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					       Support & Library
        Services Team                    Programme Manager
                                         Chris Rollings
Val Watson, Support Services                                                              e
                                                                                Ma ig i e t r o
                                                                                “ kn Lf B te f r
                                         Tel: 01535 299794                          Children and
Manager—Tel 01535 299797
First contact for all callers, recep-
                                         Executive Body
                                         Chairperson—Terry Robson
tion, information and signposting. All                                              The Highfield Centre,
enquiries to 01535 604687.

    Becci Simmonds, Support             Accountable Body
                                         Early Years and Childcare Service
     Services Officer

    Caroline Watson, Library            Funded by:                            h a o hl e ’
                                                                             T eR ib wC i rn  d s
     Worker and SALT Admin               Sure Start Unit
                                                                             Centre, Braithwaite and
    Anne Simmonds, Helping Hands

     worker                                                                  Some of the services we offer
    Eric Hepper, Caretaker, Cleaner                                              Home Safety Equipment
                                          h a o hl e ’ e te
                                              n      d s
                                         T eR ib wC i r n C nr                    Playgroup
                                                                                  Crèche
Partner Organisations                    Braithwaite Grove
                                                                                  IT Classes
                                         Braithwaite                              Drop In
    Home Start
                                         Keighley                                 Book and Toy Library
                                                                                  Women Only Swimming
    Barnardos                           BD22 6JB                                 Story Times
                                         Tel:   01535 604687                      Health Advice
    Keighley Voluntary Services                                                  Reflexology Sessions
                                         Fax: 01535 606407                        Citizens Advice Bureau advice
    Keighley Volunteer Centre                                                      sessions
                                                                                  Training
                                         The Highfield Centre                     Family Support
    Airedale Primary Care Trust
                                         Drewry Road                              Speech and Language Therapy
    Citizens Advice Bureau              Highfield
             Early Years Team                           Parental Involvement Team                      Family Support
                                                                                             Mamta Sharda—Tel 01535673777
Sonya McDermott—Tel 01535 299792
                                                                                             (Half Time Monday—Wednesday)
 Early Years Co-ordinator                                                                    Family Support Co-ordinator
Promotes quality play and learning opportunities
with families and in OFSTED registered child-      Advise and encourage parents/carers to    Provides support to families and carers
                                                   access education, training, employment    through our home visiting programme,
care settings. Helps develop childminding capac-
                                                   and/or volunteering. Encourage parents    advice and assistance on child develop-
ity, run holiday schemes for children with addi-
                                                   and carers to be involved in the Sure     ment needs and promotes child welfare.
tional needs. Supports services in a number of
                                                   Start programme, community events and      Hazel Mosby, Family Support
locations.                                                                                          Worker
      Alex Hall, Childminding Dev Worker             Linda Gregory, Employment and         VACANT POST
                                                        Learning Support Worker               Khadija Khan, Bilingual Family Sup-
      Bev Condren, Playgroup Leader
                                                                                                    port Worker
                                                      Julie Fawley, Employment and
      Janice Hitchon, Playworker                                                             Lou Bilenko, Home Start Volunteer
                                                        Learning Support Worker
      Sarah Summerscales, Playworker                 Rukhsana Mahmood, Community Devel-
                                                        opment Worker
      Wendy Dunstan, Playworker
                                                      Jim Boyle, Tutor
      Sheila Hewitt, Pre 5 Teacher

      Joanna Omerod, Childcare Worker

      Jo Hirst, Childcare Worker                                                                            Health
      Munira Hafiz, Childcare Worker
                                                                                             Barbara Cox—Health Lead
      Michelle Morris, Childcare Worker                                                     (Millenium Business Park)
      Julie Munden, Childcare Worker
                                                                                             Co-ordinates the Health Team to provide a
      Kersty Hudson, Childcare Worker                                                       range of health services and activities.
      Tracy Turpin, Childcare Worker
                                                                                              Susanne Williams, Midwife
                                                                                              Lynda Sands, Maternity Care Sup-
      Liz Hirst, Physio Support Worker                                                             port Worker
      Lynn Parker, Family Support Inclusion                                                  Janet Robinson, Speech and
                                                                                                    Language Therapist
                                                                                              Sameena Hussain, Bilingual
      Parveen Saleem, Barnardos Pre 5                                                              Speech and Language Sup-
       Parent Advocate                                                                              port Worker
      Julie Soothill, Early Start Worker

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