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									Broadband & Internet Services
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a cost effective solution for connecting remote sites and giving home workers
access to the corporate network. By enabling staff, no matter where they are based, to connect to a single integrated
network, you can boost your operational efficiency, allow information to flow more freely and improve employee
satisfaction. Internet Protocol Security VPN (IPSec VPN) from ntl:Telewest Business establishes links over our core
network to underpin the performance and reliability of our service, enabling you to take full advantage of the internet to
enhance business productivity.

Why we are the right choice
ntl:Telewest Business brings you integrated
connectivity and security solutions, with the
accountability of a single service provider.
We combine internet, intranet and extranet
connectivity through the same VPN Solution to
reduce the cost and complexity of operating
multiple networks.

• Managed Security Services from ntl:Telewest
  Business address the needs of small to medium
  businesses and large distributed enterprises.

• Our IPSec VPN Service can be deployed in
  conjunction with our managed data network
  products, including Managed Internet Access and
  Internet Protocol VPN (IPVPN) with Multi-Protocol
  Label Switching (MPLS).

• We’re the UK’s second largest fixed-line
  communications company with a 21st century
  network that’s capable of providing services to any
  UK organisation.

• We’ve over 15 years’ experience in delivering
  communications solutions in the private and
  public sectors.
                                                                Key facts
• We’re a national company with a local presence,
  with sales and support teams in more than 40                • A VPN from ntl:Telewest Business provides a secure, private
  locations across the UK.                                      tunnel between devices across a shared network infrastructure
                                                                that allows PCs at different locations to communicate with
                                                                each other in a secure environment

                                                              • We use industry-leading, award-winning Juniper Networks
                                                                integrated security appliances

                                                              • VPN functionality is tightly integrated with security to ensure
                                                                your network remains protected at all times

                                                              • Remote VPN software clients enable roaming workers to
                                                                access the corporate network securely from any IP connection

                                                              • Advanced user authentication solutions ensure your network is
                                                                only accessed by authorised users
Broadband & Internet Services
Why do I need IPSec VPN?                                                                            A complete management solution
Sharing applications and data between offices and                                                   IPSec VPN Services from ntl:Telewest Business offer an
allowing remote workers access to corporate systems                                                 effective, ‘ready to go’ management solution for your
is increasingly becoming a necessity rather than a                                                  VPN, including:
luxury. A VPN uses a shared network infrastructure
                                                                                                    • Configuration and installation
such as the internet to connect geographically diverse
sites, staff, partners and subsidiaries and provides an                                             • Service performance and event monitoring
attractive alternative to traditional Wide Area Networks
(WANs) due to its inherent cost savings and flexibility.                                            • Device configuration, integrity checking, back-up
                                                                                                      and restore
While extending the reach of applications greatly
increases productivity, it also introduces new challenges                                           • Access to skilled security specialists
and security risks. An IPSec VPN Solution from                                                      • Emergency VPN end-user administration
ntl:Telewest Business adapts readily to meet your
specific remote access needs, offering all the                                                      • Security incident evaluation and response
advantages of a VPN without the burden of deploying                                                 • Hardware and software maintenance
and managing the solution in-house. Combining
internet, intranet and extranet connectivity through the                                            • Change management.
same VPN solution reduces the cost and complexity                                                   A testing and confirmation period is given for all new
of operating multiple networks, freeing up valuable IT                                              installations, after which our network management
resources. Our IPSec VPN also features integrated                                                   and support will ensure 24x7 secure data transfer and
security devices from Juniper Networks and is                                                       protection of your data and network.
supported by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA)
for assured integrity.
                                                                                                    Protection and performance
IPSec VPN can be deployed in conjunction with our
Cable Modem, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Leased                                                  We use industry-leading, award-winning security
Line and Ethernet Connectivity Solutions. This provides                                             appliances from Juniper Networks which can integrate
the flexibility required to meet the lower bandwidth,                                               with VPN functionality to provide high levels of
lower cost requirement of a home worker or small                                                    protection and performance. Remote VPN software
office, through to the high bandwidth, high availability                                            clients provide roaming users with total connectivity to
demands of a corporate enterprise.                                                                  the corporate network.

                                                                                                    Our IPSec VPN Service is based on IP Security
                                                                                                    protocols for cryptographic key establishment.
                                                                                                    To confirm the identity of remote sites and users, we
                                                                                                    are able to provide a number of authentication options,
                                                                                                    including Internet Key Exchange (IKE), manual key
                                                                                                    exchange, X509 digital certificates, LDAP, RADIUS and
                                                                                                    SecurID™ token-based authentication.

 To find out more call 0800 052 0845 or
 visit www.ntltelewestbusiness.co.uk
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