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									 Where to Find Help and Advice
                                                                                        Talk With Me!
                                          Talking Point
                                          A ‘first stop’ for parents and carers for
                                          information on children’s communication.
                                          Read about speech and language devel-
                                          opment at different ages, and find many
                                          ideas on how to support your child and
                                          useful 'tips for talking'.
                                          I CAN
                                          I CAN works to support the development
                                          of speech, language and communication
                                          skills in all children with a special focus
                                          on those who find this hard.
 National Literacy Trust
 Handy hints for parents and carers including downloadable resources.

                                 In the Community
       Battersea                   Roehampton                     Tooting
   Battersea Sure Start           Roehampton Sure Start    Tooting Early Years Team
     Children’s Centre              Children’s Centre     Smallwood Children’s Centre
 Katherine Low Settlement         166 Roehampton Lane          Smallwood Road
 108 Battersea High Street             SW15 4HR                  Garratt Lane
        SW11 3HP                                                  SW17 0TW
       020 7223 3509                 020 8789 1967              07717 158 675            Tips on how to nurture your
 Chesterton Primary School              West Hill                                               child’s talking.
Centre for Children & Families      Children’s Centre
       Dagnall Street                Broomhill Road
         SW11 5DT                      SW18 4HX
       020 7622 1619                 020 8870 9928                                                Speech & Language Therapy
                                                                                             Wandsworth Integrated Children’s Centres
    Advice and Activities                                                                 When to Seek Help
• Talk about everyday activities, like putting away the shopping. This          A Speech and Language Therapist has been professionally trained to
  helps children to connect language to the world around them.                  advise, diagnose and work with children who have communication diffi-
                                                                                culties. He or she can advise on a range of concerns:
• Use objects and gestures to help your child's understanding.

• Or give your child two or three alternatives: ‘Do you want teddy or the                                                         Babies
  car?’, ‘Is this your nose or your foot?’
                                                                                                                  • Your baby does not seem to listen
• As well as repeating back what your child says, you can also start                                              to you, enjoy sounds or respond to
  expanding what they say: if your child says ‘juice’ you could say ‘more                                         them
  juice’, ‘juice please’ or ‘juice gone’. This shows your child how words can
                                                                                                                  • Your baby has difficulty sucking,
  be put together, making short sentences.
                                                                                                                  chewing, swallowing or biting
• Looking at pictures in books together and describing what is there.
                                                                                                                  • Your baby isn’t using real words by
  This is just as good as actually reading the story.
                                                                                                                  18 months


                                                                                • Your toddler is frustrated by not being
                                                                                   able to speak to others

                                                                                • Your toddler has trouble understanding
                                                                                   what you say

                                                                                • Your toddler stammers

                                                                                • Your toddler isn’t trying to make sen-
                                                                                   tences by two and a half years
• The best way to help your child learn to talk is to talk to them in your
                                                                                • You have concerns about your child
  own language - it doesn’t have to be English. That way, your child will
                                                                                   speaking more than one language
  learn to talk confidently, and will be ready to learn English when they
  start at nursery or school.
                                                                                Remember, it is always a good idea to ask
• If you are at all concerned about your child’s communication develop-         questions if you are uncertain about any
  ment share your concerns with your health visitor or ask for the speech       aspect of your child’s communication de-
  therapist at your local children’s centre.                                    velopment. We will be happy to speak with
                                                                                you, even if it is just to offer reassurance!

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