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Talk about great call features
Your guide to getting the most out of Sky Talk

                                                 Sky Talk
Sky Talk offers you more than great value
With a whole host of standard and extra call features, Sky Talk helps you manage your calls as well as bring you great savings

Inclusive standard call features
For more information on all our features, simply call 0870 905 9051 or visit

                                 Never miss a call again. A caller can leave a message when there is no reply or your   To retrieve a message
 Standard Voicemail
                                 line is busy. When you have a new message you will hear an uninterrupted dial tone.    dial 1571

                                 Selectively keep your privacy. You can withhold your phone number when making a        Dial 141 before you
 141 Number Withhold
                                 call.                                                                                  make a call

                                 Automatically keep your privacy. You can withhold your phone number                    This feature can be automatically
 Automatic Number Withhold
                                 automatically during every call.                                                       activated by request
 1470 Automatic Number           If you have chosen to automatically withhold your number, you can override and         Dial 1470 before you
 Withhold Override               send it selectively.                                                                   make a call

                                                                                                                        Dial 1471. And to return
 1471 Last Caller                Don’t miss a thing. Find out who called you last, and at what time.
                                                                                                                        the call dial 3

 1475 Last Caller Erasure        You can also remove the last caller from your 1471 list.                               Dial 1475
Handy extra features
To get even more out of Sky Talk, the following features are also available.
Any charges will simply be added to your Sky bill.

  Call Diversion                                        Caller Display                               Call Waiting
  Don’t miss a call, wherever you go. Divert            Decide who you speak to and who you          With Call Waiting you will hear a discreet
  your calls to any landline or mobile                  don’t. If your phone is Caller Display       beep when someone is trying to get
  number using the following options.                   compatible it will show you the number       through to you while you’re on the phone.
                                                        that is calling, or if it’s a number from
                                                        your phonebook, the caller’s name.

 To divert all calls dial *21* (phone number
                                                      To set up Caller Display call 0870 905 9051   To activate Call Waiting dial *43#
 to divert to)#

 To divert calls not answered within 15 seconds
                                                      No extra charge                               To speak to your 2nd caller dial R
 dial *61* (phone number to divert to)#

 To divert calls when your phone is engaged
                                                                                                    To return to your 1st caller dial R again
 dial *67* (phone number to divert to)#

 To check your diversions dial *#* (your                                                            To check Call Waiting activation
 chosen divert code)#                                                                               dial *#43#

 To cancel dial #(your chosen divert code)#                                                         To deactivate dial #43#

 £1.75 per month                                                                                    £1.75 per month
 Reminder Call                               Ring Back                                     Three-way Calling
 Use your phone as an alarm clock. Simply    When the number you are dialling is           Your quick and easy way to
 programme your phone to call you at any     engaged, relax. Your phone will redial for    conference call on touch-tone phones.
 time using the 24-hour clock format,        up to 45 minutes and call you when the
 eg. 0920 for 9:20am, or 1630 for 4:30pm.    number becomes free.

To set a call dial                                                                        To activate dial your first number
                                            Dial 5 on hearing an engaged tone
*55*(your chosen time)#                                                                   followed by R and await dial tone

                                            To answer a Ring Back pick up the handset     Dial your second number and when
To check your call time dial *#55#
                                            when you hear the distinctive ring            answered dial R again

                                                                                          Dial 3 to speak to all parties at the
To cancel dial #55#                         To check activation dial *#37#
                                                                                          same time

£1.75 per month                             To cancel dial #37#                           Dial 2 to speak to second party only

                                                                                          To end the first call only dial R
                                            £1.75 per month
                                                                                          await dialling tone and dial 5

                                                                                          To end the second call only dial R
                                                                                          await dialling tone and dial 7

                                                                                          To end all calls hang up

                                                                                          £1.75 per month
 Anonymous Caller Reject                      Last Caller Barring                      Text
 If you hate getting calls from anonymous     You don’t have to deal with unwanted     Now you can send Text (SMS)
 callers who withhold their numbers,          callers again. Bar up to 10 incoming     messages to and from other fixed
 you can automatically reject all of them.    call numbers.                            lines and mobiles. Please ensure that
                                                                                       your handset is Text (SMS) enabled.

                                             To bar the last caller dial 14258 and
To activate dial *227#                                                                10p per use
                                             ** to confirm
                                             To bar other numbers at any time dial
To deactivate dial #227#
                                             14258 plus your PIN (default is 1234)

To check dial *#227#                         Then follow the menu options to review
                                             and edit your barred numbers list and
£4.00 per month                              change your PIN

                                             £3.35 per month

                                                                                                                               Sky Talk

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