is a                   Rosie displays her photography on the practice                            we cross the dance floor!"              Mike & Andrea
small family orientated practice                walls, Kim keeps fit riding her horse and Jan is a
                                                voluntary helper at the Gateway Special Needs                                                 LighterLife is a fast, safe and effective way to lose weight and understand your
situated upstairs within Rudgwick               Social Club in Horsham, Pam enjoys cookery and                                                eating habits. The unique programme is for those with 3 stone or more to lose
[ just off the A281 between                     Fays ambition is to become a belly dancer.                                                    and combines nutritionally complete meal replacements with valuable
                                                                                                                                              counselling support to help you achieve long term results. Call now to find out
Guildford and Horsham] Medical                                                                                                                more.
                                                  They are currently able to accept new patients ,
Centre. Dentists, Natasha Vadasz                adults on a private basis and under 18s under the                                                                          Mary Yorke - Basingstoke
and Nic Parsons started the                     NHS contract.
practice just over 9 years ago in an                                                                                                                                 01252 315395
area that had little access to NHS                         For further
dentistry. Th majority of their                       information regarding
patients still have access to NHS                   Rudgwick Dental Practice,
treatment.                                           telephone: 01403 823991.                                                                                     

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