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									                                                                                                            June 2007

Well, here we are in the midst of Summer already –            individuals and private groups across the whole of
well, officially anyway, although the scene currently in      Europe from Iceland to the Black Sea.
England is more like a wet and unsettled April than a
sun soaked June. Denise Puxty and our colleagues in
southern France are fairing a little better with blistering
blue skies and crystal turquoise waters welcoming the         SPECIAL GROUPS
team to their first summer of full operations. Robina
Weir at A&K Italy assures me that Florence is as              The Special Groups
picturesque as ever, at a time which is perhaps the           department           has
city’s most beautiful period with gardens in full bloom       recently operated two
and impressive displays of lilac wisteria adorning the        very     high     profile
city walls.                                                   events for both the
                                                              World        Presidents
We are glad to report that travel to Europe has never         Organization and the
been more popular and we enjoy working with so many           Young        Presidents
of you in preparation for the coming holiday season.          Organization.       The
Our French office is going from strength to strength in       WPO group of 62 persons travelled to Sicily for 9 days,
their first full year as a fully operational DMC, we are      a highlight of the event included a private dinner at the
continually strengthening our team here in Cheltenham         Palazzo Conte Frederico hosted by the Count and
with yet more dynamic professionals and A&K Italy             Countess themselves. The YPO brought 210 guests
now find themselves in their third year of full operation,    to Scotland for a Life and Leadership University.
growing to such an extent that they have now                   Arrangements provided by A&K Europe included
relocated across the River Arno to another larger             private jet charter, a private champagne breakfast at
Florentine palazzo – the address is now:                      Edinburgh Castle, cookery classes and a special
                                                              Highland Games privately arranged in the grounds of
              Abercrombie & Kent Italy, Srl                   historic Dundas Castle.
           Via de’ Serragli 8, Florence 50124

For further information on anything profiled throughout
                                                              SICILY EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURE TRIP
this newsletter or to request a bespoke quotation for
your clients, please contact:
                                                              The following article profiles various highlights from a
directsales@europe.abercrombiekent.com                        recent educational trip to Sicily:
                                                              The dramatic Selinunte temples, located on the cliffs
                                                              over looking the sea (1hr 30min from Agrigento)

                                                              Lunch at Monteletus in Montallegro with a chef who
                                                              has worked in Michelin starred restaurants all over the

                                                              The vibrant open air food market in Catania

                                                              Views of snow capped Mt. Etna, visible throughout our

                                                              Meeting Maria Grammatico, the marzipan queen in

                                                              The rich history, culture and architecture of Sicily that
                                                              permeates all facets of the island from architecture to
Our Cruise Ship Handling team are gearing up for the          food to daily life
busy summer season where we will operate 27 port
calls, providing shore excursion services for Holland         The drive from Selinunte to Enna, a breathtaking
America Line and Delphin, a German line. Travel will          landscape that includes rolling hills, rich vegetation and
take us from the Channel Islands to the Shetland              cliffs overlooking the sea
Islands and every territory of Great Britain in-between.
Tour highlights include the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh
and a private visit to the fascinating Muncaster Castle
in England’s Lake District. A&K Europe’s team of
cruise ship handling specialists mean we are well set
up to provide private, seamless shore excursions for

                                                                 “As the summer heat begins to permeate the city, thirst
                                                                 quenching salvations are essential to human existence
                                                                 in Florence. Personally I don’t really have a strict
                                                                 summer drink favourite except that it should be made
                                                                 with the best quality ingredients. One of my standards
                                                                 is the Venetian spritz. Technically, spritz is an Austrian
                                                                 cocktail (spritzer). When the Austrian’s occupied
                                                                 Venice, they introduced this cocktail to the Venetians.
                                                                 The core of a true Austrian spritz is red or still white
                                                                 wine and seltzer water. The Venetians added bitters
                                                                 (either aperol, bitter campari, select or cynar) some
                                                                 ice, a slice of lemon or orange and a green olive. On
However, with the good comes the not so good and                 request, you can skip the seltzer water and still wine all
what was more apparent on this trip is that overall the
standard of luxury in Sicily is not comparable to 5 star
quality in the rest of Italy. The road conditions are
rough, to say the least, as they are constantly under            together and simply use prosecco - a sparkling white
construction – certainly a hazard to travellers looking to       wine. And that’s how I serve mine up, with a slice of
self drive as it is a true test of your wit and driving skill,   lemon and lime. Beware, in the summer heat this spritz
something we feel is best left to the experts.                   goes down like water!”

                                                                 Basic spritz recipe:
                                                                 1/3 bitter of your choice (aperol, bitter campari, select
ALTERNATIVE ITALY TOURING SUGGESTIONS                            or cynar)
                                                                 2/3 parts prosecco.
Many of our clients tour the principle art cities of Rome,       plenty of ice
Florence and Venice. To add a little sun, sand and               a slice of citrus of your choice
sculpture to a holiday in the warmer months, a great             an olive on a long bamboo skewer
addition to this itinerary is a short 2-3 day visit to the

                                                                 SPOTLIGHT ON – THE FRENCH RIVIERA

Tuscan beach town of Pietrasanta. Pietrasanta is a
glamorous beach resort town at the foot of the Carrara
marble cliffs in the province of Lucca.

                                                                 The Riviera basks luxuriously along the sunny
This month Kishori Koch from the A&K Italy team                  southern extremes of France, with its beaches gently
would like to share this recipe with you to make that            shelving into the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and the
perfect refreshing summer thirst quencher.                       shelter of the magnificent Alps. There is something for
                                                                 everyone along this eclectic shoreline, from the
                                                                 Principality of Monaco in the east, to the idyllic sun-
                                                                 laden St Tropez in the west, with its subtropical capes
                                                                 and pretty port, full of colourful boats swaying to the
                                                                 rhythm of the waves.

                                                                 The cosmopolitan metropolis of Cannes attracts many
                                                                 visitors with its glitz and glamour. There are many
                                                                 reasons to visit Cannes: its beautiful turquoise
                                                                 shoreline harmoniously cascades into wooded
                                                                 mountainsides and its dazzling gardens intersperse the
                                                                 city; its chic and stylish shops, the warmth of its
                                                                 welcome and its Provencal roots make Cannes a
                                                                 favoured holiday destination and central point of the

Riviera. Continuing east the sandy and picturesque           CLIENT FEEDBACK
beaches of Antibes await, before you reach the diverse
and culturally rich city of Nice. The Riviera has a long     “What a super experience, working with you. . . . Our
relationship with artists such as Renoir, Picasso and        clients have returned and have raved about the
Matisse; the museums of Nice offer a formidable              excellence of their trip, experience, guides, flexibility
collection of such works, along with more                    etc. Thank you for creating such a super experience.”
contemporary pieces. After a tour of the museums, the
allure of the Old Town waits, with its food and flower       “Our client had a great time in France and made note
markets there is no better place to saunter and sample       that the guide in Loire was especially good.”
local delicacies. East of Nice, travel through St Jean
Cap Ferrat, where mountains strut into the sea and the       “Our Clients are having a fantastic time on their trip. In
landscape is at its most breathtaking. At the furthest       fact, they are having such a great time they want to
eastern point of the Riviera, the principality of Monaco     extend their trip 4 nights.”
and Monte Carlo awaits the jet-set! The Palais du
Prince is a must see, located high above the Port, it        “I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic trip
allows for truly awe-inspiring panoramic views and you       Nicole and I had. From beginning to end, everything
can also witness the daily changing of the guard. Then       went so smoothly. Everyone involved with the trip, the
experience the Jardin Exotique, home to some 7000            tour guides, the drivers, the "guardian angels" in each
varieties of cacti and succulents, before finally enjoying
an aperitif at the Café de Paris. This café is situated
by the esteemed casino, and has a view out over              city made us feel special and welcome. A few people
perfectly manicured gardens and the central square; it       stood out especially, Rosanna in Venice, Roberto and
is the perfect place to people watch.                        Chef Mario in Florence and, of course, Ziggy who took
                                                             care of everything else. It was the best trip I've ever
                                                             been on. Thanks for all your help. I look forward to our
                                                             next trip.”
For a Surrealist ‘Kodak’ moment in the Golden Triangle       “ I want to thank A&K. Profusely. Our family’s trip to
of Paris: what will be eventually the HQ of the Bleecker     Italy constituted the experience of a lifetime and one
Group on the corner of avenue George V and rue               that we will always remember and treasure .... While
Quentin Bauchart is presently a construction site. But       many of the trip activities were special, the private,
what a site! The real building is hidden by a trompe         after-hours visit to the Vatican Museums/Sistine
d’oeil that is worthy of Dali’s ‘melting watches’ on a       Chapel was superlative; it taxes my descriptive abilities
gigantic scale!                                              to articulate what a sublime experience it was. What a
                                                             truly extraordinary treat! ”

                                                             For further information on any of the above or to
                                                             request a bespoke quotation for your clients, please


When in Paris why not enjoy a private wine-tasting with
an English-speaking French sommelier who will lead
you through a tasting of a wonderful variety of red and
white French wines: from Alsace to Bordeaux, from
Burgundy to Chateauneuf du Pape. Whether you are a
wine novice or a real connoisseur, this tasting can be
tailor-made for you.


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