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					                                      BITUMEN PAINT
ISSUE DATE: TBP / 2239-0403

                 CAN BE APPLIED BY                                 CONFORMS TO                                         QUICK DRYING
                  BRUSH OR SPRAY                                BS 3416 TYPES 1 & 11                                   SHEEN FINISH

A White Spirit based, deep penetrating bituminous solution, which dries to form a black sheen finish coating, suitable for application to a wide
variety of substrates including galvanised metal; steel; Asbestos; cement fibreboard; concrete; stone, timber panels, fence posts and
brickwork. This product conforms to BS 3416 Types 1 & 11 and is suitable for use on potable water tanks.
Bitumen Paint provides a weatherproof and water proof protective coating, resisting the ingress of moisture and damp and thus protecting
against the conditions which allow for corrosion, frost damage and wood rotting fungi to damage and destroy structures based on any of the
above materials.

Ensure the surface is thoroughly clean and dry prior to application, use a cloth soaked in White Spirit to wipe down where necessary. All rust
and loose debris must be thoroughly and effectively wire-brushed clean, although severely corroded sections may require treatment with a
Zinc Phosphate primer and left for three days before applying Bitumen Paint. On porous surfaces the application of a coat of Bitumen Primer
will improve the quality and durability of subsequently applied coats of Bitumen Paint. Surfaces affected by organic growth, mould and algae
should also receive a pre-treatment with ABICIDE FUNGICIDAL WASH to eradicate the source of any organic matter likely to grow through
the crack or gap to be sealed.

Bitumen Paint is supplied as a ready to brush or Spray viscosity and should only be thinned by no more than a 10% addition of White Spirit
only where spray application is preferred. Ideally all porous substrates should be primed using Bitumen Primer, ensuring it is well scrubbed in
with no pooling or inconsistent loadings evident. Weathered Fibre cement boards or rag based bitumen felts require a primer coat and then a
saturated two coat treatment to be fully sealed and protected, allowing the first to dry before proceeding with the second coat. Avoid
application onto tar-based substrates and clean brushes and spray equipment with White Spirit or Turpentine Substitute.

A White Spirit based Bituminous solution.
Specific Gravity – 0.95 +/- 0.02
Flash Point – 40’C
Application Temperature range: 5’C to 45’C, on surfaces completely free from water.
Drying Time – 3 to 6 hours depending upon surrounding temperature.

FLAMMABLE; HARMFUL: May cause lung damage if swallowed.
TOXIC to aquatic organisms; May cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
IRRITATING to eyes skin and respiratory tract.
Keep locked up and out of reach of children; Keep away from sources of ignition - NO SMOKING.
Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, overalls and eye face protection.

Depends upon the texture and porosity of the surface to be coated. Generally on a smooth level metal surface, Bitumen Paint will cover at
between 8 to 10 square metres per litre, per coat, however porous surfaces such as un-primed concrete will require about 1.7 litres to cover
the same area per coat.

BITUMEN PAINT is supplied in 1 litre; 2.5 litre & 5 litre cans and has a storage life of up to 12 months if stored in dry, un-opened conditions.

Consult the BITUMEN PAINT material safety data sheet for advice on handling and safety procedures. Should further more specific technical
information be required, contact the Palace Technical helpline on 0151 486 6101.

 The information provided by this Technical data sheet is given in good faith and is to the best of our current knowledge true and accurate. However it is given
 without guarantee, as conditions of use and workmanship involved are both beyond our control. All information supplied is subject to the company’s terms and
                                                 conditions of sale, copies of which are available on request.

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                                                                 Speke; Liverpool; L24 4AB
                                                         Tel: 0151 486 6101 – Fax: 0151 448 1982
PALACE CHEMICALS LTD                                                                                                         SAFETY DATA SHEET No. 75– issue date 29-01-02
Speke Hall Industrial Estate; Speke; Liverpool L24 4AB
Tel; 0151 486 6101; Fax 0151 448 1982; e-mail                                                PRODUCT: BITUMEN PAINT
SUBSTANCE IDENTIFICATION:                                                                                                    PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PROPERTIES:
                              BITUMEN PAINT / PRIMER                                                                         Appearance – Black liquid
                                                                                                                             Boiling point range – 154 - 195
                                                                                                                                                                                           Vapour pressure – 4.4 kPa
                                                                                                                                                                                           Odour – Paraffinic oil based hydrocarbon.
COMPOSITION:                        HAZARDS CLASSIFICATION: FLAMMABLE. HARMFUL                                               Water solubility - < 50mg/ltr                                 Flash point - 40’C - FLAMMABLE
White Spirit. < 0.1%Benzene         May cause lung damage if swallowed; Toxic to aquatic organisms;                          Auto ignition temp – 230’C                                    Vapour pressure (air =1) – 4.6.
14 – 17% Aromatics.                 May cause long term adverse effects in the aquatic environment                           Specific gravity 0.890 – 0.910                                Viscosity < 500mPa.s
EEC No. 265-185-4                   Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness and cracking                                    Miscibility – solvents not water.                             Flammability – Lower 0.9% - Upper 8.0%
CAS – 64742-82-1                    Keep out of reach of children                                                            STABILITY & REACTIVITY:
Bitumen < 40%                       Keep away from sources of ignition – No smoking.                                         Stable – No dangerous chemical reactions known – hazardous polymerisation will not occur.
CAS No. 64741-56-6                  If swallowed do not induce vomiting – seek medical assistance.                           Materials to avoid – Oxidising agents; Conditions to avoid – sources of ignition.
                                    Do not breathe vapour. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
FIRST AID MEASURES:                                                                                                          TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION:
INHALATION:                     SKIN CONTACT:                  INGESTION:                     EYE CONTACT:                   Routes of exposure – Inhalation, skin contact and ingestion.
Avoid working in a poorly       Wash off skin with warm        Clean out mouth with           Irrigate thoroughly for 15     Health effect – prolonged inhalation may cause headaches and Depression of the CNS.
ventilated, confined space.     soapy water. Remove            copious volumes of water       minutes with clean running     Acute effects of inhalation – coughing and eyes watering.
Remove to fresh air and         contaminated clothing and      and drink plenty. Do not       water or a boric saline eye    Acute effects of skin contact – redness, irritation and sensitisation.
rest. If irritation or          launder regularly.             induce vomiting. Beware        wash bottle. Seek medical      Acute toxicity: Skin irritation            Sensitisation: dermatitis           Carcinogenicity: n/d
breathing difficulties          Prolonged and unattended of aspiration if vomiting            attention should eye           Irritation / Corrosivity: N/A              Mutagenicity: n/a                   Reproductive toxicity: n/a
persist, seek medical           contact should be avoided. occurs. Seek prompt                irritation persist or become
attention.                      Where irritation to skin is    medical attention and          inflamed.
                                                                                                                             ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION:
                                apparent seek medical          show this data sheet.
                                                                                                                             Bio-accumulative potential – negligible (no data available).
                                                                                                                             Ecotoxicity: LC50: 1 – 10 mg/litre
FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES:                                                                                                      Environmental Persistence – No data available
Recommended extinguishers – Dry powder; Foam, C02 – Do not use water jets.
                                                                                                                             DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS:
Hazardous decomposition when subject to combustion – will produce noxious, irritating fumes.
                                                                                                                             Dried residues are non-hazardous and non-flammable, although cloths used to apply the product will retain a
Special procedures – Use approved self-contained breathing apparatus. Only use a fine water spray to cool down heat
                                                                                                                             flammability risk until they are either laundered or allowed to dry completely. Unused product and freshly contaminated
affected containers – not burning product.
                                                                                                                             application materials must be considered flammable and disposed of in accordance with local authority regulations for
ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES:                                                                                                 flammable liquids / paints.
Ventilate area and eliminate all sources of ignition. Absorb and scrape spillages onto sand, sawdust or absorbent
                                                                                                                             TRANSPORT INFORMATION:
granules and confine residues in a clearly marked sealed container for disposal in accordance with Local Authority
                                                                                                                             IMDG: PAINT, CLASS 3, UN 1263, PG III (40OC cc), MARINE POLLUTANT
regulations for flammable products. Protective Equipment section for advice when handling spillages.
                                                                                                                             IATA / IACO: Class 3; Packing Group III; ADR / RID: UN 1263, PAINT, 3, PG III
HANDLING & STORAGE:                                                                                                          Transport Name (UK Road) – PAINT
Handling: Ensure adequate ventilation and use all recommended personal protective equipment                                  EAC No/HIN No: 3Y/30
Storage: Store in well-sealed, clearly marked containers. Keep out of reach of children in a cool well ventilated
                                                                                                                             REGULATORY INFORMATION:
environment preferably within a lockable metal cabinet.
                                                                                                                             CHIP Hazard symbols: R10, R52, R53, R65, R66 – Flammable; Harmful Xn
EXPOSURE CONTROL / PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT:                                                                            Safety phrases: S2 – S16 – S24 – S25 – S36/37/39.
Occupational Exposure limit: 770mg/M3 for 8hr TWA or 1000mg/M3 for 15 min TWA for Hydrocarbon.                               Other regulatory controls: Health & Safety @ Work Act 1974;
Respiratory: Good               Hand: Wear 17” long            Eye: BS 2092 Goggles           Skin: A disposable PVC         Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1994. Environmental Protection Act 1990.                HARMFUL
ventilation is required         elbow length latex rubber      should be worn for all         apron should be worn on
                                                                                                                             FURTHER INFORMATION:
otherwise use an organic        (chlorinated) or nitrile       applications to help           top of overalls, however if
                                                                                                                             The information supplied in this safety data sheet is intended to assist in the use of the above product without risk to
vapour filtered face mask       gloves approved to EN          prevent accidental             the fabric becomes
                                                                                                                             safety and health and is based on current knowledge and experience of the associated physico-chemical hazards. The
in confined spaces.             374 & EN 420 with a BTT        face/eye contact               contaminated these should
                                                                                                                             data does not signify any warranty with regard to the product’s properties. This information may be used to assist in
                                rating of > 4 hrs.                                            be laundered immediately.
                                                                                                                             formulating a COSHH risk assessment if applied at work.

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