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									                                       Workplace Scan

    To identify workers, processes, and functions of the area. To plan the Workplace
                                   Target Area Name:
                                   Define the boundaries of the target area and tape it off.

                                   State the primary purpose of the target area.

                                   Record the functions of the target area.

               Scan Step                           Who                                 When
•Draw an area layout
•Draw a material spaghetti chart
•Complete 5-S & Safety audits
•Take photos
•Create a workplace scan display

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                                    Workplace Audit Checklist
                                     Distinguish between what is needed and not needed
                  BEFORE    AFTER
                                     Unneeded equipment, tools, furniture, etc. are present
                                     Unneeded items are on walls, bulletin boards, etc.

   Sort                              Items are in aisles, stairways, corners, etc.
                                     Unneeded inventory, supplies, parts, or materials are present
                                     Safety hazards (water, oil, chemical, machines) exist
                                      A place for everything and everything in its place

                                     Correct places for items are not obvious
                                     Items are not in their correct places
Straighten                           Aisles, workstations, equipment locations are not identified
                                     Items are not put away immediately after use
                                     Height and quantity limits are not obvious
                                    Cleaning, and looking for ways to keep it clean and organized

                                     Floors, walls, stairs, and surfaces are not free of dirt, oil, and grease
                                     Equipment is not kept clean and free of dirt, oil, and grease
  Shine                              Cleaning materials are not easily accessible
                                     Lines, labels, signs, etc. are not clean and unbroken
                                     Other cleaning problems of any kind exist
                                    Maintain and monitor the first three S’s

                                     Necessary information is not visible
                                     All standards are not known and visible
Standardize                          Standard Work doesn’t exists for all cleaning and maintenance jobs
                                     All quantities and limits are not easily recognizable
                                     Items cannot be located in 5 seconds
                                      Stick to the rules

                                     Area workers have not had 5-S training
  Sustain                            5-S is not performed routinely
                                     Personal belongings are not stored neatly
                                     Standard Work is not available or up to date
                                     Daily 5-S audits are not performed

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                                          1S - Sort
                                      Red Tag Checklist
    Directions                  • Red tag every item that may not be needed
                                • Enter a  when a category is inspected
                                • Examine all items in each category
    Floors                                       Search these storage places
    Aisles                                                Shelves
    Operation areas                                       Racks
    Work Stations                                         Closets
    Corners, behind/under equipment                       Sheds

    Stairs                                                Other storage areas

    Small rooms
    Offices                                      Search the walls, boards, etc.
    Loading docks                                         Items hung on walls
    Inside cabinets and drawers                           Bulletin boards
    Machines                                              Other
    Small tools
    Dies                                         Look for unneeded material / supplies
    Jigs                                                  Raw materials
    Bits                                                  Supplies
    Conveyance equipment                                  Parts
    Plumbing, pipes, etc.                                 Work in process
    Electrical equipment                                  Finished products
    Wire, fixtures, junction boxes                        Shipping materials

    Cabinets                                     Look for other unneeded items
                                                          Work clothes
    Benches and tables
    Chairs                                                Work shoes
    Carts                                                 Trash cans
    Other                                                 Other
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                                     Unneeded Items Log
Unneeded Item                  #   Date   Reason for Tagging   Notes / Disposition

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                               Item Disposition Guidance
        Directions           •Determine the category each tagged item belongs
                             •Determine required action, record on tag and Unneeded Items Log
                             •Take action

Category                                       Action
Obsolete                                       • Sell
                                               • Hold for depreciation
                                               • Give away
                                               • Throw away

                                               • Return to supplier
                                               • Throw away
                                               • Repair

Scrap                                          •Remove to proper location

                                               • Throw away
Trash / garbage
                                               • Recycle

Unneeded in this area                          • Remove to proper location

Used at least once per day                      • Carry with you
                                                • Keep at place of use
                                               • Store in area
Used about once per week
                                               • Store where accessible in plant
Used less than once per month
                                               • Store in distance place
Seldom used
                                               • Sell
                                               • Give away
                                               • Throw away

Use unknown                                    • Find out use
                                               • Remove to proper location

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                                                  2S - Straighten
                                                 Inspection Sheet

         Directions                          •Inspect all items in entire area
                                             •Move items to proper place
                                             •Enter a  when a category is inspected

 Equipment                                                  Materials / supplies / inventory
            Machines                                                 Raw material
            Small tools                                              Supplies
            Dies                                                     Parts
            Jigs                                                     Work in process
            Bits                                                     Finished product
            Conveyance equipment                                     Shipping materials
            Cleaning equipment                                       Cleaning supplies
            Electrical equipment
            Fixtures, junction boxes, etc.
            Computer equipment
                                                            Other items
                                                                     Charts, graphs, etc.
                                                                     Books, checklists, etc.
Furniture                                                            Bulletin boards
            Cabinets                                                 Pens, pencils, rulers, etc.
            Benches and tables                                       Work clothes
                                                                     Work shoes
                                                                     Trash cans
                                                                     Personal items

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                                               3S – Shine
                                            Inspection Sheet
         Directions                  •Search all items in the area for cleaning needs
                                     •Use this with the Initial Cleaning Plan
                                     •Enter a  when a category is completed

 Large Surfaces                                                     Carts

          Ceilings                                                  Shelves
          Aisles                                                    Racks
          Work Stations
          Corners, behind/under equipment                Inside equipment / furniture
          Loading docks                                            Machines
          Walls                                                    Conveyance equipment
          Doors                                                    Closets
          Pillars and posts                                        Drawers
          Floors                                                   Cabinets
          Other                                                    Sheds
                                                                   Tool boxes
                                                                   Storage bins

Surfaces of equipment and furniture                      Other items
          Machines                                                 Materials and supplies
          Conveyance equipment                                     Trash cans
          Plumbing, pipes, sinks                                   Bulletin boards
          Electrical equipment                                     Labels and signs
          Fixtures, junction boxes                                 Small tools
          Chairs                                                   Hoses, cords, tubing, etc.

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                                  Initial Cleaning Plan
        Directions             •List tasks and complete the columns below

Target Area
 Task               Location             Who          When      Materials and Tools Needed

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