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									RISE HELICOPTERS                                                                                	

        APRIL 2009


FLIGHT TRAINING                              MOUNTAIN FLYING
ORGANISATION                                 What better way to spend a                   Chief Pilot’s Corner
Rise Helicopters is pleased to               long Easter weekend than
announce that the Civil                      f l y i n g a r o u n d t h e We l s h       James Kenwright
Av i a t i o n Au t h o r i t y h a s        Mountains in an R44 with the                 As mentioned previously in
empowered us to operate as an                expertise of Captain Mike                    this newsletter, we now have
A p p r o v e d F l i g h t Tr a i n i n g   Buckland to guide you along                  the CAA Approval to run some
Organisation. In addition to                 the way.                                     additional courses including
the Flight Training that we                  Mike and four of our Self Fly                professional flight training.
already offer, we can now add                 Hirers are heading to                        Our staff have r un these
the following to our list of                 Snowdonia on 10th/ 11th and                  courses many times over the
services:                                    12th April to learn the skill of             years but, since Rise
                                                                                          Helicopters is a relatively new
• Type Rating Training -                     flying through mountainous
                                                                                          Company, all the permissions
  R22/ R44/ B206                             regions. If this is something
                                                                                          that go with these courses had
• Co m m e r c i a l Fl i g h t              that you think you would like
                                                                                          to be sought again.
  Training (CPL(H))                          to have a go at and you have
                                             your PPL(H) then give us a call              The summer is almost upon us
• Flight Instructor Training                 - we would love to organise                  and this is the time when we
  (FI(H))                                                                                 get an influx of new students.
                                             another trip later in the year.
For more information on the                                                               Flying a helicopter can be a life
above, please give us a call on                                                           changing experience. Have you
01452 857083 and we will be                  G-IGZZ                                       ever thought about a career
happy to help.                               As promised in the last
                                             Newsletter, we now have some                 If I can be of any help, feel free
                                             photos of G-IGZZ to add to                   to email any questions to me at
C OT SWO L D   HUNT                          our Gallery. At present, this                james@risehelicopters.co.uk or
POINT -TO-POINT                              a i r c r af t i s b e i n g u s e d f o r   call 01452 857083.
G-RYZZ AND G-BXSG had                        training and self fly hire
the pleasure of attending the                purposes but hopefully as the
Cotswold Point-To-Point on                   Summer approaches she will be
Sunday 5th April. Rise                       needed for more commercial
Helicopters sponsored the                    flights and adventures.
‘Open Maiden Race’ and G-
RYZZ and G-BXSG went
along to show their support
and to try to encourage a few
race goers to fulfill a dream of a                                                         maintenance of Agusta 109’s. If
lifetime and take up Helicopter                                                           you own an Agusta 109, or
Flight Training. A great day                                                              know someone that does, and
was had by all and we will                                                                would be interested in
hopefully be welcoming some                  AGUSTA 109                                   discussing your maintenance
new students through the                     Helicopter Maintenance are                   requirements with us, please
doors in the next few weeks.                 currently investigating the                  do not hesitate to give us a call
                                             likely demand for the                        on 01452 857083.

RISE HELICOPTERS                                                         	

          APRIL 2009
OTHER NEWS                          Epsom Derby Meeting
Rise Helicopters has, like more     05 - 06 June 2009               Bath Park Resort
than 70 million other users         Royal Ascot
around the world, joined the
realms of Facebook!                 16 - 20 June 2009
Check out our profile on            Henley Royal Regatta
www.facebook.com                    01 - 05 July 2009
                                    King George Meeting -
O P E N DAY - 7 t h Ju n e          Ascot
                                                                               Wick, Near Bath,
FATHER’S DAY - 21st June            24 - 26 July 2009                             BS30 5RN
If you are looking for a novel      Cowes Week                                 Tel: 01179 371800
idea for a Father’s Day present,    01 - 09 August 2009                www.theparkresort.com
why not consider a flight in a
helicopter! Dad can take the        York Ebor Festival
controls and experience the         18 - 21 August 2009             The Park is pleased to offer Rise
thrill of flying a helicopter.       T h e O p e n Me e t i n g -    Helicopters two exclusive pack-
We are having an Open Day on        Cheltenham                      ages for their owners, guests and
7th June 2009 where 8- minute       13 - 15 November 2009           members. Only 4-miles from the
flights in a Jet Ranger can be
booked for only £20.00 or, if                                       World Heritage Site of Bath, The
you are looking to spend a          Remember, demand is always      Park is an award winning boutique
little extra we can also offer 30,   high for these events, so the
                                                                    Hotel and Golf Resort. Set in an
45 and 60 minute flights in our      sooner you book, the more
Robinson 22 or Robinson 44          likely you are to be able to    area of over 240 acres of Out-
Helicopters from as little as       arrive in style at your chose   standing Natural Beauty, you can
£137.00 including VAT on            destination.                    land next to the gorgeous Manor
Sunday 21st June. Give us a call
                                                                    House with our compliments if
to find out all of the gift             Congratulations
options available to you.                                           you are using the hotel’s facilities.
                                     PPL(H)                         The Jacobean Manor House is an
FORTHCOMING EVENTS                   Roger Frost                    historic venue in South Glouces-
Another highlight of the Rise        16/03/2009                     tershire and is an ideal base for
calendar is the British Grand                                       the Badminton Horse Trials,
Prix at Silverstone from 19th -      TYPE RATING - R44
                                                                    Cheltenham Gold Cup and the
21st June 2009.                      Kai Bogen
                                     23/03/2009                     Thermal Bath Spa.
Why not avoid all of the traffic
chaos and arrive in style to the
final British Grand Prix to be        GOING SOLO                     Exclusive Offers:
held at Silverstone. Admire the      Mike O’Connor                  * Dinner, award winning golf & lux-
track from the skies for the                                        ury overnight stay: £195 per person,
last time and arrive directly        24/03/2009                     based on 2 sharing.
into the action for a day of fun,
                                                                    * Sunday lunch & an afternoon of
exhilaration and nail-biting         ENGINEER OF THE                award winning golf: £45 per person.
drama!                               MONTH
                                                                    Please contact reservations on
                                     Simon Dolley - January
                                                                    0117 9371800 or email
We would also like to take this      Steve O’Connor - February      reservations@tpresort.com and quote
opportunity to remind you of         Jonathan Sutton - March
                                                                    Rise Offers to book each package
some forthcoming events:                                            and tee times.


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