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									Competition and Make Trade Fair Quotes
          “How sweet does your chocolate taste when you know the producer in a country you will
          never see did not even get paid enough to feed his family? How sweet does it taste when
          you see the amount of profit a few multinational corporations make on it? How sweet does
          it taste, exactly, to know our own governments prevent these countries from ever getting
          off their knees & from ever being able to compete and get PAID, erecting barriers and then
          DUMPING on them from a great height whilst feigning concern? How delicious it is to know
          that sweet taste in your mouth is one of slavery, a nice new economic model? As it melts in
          your mouth, how sweet does your chocolate taste, now you know the suffering that it took to
          get to you?”
          Thom Yorke

         “When rice is dumped on you it hurts. When it’s dumped on a nation it hurts everyone. Rice
         farmers in Haiti used to produce enough for the whole country - now they are bankrupt. It
         doesn’t have to be this way”
         Chris Martin

          “The winning campaign for this competition should attract attention, invite participation and
          engage young people through media everywhere.”
          Jacqui Kenny
          The Rumpus Room

          “If you want to protest, Fair Trade’s a good place to start. If you’re already protesting, think
          about this project. Creative actions are our voice in the world, the impulse of difference.
          Speak up and change what you don’t like or don’t want. The alternatives ain’t pretty.”
          Simon Taylor
“We’re looking for he kind of idea that can spark a phenomenon. That’s what it’s about: bring-
ing a great idea to life for a worthy and relevant cause in the biggest way we can.”
Paul Prince
The Sweet Shop

“It is a disappointment that the world’s love for coffee does not extend to paying fair prices to
the farmers that grow it. It would be good to see them benefiting as well as the big corpora-
tions. We are pleased to be doing something to help Oxfam’s campaign to Make Trade Fair.”
Finn Brothers

“By embracing the changing communications landscape and championing the creativity of
young people all over the globe, we hope to create something that will generate large scale
awareness, bring about change and inspire a new generatioin to take ownership of the cause
to Make trade Fair.”
Bernice Romero
Oxfam International

“I believe that one of the fundamentals for freedom is the recognition of the end product of
labour, the only barrier being the respect for those who produce it and
those who consume it”.

“Creo que una de las bases fundamentales de la libertad es el reconocimiento del producto
del trabajo, sin más barreras que el respeto, tanto para la dignidad del que lo produce, como
de aquel que lo adquiere”.
Tamara Rojo

“I support Oxfam in shining the light on the importance of leveling the playing field to ensure
that small farms, the farmers themselves, and their communities benefit from equal opportu-
nity and subsidization. I support them in sharing what the benefits of leveling this playing field
would be to world, and wish most pointedly for our government to consider changing their
policies to protect all (and not just a select few) farmers.”
Alanis Morissette

“The fact that 1.1 Billion people on this earth of ours live on less than $1 a day is a bad
enough indictment on ‘us’ in the West. The fact that Global Trade rules mean a penniless
farmer in the Developing world has to pay Tariffs FOUR times higher than a ‘super-farmer’
from the US or Europe is not only bad, but in my mind morally repugnant.
Who took the ‘Free’ out of the Free Market? We in the West did! Who has the power to put
the ‘Fair’ in a Fair Market? We in the West do! Its something we all have to fight for, its some-
thing only we have the power to do, and I believe its immoral not to.”
Bobby Friction
““What’s needed is a big idea to support this big, big cause. Please don’t just be a bystander.
Be inspired and get involved.”
Paul Woolmington, Founding Partner
Naked Communications

“While the cotton barons of the United States receive four billion dollars of subsidies every
year, the Peruvian cotton growers sink deeper into misery every day.”

“Mientras en Estados Unidos los barones del algodón reciben $4,000 millones de dólares en
subsidios al año, en Perú los productores de algodón se hunden cada día más en la mise-
ria.” Susanna Bacca

“ It leaves a very sour taste in the mouth to know that world trade rules allow the richest
countries in the world to milk the poorest farmers in the world dry. Mali has 6 and a half mil-
lion cattle yet 9,000 tonnes of powdered milk is being imported into the country every year. If
we are serious about tackling poverty we change the global world trade rules and make trade
Michael Stipe

“As artists we are very privileged. We are listened to because of what we do. If we can
continue to do what we do it is a blessing. The only way for us to give back to the public what
they have given us and what they continue to give us is to become engaged on a just cause
that can help people. For me this is an obligation. We cannot live certain things, see people
struggle as a result of injustice to make a living and be blind. We don’t have the right to be
blind. If we stay quiet it is like we are condoning what is happening around us.”
Didier Awadi

 “Being well known here, people listen to me. Actors are especially listened to here. What
we say on TV or on the radio, our exposure has turned us into legends. Some people hold
what we say here as the truth. They hold us to high standards and expect that we will not
trick them into something that is bad for them. We have to put all our know-how and talent
is sensitizing populations in consuming what is produced here (instead of what is just being
dumped on our markets).”
Hippolyte Ouangrawa

This is an outrageous scandal! Unable to sell their tomatoes, farmers in Ghana are losing
their livelihoods. Is this fair when European farmers are given subsidies of £250 million
annually by the EU to grow excessive amounts of tomatoes?
Damon Albarn
“The US spends nearly $4 billion a year on subsidising corporate cotton producers. As a
result, 10 million farmers in West Africa are being pushed deeper and deeper into poverty as
they can’t sell their cotton. Just imagine what they could do with that $4 billion! Unfair trad-
ing in cotton – it’s just not on!”
Youssou N’dour

“It’s crazy that for every dollar given to poor countries in aid, two dollars are lost because
of unfair trade. Anyone can see that it’s just not right. Farmers should be able to get a fair
price for their produce so they can afford a decent standard of living. That’s why I joined the
MakeTrade Fair campaign.”

“Unfair world trade rules are having a devastating impact on millions of people’s lives. Trade
restrictions in rich countries cost the developing countries around $100 billion a year- twice
as much as they receive in aid. This simply can’t go on.”
Angelique Kidjo

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