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					   Teach Bradford
                          There has never been a more exciting time to begin a teaching career
                          in Bradford, and there has never been a greater need for people with
                          talent and vision.

                          In July 2001, Serco signed a 10 year contract with Bradford
                          Metropolitan District Council for the provision of education support
                          services to schools within the district. The contract, known as
                          Education Bradford, is the largest of its type to be awarded to a private
                          sector provider in Europe to date, involving the TUPE transfer of 1172
                          members and has a contract life value of £360 million.

                          Education Bradford is responsible for the provision of school
John Gaskin               improvement services, interfaith provision, special educational needs,
Managing Director         learning support, finance, policy and planning, data and research,
Education Bradford        admissions, exclusions, music, library and outdoor education services.

                          Education Bradford’s vision is to be a flagship for education. It
                          combines a commitment to public service with the best of private
                          enterprise, working in partnership with Bradford Council and schools
                          to continuously improve education and enhance prospects for the
                          young people of Bradford.

                          Significant progress has been made with Bradford results improving at
                          a faster rate than the national average. However, there is much still to
                          do to ensure that all young people, whatever their background, fulfil
                          their potential and achieve at the highest levels. Our objective is for
                          Bradford to become one of the highest performing Cities in the UK
                          with some of the very best schools. We recognise that teachers are
                          crucial to Bradford’s future and successful regeneration, teachers
                          matter to us and we will provide the support and guidance you need
                          for a successful career in a beautiful part of the country.

                          Bradford is looking for creative and inspiring teachers to work in
Phil Green                a progressive education environment, raising achievement for all
Education & Life Skills   pupils whatever their circumstances.
Bradford Council
                          We are delighted you are interested in teaching in Bradford and
                          look forward to welcoming you to the District.

Education in Bradford
    Education Bradford’s Vision
    Bradford is a large and ethnically diverse district, and Bradford Metropolitan District Council
    has developed a 20-year vision for the whole district. Education is seen as a key to
    achieving this vision, specifically:
    “The district will create excellence in education through a year-on year programme of
    redirecting funding into schools, so that they become among the best resourced in the
    country. Schools will also form “community Hubs”, encouraging lifelong learning outside as
    well as inside the formal education system. The emphasis will be on “learning to learn” –
    equipping people with broad skills they will need throughout life and providing the potential
    to be trained in a world-class workforce”.

    Teach Bradford
    Bradford's most striking feature is its diverse economic, environmental, ethnic and social
    make up. This is what makes education in Bradford so exciting and rewarding. At the
    moment we have nearly 120,000 pupils in the Bradford district. This means that your skills
    will be in increasing demand and that Bradford will be able to offer career prospects that
    would be hard to match elsewhere.

    Advantages of working as a teacher in                           There are 207 schools in Bradford:-
    Bradford:                                                       7 Nursery;
           Induction for all new staff                              159 Primary;
           Opportunities for innovative ways of working             28 Secondary;
           Our commitment to develop you throughout your            11 Special;
                                                                    3 Pupil referral units;
                                                                    1 CTC;
           Opportunities to work with leading edge and
                                                                    and approximately 120,000 pupils.
           specialist schools
           Well resourced schools                                   What support is
           Opportunity to work in an LEA which celebrates its       offered?
           wide cultural and linguistic diversity                   Whatever your role you will
           Staff who are committed to supporting each other         not be working alone. In
           A community where teachers are valued and                school, you will be part of a
           supported                                                team, planning with
                                                                    colleagues from other
    Returners                                                       classes as well as working
    You have decided to return to teaching and may be               with other adults in the
    wondering what will be expected of you:                         classroom.
       Recent classroom experience
       Subject expertise with national curriculum knowledge         You may find that the
       An understanding of current terminology and                  children in our classrooms
       developments in education                                    are supported by teachers,
       Ability to demonstrate that skills and experience gained
                                                                    teaching assistants, support
       during a career break add value to your
       professionalism                                              teachers or voluntary
    If you need to brush up on your skills, Education Bradford      workers such as parents.
    working in partnership with Leeds Metropolitan University
    offers returners courses to teachers wishing to return to the   There will be responsibilities,
    classroom. The Training and Development Agency for              but you will be supported and
    Schools also provides a training bursary, and assistance
    with childcare.                                                 guided.
Live Bradford
                Live Bradford
                Getting There
                Being at the centre of the country with excellent transport links, Bradford is accessible
                from all parts of the country.
                By Road – Bradford’s own motorway M606 brings you within one and a half miles of the
                city centre and links the M1 and M6 via the M62 motorway.

                By Air – Seven miles from the city centre you will find the Leeds/Bradford Airport.
                Visit this site for more information: www.Ibia.co.uk

                By Bus – Bradford is readily accessible by both bus and coach. Visit National Express for
                more information: www.GoByCoach.com

                House Prices
                Bradford can also offer homes to buy or rent at affordable prices.
                Average House Prices for Bradford District (HM Land Registry - Sept
                              Detached                  £253,424
                                   Semi-Detached                     £126,119
                                   Terraced                          £93,386
                                   Flat                              £113,031
                                   Overall                           £127,413

                The Bradford District
                • Bradford 'folk' are well known for their generosity and warmth and research has shown
                  there is an 'accent' on friendliness in these parts that few can match.
                • Bradford covers 143 square miles and 60% of the district is open green space,
                  including the famous Ilkley Moor.
                • You could also visit the birthplace of the Bronte’s and enjoy the rugged landscape of
                  Haworth, which inspired their famous novels.
                • Bradford has a population of 486,400 making it the fourth largest Metropolitan District
                  in the country.
                • The city is within half an hour’s drive of the Dales National Park and is within easy
                  reach of the Lake District, Peak District and North Yorkshire Moors.
                • Bradford has 140 parks, over 20 golf courses and an incredible 5,800 listed buildings.
                • Bradford has been billed the 'City of Film' providing the location for major releases like
                  'Fairytale - A True Story' filmed in 1997 and scores of TV productions.
                • Famous Bradfordians include playwright J.B. Priestley, composer Frederick Delius,
                  artist David Hockney, Nobel Prize winning scientist Sir Edward Appleton, actress Billie
                  Whitelaw, Barbara Castle, film producer Steve Abbott and Oscar winning directors
                  Tony Richardson and James Hill.
                • Bradford's cosmopolitan mix of restaurants and bars means that there is a wide choice
                  of eating experiences to suit every taste bud. From sophisticated to cheap and cheerful
                  there is something for all tastes and budgets.
Continuing Professional
    We are aware that it is up to you how you develop your career; nevertheless, we will
    support you to achieve your goals. We will make this commitment to you the day
    you join us, and in return we know you’ll help us raise standards.

    Teacher Training                                   Newly Qualified
    There are four main routes to Qualified            Teachers
    Teacher Status (QTS):                              Education Bradford provides an
                                                       excellent induction programme,
           − The undergraduate option - a full         and you will have access to our
             or part-time BEd or BA / BSc              team of advisers and advisory
             with QTS;                                 teachers who are available to
           − The postgraduate option, which            provide advice and in-service
             is offered full-time, part-time or        training across the curriculum.
             through a flexible programme;
           − Employment based option;                  While individual schools have
           − QTS assessment-only option.               their own mentor to provide on-
                                                       the-job advice and support
    For more information about becoming a              ensuring that NQTs have the
    teacher call the Teaching Information              professional support they need,
    Line on 0845 6000 991 or visit the                 allowing them to maximise their
    website www.tda.gov.uk                             potential.

    Fast Track for Teachers

    Bradford’s schools are also committed to the Department for education and Skills
    accelerated development programme for teachers. Contact the DfES on 0845
    6015921 for further details or visit their website at www.dfes.gov.uk/fasttrack

    Continuing Professional Development

    Continued Professional Development is ‘any activity that increases the skills,
    knowledge or understanding of teachers, and their effectiveness in schools’.

    There are a number of development and funding opportunities available through
    'Learning and Teaching: A Strategy for Professional Development', to help you with
    your professional development.
    • Advanced Skills Teacher
    • Early Professional Development
    • New Opportunities Fund (NOF)
    • Professional Bursaries

    These are just a few examples, more details can be found on

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