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                      There is no cost to you to attend the workshop. You will receive a $200
                      stipend after you complete the summer academy. A certificate of partici-
                      pation will be presented.

                      To sign up for the Biotechnology Summer Academy, just complete the
                      application and mail to Mary Phillips (contact information on back).

                      Applications due by April 4, 2008

NSF-ATE DUE-0602744        
                              10300 E. 81st St.    Tulsa, OK 74107
                                   Tulsa Community College
                                 Associate Professor of Biology
                                         Mary Phillips
                                 8:00 am-5:00 pm
                                Thursday & Friday
                        June 26-27, 2008
                        Southeast Campus

                                                        Summer Academy
                                                  for Middle School Teachers

                                                                            BETTER LIVING THROUGH SCIENCE INNOVATION
                       What Is Biotechnology?
                       Biotechnology is the use of living organisms, their products or parts (such as
                       protein, DNA or RNA) to make useful products.
                       Examples: Vaccines, genetically modified foods and animals,
                       pharmaceuticals (drugs) such as insulin and growth hormone.

                       Is Biotechnology a New Science?
                       No and Yes.
                       No: Humans have been breeding crops and domesticating animals for
                       thousands of years.
                       Yes: Since the discovery of DNA, biotechnology has grown by leaps and

What Will I Learn at the Workshop?
Module 1: Biotechnology Basics
Biotechnology history, terminology, how enzymes function, restriction
enzymes and much more!
Module 2: DNA Files
Cells, stem cells, cloning, DNA-review, extract DNA from plants and
animals, DNA and forensics, DNA Gel Electrophoresis and PCR.
Module 3: Genetics to Genomics
Mendelian genetics overview, genetic disorders, chromosome mapping,
Human Genome Project and many great interactive learning Web sites!
Module 4: Disease Detectives
Learn about immunology and epidemiology with fun hands-on activities!
FREE great interactive CD and Web sites!
Module 5: Seeds for Human Thought
Human population growth, world hunger and biotechnology, agricultural
biotechnology, biotechnology and the environment, ethical issues in
biotechnology and GMOs
Field Trip/Guest Lecture                                                      Hands On!
April 4               Deadline for application
April 25              Acceptance will be through email notification
June 26               8:00 Workshop Begins
June 27               5:00 Workshop Ends

Instructor Background
Mary Phillips, Associate Professor of Biology at TCC, earned
her master’s degree in Biology from the University of California,
Santa Barbara. She has taught both high school and community
college students for over 28 years.