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									Tax Office
Fact Sheet - September 2009
Introduction                                                              Key Benefits
The wide spectrum of tax advisers makes it difficult to decide who to     Tax Office is an inclusive service comprising:
appoint in this very important role. Online processing centres, local
accountants and multi-national accountancy practices all have their       n	 An    annual meeting with the Tax Client Manager
place in the market. It can however be hard to find an adviser with            focussing on tax planning issues and opportunities
an exclusive focus on tax work for individuals, who has a detailed             for the coming year. This can include consideration
                                                                               of estate planning issues and equalisation of family
understanding of the increasingly complex issues faced by high
earners and wealthy individuals.
                                                                          n	 Production     of a family tax reserve schedule to
These clients usually have significant tax issues and need pro-active
                                                                               include all known future tax liabilities.
tax planning advice as well as a high level of tax compliance care.
They need to be secure in the knowledge that they have an adviser         n	 Pro-active    contact with you on ideas (or products)
who understands their needs and is available to deal with issues as            which we believe are relevant to achieving overall
they arise.                                                                    tax efficiency.

Tax Office involves a true integration of tax compliance and              n	 Where     appropriate, maintenance of a spreadsheet
tax planning in all of its dimensions (for individuals rather than             providing pre and post tax values of employment-
businesses). We recognise that many of our clients are unlikely to have        linked equity interests (outright shareholdings,
                                                                               restricted shares and options etc), enabling tax-
time to devote to managing their own tax affairs, so an important
                                                                               efficient management.
subsidiary objective for us is to minimise the burden for them while at
the same time giving them the confidence that opportunities will not      In addition to:
be missed.
                                                                          n	 An   experienced Tax Client Manager allocated to
The clients who may benefit
                                                                          n	   Your tax return prepared and completed, using
Clients who have a high income and/or assets of substantial value,
                                                                               leading tax IT systems.
and in particular clients who face an increased complexity in their
affairs at times of significant change in their personal circumstances.   n	   Liaison with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
These 'lifecycle' events may give rise to issues such as school fees           (HMRC) on your behalf.
funding, major property ownership changes, employer equity
diversification, or a substantive rearrangement of general affairs in     n	   Correspondence with third parties for supporting
anticipation of retirement.                                                    documentation.

Typical clients include investment bankers, private equity fund           n	   Agreement of your tax liabilities and confirmation
managers, partners in professional practices and senior executives in          of when payments or refunds are due.
                                                                          n	   Tax returns lodged in electronic format to ensure
                                                                               they are filed accurately and on time.
Objective                                                                 n	   Payment of taxes arranged directly with your
Our objective is to pro-actively identify opportunities which may              portfolio manager or financial adviser, where
exist to reduce income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax              appropriate.
exposure, and to help ensure that assets are structured to minimise
tax liabilities.
Why use Heartwood?                                                                                 Risk Warnings
Our tax team is of the highest quality and brings together experience                              Heartwood Wealth Management Limited is authorised
from accountancy, legal and HMRC backgrounds. We focus purely on                                   and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in
the affairs of individuals – they are our business. We are creative in                             the conduct of investment business. This document
our approach but clear in our assessment of risk.                                                  has been prepared by Heartwood Wealth Management
                                                                                                   for clients and/or potential clients who may have an
We have a detailed understanding of trusts and their uses, both                                    interest in its tax services. These tax services are not
onshore and offshore. In the case of onshore trusts, we deal with                                  regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
their creation and arrange their administration as well as all tax
requirements. Although we are based in Tunbridge Wells, we have a
London office and a high proportion of our clients for this type of
service work in London. We understand the 'city mentality' and we
understand the tax issues, which are an integral part of the decisions
our clients have to make in managing their affairs. Being part of
a financial services company, we understand investments and the
opportunities which tax-efficient structuring of investments present.
Most importantly of all, our clients speak for us. They include:
n	    FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 Chairmen and CEOs.
n	    A significant number of Managing Directors and senior bankers
      from almost all the leading investment and merchant banks.
n	    All of the Partners in a leading private equity partnership, and
      Partners in other private equity houses.
n	    Wealthy UK resident but non-domiciled individuals.
n	    Leading professionals from the legal, recruitment and
      entertainment industries.

The charge for Tax Office is agreed in advance based on the
complexity of clients’ affairs and the value of relevant assets. It may
be payable (for clients’ convenience as well as ours) by six monthly
direct debit.
The charge does not include the implementation of tax planning
opportunities (e.g. the creation of a trust) but wherever possible fixed
fees are quoted for these.


Neil Edwards - Head of Tax Solutions	
Direct	Line		01892	701852	/	020	7812	7036

Amadeus	House,	27b	Floral	Street,	Covent	Garden,	London	WC2E	9DP		Tel:	020	7812	7030			
77	Mount	Ephraim,	Tunbridge	Wells,	Kent	TN4	8BS		Tel:	01892	701801		Fax:	01892	701804                                                                                                                        Tax Office
Registered	Head	Office:	as	Tunbridge	Wells	address	above.		Registered	in	England	Number:	4132340
                                                                                                                                      Fact Sheet - Sept 2009

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