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									September 2009

Dear Parents/Guardians of Year 7 Pupils,

As your son/daughter approaches the end of their first week at Dormston School, I would like
to take this opportunity to welcome them once again into Year 7, the first of three years in
Key Stage Three. It has been wonderful to see Year 7 in their smart new uniforms this week
and I would ask for your continued support in this matter as the year progresses to maintain
the very high standards of uniform that is expected at our school. Could we please ask that
all pupils wear traditional school shoes, trainers and canvas shoes are not acceptable.

School Diaries/Planners

All pupils will have received their planner in which you will find extremely useful information
including: key dates (including term dates), Codes and Standards, a personal attendance
record, an absence notes page where parents can fill in reasons for their child’s absence and
subject specific material (to be found at the back of the planner) designed to help pupils with
class and homework tasks. It is vital, therefore, that pupils take care of their planners, not
only due to the volume of information held within but if planners are lost, replacement
planners will be charged for.

Morning Preparation

The function of a morning prep is to prepare pupils for the day of learning ahead of them.
Pupils will follow a timetable of activities including private reading and topical discussion. In
addition to this pupils across the key stages will be following a programme known as
‘Learning to Learn’ which will introduce them to Personal Learning styles and study
techniques to help them through their first year. It is crucial that pupils arrive on time and
fully equipped to morning prep and I would appreciate your support with this too.

Dates for Your Diary

It’s never a good idea to take children away on holiday during term time and I would ask that
this be avoided especially as Year 7 will have formal exams this year in addition to the on-
going assessment and monitoring that takes place throughout the curriculum. Important
dates for Year 7:

    •   Open Evening                       Thursday 24th September (evening)
    •   Trips to Wildside                  Mon September 21st 7G and 7M
                                           Tue September 22nd 7P and 7R
                                           Wed September 23rd 7S and 7T
                                           Thu September 24th 7V and 7W

    •   School Photos                     Wednesday 30th September
    •   Year 7 meeting with tutors        Tue Dec 1st 6.00-8.00pm
    •   Year 7 reports to parents         Week commencing Monday 18th April
    •   Parents’ Consultation Evening     Thursday 22nd April
    •   Year 7 exams start                Mon June 14th
    •   Year 7 exam results to parents    Fri July 9th
School will be closed for staff training:          Mon Jan 4th
                                                   Fri April 30th
                                                   Thu May 6th

Half Term weeks begin: October 26th, February 15th and May 31st

School will finish at 2.00pm for all students (except Year 11) on Friday 27th November and
Wednesday 31st March to allow Year 11 target setting to take place.


As part of the Year 7 programme, pupils will be completing the following modules in the first
term: Settling In, Social Emotional Aspects of Learning, Friendship/Anti-bullying and Internet

If there is anything you would like to discuss or query, please feel free to contact me by
phone or

There are additional information pages on the Dudley Portal website ( and
our own school website.

Yours sincerely

F Mescam
Year 7 Leader

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